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    Who Is John Legend's Choreographer? And SOHH Soulful Top 5
    Monday. 11.20.06 10:24 am
    I've been seeing John Legend pop up all over the place. Just yesterday he performed "Heaven" on "Ellen," when it hit me.

    This guy is sohh choreographed. He grabs the mic at the same point each time in the song, he looks to the audience at the same time. It kind of reminds me of when you go to a Janet Jackson concert and when it's time to perform her 'ballad,' "Again" from the Janet CD and she cries during the same point of the song each time. I saw that tour about three times and it never failed. Same with John.

    We've mentioned before how he is consistent to a fault. The album is good ... damn good. It's bonafide to be exact but can someone give this nigga an extasy pill or a double shot of Henny before he hits the stage?

    He was even tight with Ellen. Maybe he couldn't loosen up during the interview because she is gay. And he is not quite gay, but just kinda geigh.

    Oooh pictures from the World Music Awards....

    SOHH Chris Brown performed "Thriller" and not Michael. Great, but bummer. For more pics head over to Juicy News.

    Check out this video shot from the crowd, Chris sounds great vocally.

    Shout out to Dig for video. The funny thing is, you'll sit and watch it all the way through because "Thriller" is just that song. All these years later it still gets you amp'd. Don't front! This must have been Chris Brown's dream.

    But while you were wondering where Kanye is and if he is still peeved at John for not taking his advice by making "Heaven" the first release we were staring at this:

    nd compiling our
    SOHH Soulful Top 5 Songs of the Moment

    5. Levert - "Cassanova"
    This was the first time I ever heard the name Levert. My mom use to run this track. R.I.P. Gerald!

    (shoulder pads and all)

    4. Fantasia - "Hood Boy"
    I saw Fantasia last night. I've witnessed the hysteria. I'm a fan now.

    3. Shareefa - "Butterfly"

    2. John Legend - "Again"
    Track #8 on the cd. GRAMMY, GRAMMY, GRAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jay & Bey - "Hollywood"

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    SOHH Soulful: Ne-Yo Joins Scream 5 Tour, Inspired By Chris Brown
    Monday. 11.20.06 10:17 am

    Monday - November 20, 2006 by Kevin R. Scott

    R&B singer/songwriter Ne-Yo is teaming with Omarion, Pretty Ricky and rapper Yung Joc on the Scream 5 Tour, kicking off on November 22 at Miami's American Airlines Arena.

    Ne-Yo, who is known to be pretty mellow on stage, promises more dancing and a more entertaining stage show since being inspired by Chris Brown while on the Up Close and Personal Tour.

    "Being on this tour with Chris showed me that comparison's are going to be made regardless to what you do anyway and that you should not limit yourself just because you're trying to avoid comparisons," Ne-Yo told SOHH Soulful exclusively, of trying to avoid comparisons to Usher.

    "Chris' show is electric from start to finish... I have been holding back from the whole dancing thing trying to prove a point and I lost my own damn point. The point of this whole thing is entertainment. It's all about entertainment. It's all about giving everything you've got when you get out on that stage. That's what Chris does. He inspired me to go back into myself and just realize that I was basically cheating people by not giving everything that I got" Ne-Yo told SOHH.

    Ne-Yo who penned Beyonce's third single "Irreplaceable" from her sophomore cd B'Day and recently co executive produced the Save the Last Dance 2 soundtrack has also begun working on new material for his own second solo set which is expected in Spring 2007.

    Scream 5 Tour Dates:

    Nov. 22: Miami (American Airlines Arena)

    Nov. 24: Greensboro, N.C. (Greensboro Coliseum)

    Nov. 25: Birmingham, Ala. (Jefferson Arena)

    Nov. 26: Atlanta (Philips Arena)

    Dec. 1: Memphis, Tenn. (FedEx Forum)

    Dec. 2: St. Louis (Scottrade Center)

    Dec. 3: Kansas City, Mo. (Kemper Arena)

    Dec. 8: Oakland, Calif. (Oakland Arena)

    Dec. 10: Inglewood, Calif. (The Forum)

    Dec. 21: Hampton, Va. (Hampton Coliseum)

    Dec. 22: Philadelphia (Wachovia Center)

