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    What a Woman Wants (SHAKE THAT ASS, BITCH!).
    Wednesday. 11.22.06 10:45 am
    As always, I must begin by thanking everyone who faithfully reads these entries. However, I would like to inform you that this will be the first of my last three blogs. I'm starting work on my new album which should be due mid-Spring 2007 entitled EL CHE. Your encouragement, comments, suggestions and sometimes overly-exaggerated critiques have all played a part in helping me grow as an artist, as well as a human being.

    Today's blog is called What a Woman Wants (SHAKE THAT ASS, BITCH!).

    I recently completed a concert tour which spanned from L.A. to Santa Barbara to San Francisco. Because of my fondness for the West Coast countryside landscape, I encouraged my team to drop our expensive plane tickets, rent a van and do it the old-school, Rock & Roll way: you know, hop your ass in the van and hit the road. Because of our limited CD selection, I wanted to save the good ones (Kingdom Come, Doctor's Advocate & The Blue Carpet Treatment) for when the local radio transmissions ended and the cell phone calls dropped. So, I always opt to listen to commercial radio first, especially when I'm in different regions of the country. It's one of my personal ways of monitoring what the constant trends are across the spectrum of Hip-Hop.

    As I turned the dial to the first station, I heard a giggly female voice request the E-40 and T-Pain song "U and Dat." If you're not familiar, this is the song where T-Pain and E-40 try their best to convince a girl that they want to get her and that monkey (whatever you interpret that monkey as being). As the seductive, bass-pounding groove progressed, a feminine voice added to the chorus concerning that mysterious "monkey," suggesting that if these two men captured the monkey, they wouldn't know what to do with it or how to handle it. As the radio announcer returned, he exclaimed "Ooh Wee! That song was for all of the chicks with them phat monkeys!" As the next song punched in, it was Fergie from The Black-Eyed Peas with her single "London Bridge", where in some of her lyrics she says:

    "I'm such a lady but I'm dancing like a ho Because you know what, I don't give a fuck So here we go!"

    These two songs [back-to-back] coupled with the fervor of women who continued to call into the station and praise the DJ for playing "they shit" sent me spiraling into one of my deep, analytical thoughts. IMPORTANT NOTE: this blog is not intended to criticize those songs. In fact, on my debut album BLUE COLLAR, I have a song relaying a similar sentiment called "Stick." What is even more interesting is that at least 85% of the women I encounter along my travels are quick to tell me that "Stick" was their favorite song on my album. Mind you, this is a song where I say "I put my dick all around your mouth like lip gloss," suggesting that this is the reason why the girl should 'put it on my stick' (whatever you interpret the "stick" as being LOL!). Today's blog is more of a question. I would like to know your opinions on why it seems that women as a whole [on one hand] criticize rappers with misogynistic attitudes and lyrics but never question their own taste in music?

    These are the facts: commercial radio is mostly driven by its female listenership (ages 12-25). It is suggested to us that they [women] request the majority of the music that is played (i.e. especially music with sexually explicit lyrics). This is also evident every time I go to the club and a song like David Banner's "Play"comes on. Women's asses seem to start moving involuntarily, even though he's blatantly telling the girl he wants to see her 'get that pussy wet.' (See below). David Banner also admitted to this song being his biggest hit next to his song with Lil' Flip entitled "Like a Pimp."

    It's starting to seem like the rappers are not doing anything wrong; they are simply supplying the demand made by scores of women of all races, ages and backgrounds. It seems as though, because of this demand, there are not many alternative songs with similar grooves minus the sexually explicit lyrics. I repeat: I ain't hating. I'm just asking, Why?

    Talk to me...


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    Outkast, Cut Tha Bullsh*t! And Jazze Pha Dresses You Up for Easter
    Wednesday. 11.22.06 10:39 am

    Why Big Boi and Andre 3000 are playing this "we still a group" bullshit is beyond me. A few months ago they released that bullshit ass IdleWild soundtrack, which failed to sell 500k copies (I speak the truth, check billboard.com). All the while they were denying rumors of a split between them, yet they didn't film one video together and if they did, I didn't see it!

    Andre 3000 is obviously becoming increasingly more separated from hip-hop. He seems to be taking his acting seriously — a little too seriously some might say. His new movie based on the children's book "Charlottes Web," where Andre voices Elwyn the crow is leaving many within the hip-hop community puzzled. Andre seems to be distancing himself from music/hip-hop with the passing of each day. It appears that he is turning his back on an art form that launched him into the hip-hop stratosphere The only thing he's done remotely close to hip-hop lately is the "Walk It Out" remix, and though it's a hot track, it still leaves us all wanting more from the general of the "G Funk" and Dirty South genre.
    And we can't forget about Big Boi. He's also caught the acting bug, landing a role alongside another Atlanta hip-hop Dirty South member, T.I. in "ATL". Though the movie wasn't a commercial success, he, like Dre, is pushing forward with more acting projects. He is currently filing a movie with Cedric the Entertainer, Faizon Love, Andy Milonakis, and Finess Mitchell. But when I heard from a very reliable source that Big Boi is actively in the studio trying to push out another solo album, I could feel it in my spirit much like Miss Sophia, (not V103's Miss. Sophia