    Dec. 23: New York (Madison Square Garden)

    Dec. 26: Detroit (Joe Louis Arena)

    Dec. 28: Rosemont, Ill. (Allstate Arena)

    Dec. 29: Cleveland (Wolstein Center at CSU)

    Dec. 30: Baltimore (1st Mariner Arena)

    Dec. 31: Washington, D.C. (Verizon Center)

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    Jay and Bey Reign over Nas and Kelis? Monica is no Whitney
    Friday. 11.17.06 10:34 am

    So what did you all think about BET's first Hip-Hop Music Awards? I am very interested in your thoughts and opinions. I have already spoken on how I felt about the show. Watching it last night didn't make me feel any different. But there's one thing I just can't ignore. What was up with Katt Williams opening monologue addressing Jay-Z and Beyoncé as "King and Queen" and Nas and Keilis and "Prince and Princes" what kind of bullshit is that?

    And now that I think about it — where the hell was Nas?? I knew somebody major was missing but I couldn't put my finger on it!!! I watched BET's 'Access Granted" the other night as they selected Monica's new song "A Dozen Roses" to feature. Why in the hell they would choose her is beyond me, but they did, so whatever. Can somebody please hand Monica a sandwich? Since when has bony-skinny ever been sexy? Monica had the opportunity to be the new "Whitney Houston" but she dropped the ball by refusing to compromise her ghetto ass tendencies.

    Before any of y'all post a comment demanding my resignation — you know DAMN well ghettoness in Middle America AKA — "white people" just won't fly if you want to be a successful pop singing sensation and don't kid yourself, she wanted that. Anybody in there right mind would.. I'm not saying it's fair but it's the truth.
    She chose to go for those manish tattoos, and hood songs over making millions of dollars.

    "Boy you remind me, remind me of by Gucci Shoes
    Every time you walk pass all the girls be looking at you
    You got style just like a Bentley do
    And I be loosing my mind evertime I get next to you"

    I understand how important it is to be true to yourself and all that but let's keep it real — Whitney Houston was hood as hell, but she understood the nature of the beast/business and made it work.

    Sometimes you just have to see the bigger damn picture. You can't tell me that when Monica is sitting on her toilet, doing the #2, deep in thought, that she doesn't regret not making better career decisions.

    Check out Monica's new video, "A Dozen Roses."

    Posted by brandi at November 17, 2006 10:05 AM

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    SOHH BLOG:I'm Moving to Atlanta
    Friday. 11.17.06 10:28 am
    That's it. I'm packing my bags and moving my ass down to Atlanta. I've only spent three days there and fell in love several times over. Ha! The city must have made quite an impression on me if I wanna move without having been to a strip club.

    I'm allergic to poultry, so I was glad to not see any birds in the A. I mean, I assume that they can be found everywhere, but I just didn't encounter any during my stay. I came in contact with nothing but friendly, well-mannered women down there, from the diner waitresses to the local BET freelancers. Busted chicks were quite scarce.
    Nelly, Jermaine Dupri and Snoop

    Jermaine Dupri's Welcome To Atlanta - BET.com Pre Hip-Hop Awards Party (November 11th) must have had a policy at the door or something. No sword fights there, sir. Now, I've never been to a Diddy party, but considering how dope Jermaine's shindig was, I don't need to bother with the Puffster's affairs. Shouts to W&W PR for putting me on the list. Being held at Atlanta’s Mason Murer Fine Arts Gallery, the fiesta was sponsored by Hennessey, Boost Mobile and BET.com. Let's not forget the "gifted" dancers who entertained on the stage and speakers. Nelly, Chamillionaire, Snoop Dogg and Styles P all made appearances while JD served as the master of ceremony for the latter part of the evening.
    Travis Barkley and Da Brat

    There weren't any screw faces and nobody was too cool to dance. It seems like Atlanta is filled with the fun other cities lost years ago. The same rules seem to apply outside of the club. Strangers routinely greet each other with respectful nods here. It's refreshing. So I'm out. I hate to love New York, but I'm about to start looking for spots in the A, preferably at proximity from Body Tap or Magic City.

    Posted by Admin at November 1

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    The Atlanta BET Hip-Hop Atlanta Awards of Atlanta Blog!
    Friday. 11.17.06 10:25 am

    As you all probably know, last night was the first of what’s likely to be over 750 airings of the BET Hip-Hop Awards, colorfully hosted by America’s favorite Pimpin’ Negro Leprechaun, Katt Williams. As you all also probably know, my expectations of both The Negro Channel and common contemportary rappers ain’t all that high either. I pretty much spent two hours waiting for Eat Dirt to get hit with an aluminum fold-up chair so that we might actually have been entertained.

    Playing to the home field, ‘twas most certainly an excellent idea to start with “Welcome to Atlanta.” That Luda verse is still amazing. Too bad they didn't let him finish it. Shortly into the broadcast I was beat in the back of the head with the prevailing question “When exactly did Atlanta become the center of the hip-hop universe?”

    I thought the official introduction was clever in concept. As a nigga that has seen “The Pimp Chronicles pt. 1” approximately 27 times to date, I expected a little more from President Williams. I also find the need to add that Tiger Woods (the ninety-percenter) is not hip-hop. I don’t give a fuck how much denied nigger lies in his heritage. We can’t claim him.

    I was pretty damn excited that they threw to my award (best video) right off the bat until that monkeyface PuffiDiddy immediately defined greatness in music videos purely as stuntin. Thanks to coon ass niggas like these, Lupe got robbed. I aint even wanna cover the eventual winner, "What You Know." That's how fucking uninteresting this video is.

    Surprise of the program: The cipher sessions. I can’t even front or hate. The Papoose, Lupe and Styles session was pretty damn fresh. Reminds me of when I used to bang on that lunch table and freestyle crack on niggas’ divorcing parents and unexpected pregnancies. Ah, high school. How I miss thee.

    Wayne and Baby didn't kiss, but they performed their 69 song on stage. What kinda bloods are these niggas supposed to be? Period blood? I wanted to wipe my television screen with a Stayfree watching Birdman parade with them red flags dangling from the right pocket.

    Rick Ross may not know The Real Noriega, but the nigga damn sure know The Real Sideshow Bob.

    You know what’s really that shit?! That aint just awake Snoop. Nigga might actually be sober! I haven’t seen this motherfucker move with such coherent and deliberate coordination since "Gin and Juice." Arruh Kelly warn’t allowed at the awards because Lil' Bow Wow was there. Granted, he was on Jermaine Dupri’s lap, but he was there and a court order is a court order. Reccomendation: If Kelly can't be there, let the band do what it do. Spend some of the hash fund on useful shit such as background SANGERS instead of booty dancers... By all means, don't sing it yourself, Calvin!

    Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale in the motherfuckin house! Every time I see Idris Elba in action I’m disappointed by how NOT Stringer DJ Driis is. Where the fuck did Russell Bell get that scarf? That is indeed an ASScot. Is Wood Harris always that awkward? Did you know that these niggas rap too? Yes. As expected, they are fucking horrible.

    Doesn’t Chamillionaire's hatred of the spotlight just warm your heart? His sickening displays of Christian humility are always a bit humbling. The man always makes me almost feel bad about burying him on the "Ridin'" review.

    Remy look like a ghetto skunk. Broad look like Pepe LePew with doorknockers on. Gotta do something with that stripe. This ain’t Gremlins 2, bitch.

    Damn. Game really made Junior Reid squawk over a massacred version of his own classic. I'm saddened by that. Cham was cool with it like a motherfucker. I remember those days when Junior Reid being there, even if exploited, would have been enough for me, too. Back to Butterfly Boy. Nigga bent his neck around off the stage like Mr. Fantastic to give Jay-Z a Bee-J. Why he always gotta dedicate shit? If you really wanna please Mr. Carter, why don’t you take a spot of his advice? Just rhyme, homie.

    I know this is unrelated, but I love these inspirational ass Carmelo commercials. Too bad he knocked up LaLa. That’s a tragedy for any young nigga on the come up. Motoboat? Yes. Baby Daddy? No.

    Flav and Devonte did not have to be so tacky. That's fucking disgusting! “At least the Nitro got good shocks. *coon cheese*” I’m glad our favorite hip-hop dope fiend received such a warm welcome, but shit… THIS is what was supposed to propel flavor to hip-hop royalty? Lest we forget this nigga’s contribution to our genre and culture were tangible and substantial at one point. Before his crack grill and lovelife were a complete joke, 911 was.

    T.I.P. vs. T.I. Isn't that the eternal battle? Little Red Riding Hood was angry after Busta called out all these rappers and their limp-dick stage shows! Baby and Son didn't look too ecstatic to see B.G. Luda however, looked like he loved what he saw from the T.I. contingent. I smell a kiss and make-up collabo!

    Snowman and his tired ass hoes need to go. Bitch looked like she was about to die when she did her firehooker slide 'round the pole. That was it for her. Creative time was over. Back to the generic pop.

    Common had better shit to do than attend these awards, huh? I dunno, he’s working on movies and shit… Getting over the last leg of the Badu Mind Flu. I feel him. Glad my nigga got that recognition though. This was the validator award. Next year it's gonna go to some bum ass nigga like Young Jeezy or some shit. I promise.

    God damn, Jimmy Jones. What’s the point of putting the jeans on? No one wants to see your fucking ass. Nigga smell like a cab with the AC broke. Good job singing over your complete track WITH your hypeman! You suck, dude.

    Katt Williams came out in his official Dipset uniform: Beat It Edition. Slickback and The Diplomats… What strange bedfellows.

    Grandmaster Flash looks and sounds like Mos Def in Hitchikers' Guide To The Galaxy. Living in the age of so-called DJs that merely get niggas to pay them to add their selections to compilations without even an afterthought of mixing makes this homage all the more refreshing.

    Walkin it out is fun. I'm finna beat down my block.

    Last season’s “Orange Weave Of The Year” award winner, Keyshia Cole announced the final award for MVP. Big L’s not on the list, but according to her, each of these niggas are blameless to the degree that they can't be hated on? Sheeeeeit! Bet I hated on every nigga on the list. Don’t never let no GED student like Keyshia Cole tell you that you can’t exercise your right to dissent! I ain’t even gonna get into Puffy, Jigga, Luda or Tippy… I’m gonna just put it out there. Yung Joc aint no damn MVP candidate. He ain’t even Horace Grant. He ain't Jesse Jackson... Michael Dukakis. Nothin.

    In conclusion, I have to reiterate what Money Mike so wholeheartedly expressed to you children. Do not... I repeat... Do NOT even APPROACH the airport with a gun or a stun baton in your luggage. In fact, play it safe. Stuff a white person in your carry-on.

    This program could have been a lot worse, but don’t think I’m gonna start thanking or going soft on The Negro Channel. BET still sucks slaveship vomit. Blee dat.

    [email protected]

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    Jay-Z "Balls Out" Jim Jones, Young Buck Follows 50's Lead, D4L Defends Itself, Method Man Goes Mental
    Friday. 11.17.06 10:07 am
    In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about Jay-Z serving Jim Jones a diss record, Young Buck declaring war on Cash Money and warning The Game, D4L going off on Nas and Method Man saying "fuck everybody."

    1. Jay serves Jim Jones. Well, apparently Hov can't keep his mouth shut. It's one thing to address Jones on Funk Master Flex's Hot 97 NYC radio show, but Capo isn't even on Jay's level. Why give him a diss record? Nonetheless, "Brooklyn High" leaked yesterday (November 16). Using Jones' "Fly High" instrumental, Jigga keeps Jones on the hook and shouts "Brooklyn" over Jim's "Ballin'" hook. The God emcee's jabs did land several times. "Brooklyn get paper/tote big things/we chase niggas around their own ball games/(Rucker)," he snapped in reference to Jones and Cam'ron allegedly getting jumped at Harlem, NY's Rucker Park. Jiggaman's onslaught continues in the second verse, as he attacks Capo's capital. "Your bank versus mine/if you ballin, nigga what I'm doing can't be defined/the Joneses can't keep up/maybe my nigga Nas, but I got stronger after ether," Hov spit. Mr. President doesn't let up, finishing off Jones by flipping his basketball analogy against him, offering "I'm ballin for real/you're pump fakin it/Manhattan keep on makin it/Brooklyn keep on takin it."

    2. Buck to take on Cash Money and The Game. Buck doesn't talk smack. So the Cashville, Tennekkee rapper has grown tired of people asking him to comment on reports that Baby and Lil' Wayne play tonsil hockey. "I ain't trying to really continue speaking on that shit," an irritated Buck recently sighed on Sirius' Shade 45 channel. "For the average man, period...that's just something that don't float our fucking boats, man. Your lips don't go on no other man in no kind of fashion and I don't give a fuck if it was a fucking mafia shit."

    Minutes later, Buck's commentary grew agitated when he revisited his days with Cash Money. Word is Baby and company gave the G-Unit soldier the run around back in the day, leaving him hanging at the Cash Money office several times. Buck then detailed that after leaving with Juvenile, he next saw Baby moments before picking up an MTV Video Music Award, years later. "Payback's a bitch, nigga," Buck shouted excitedly. "I've been real calm on them niggas. I ain't been wanna say nothing cause I know if one of them niggas say something towards Buck, I'm a end they fucking career. We can rap it out or we can play it in the streets.

    "I'll Ja Rule them niggas over there, so leave me alone, nigga," he continued. "You think you got a problem with Juvey and B.G.; you'll have a true problem with me." Buck even expressed interest in signing Cash Money nemesis Gillie Da Kid. "Shout out to Gillie, nigga. I'm trying to sign you too," the Tennessee titan declared. "Gillie if you listening right now, nigga...I got a lane over this way. It's payback. Fuck it! I'm setting off the fucking war right here." Of course, Buck couldn't leave the station without licking a few shots Game's way. "And fuck you too Game for that last mixtape you put out," he burst. "I'ma tell you like this sucker.. Nigga, one minute you're talking about squashing shit and the people is even getting confused with your bi-polar looking like you having ass, nigga. One minute you're talking about, I don't wanna no problem with 50. Then the next minute you on a mixtape talking about, [Lloyd] Banks' sales... Like you the reason his sales and shit got a low first week or something. You a fucking bitch, boy. And when I catch you on these streets, nigga. I'm not gon talk."

    3. D4L's Fabo goes off on Nas. With Nas' album dropping in roughly a month, the "Is hip-hop dead?" debate isn't likely to go away anytime soon. Recently, SOHH caught up with D4L and asked them to weigh in on God's Son LP title. While most members kept their answers short, D4L front man Fabo provided a, let's say... elaborate answer. "If everybody mind they own damn business then my momma be aight cause...the only reason why I do this shit, I don't do it for him. I do it for me and my family and my momma proud of me, not him," Fabo explained. "So if I didn't do hip-hop or whatever he wanna call it or anybody else wanna call it, then he gon take care of me? Cause I'm a grown man. I gotta do what I gotta do to feed my family, so whatever the hell I'm doing, I'm grown. Stay the hell out of mine." Wait, wait. The boy Dot said that Fabo walked away from the SOHH cameras only to come back and add an exclamation point, saying, "I wish a motherfucker would!"

    4. Meth blows a fuse. Years removed from his prime, Method Man has been painted as a bitter, out of touch rapper in recent months. It is now common to read or hear Meth complain about the lack of support he's received from Def Jam, radio stations or media outlets. And now, Meth is complaining that people say he's complaining too much. Go figure. During a recent performance, Tical vented some more and shared one of the back stories that lead to his disgruntled state. Apparently, Meth sent BET a tape on which he got a crowd to scream, "Fuck Kelly Griffin," (a reference to BET's TK), during one of his concerts. He believes the tape was the beginning of his end.

    He also took the stage as a platform to give hell to anyone who has labeled him "bitter" or a "mad rapper." [Check the clip here.] Dude even concluded by hinting that he'll whoop a tail or two if anyone steps out of line. "I'm just defending my motherfucking self, so fuck they life," Meth told the audience. "That go for Vibe [magazine], that go for Source [magazine], that go for XXL [magazine], Hot 97 and any other motherfucker that wanna jump on the Meth's bitter bandwagon." Word? Fuck me too then.

    For any questions, comments, criticism, hit up Dick Johnson at http://www.myspace.com/shcrewu2

    [Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column are not necessarily those of SOHH.]

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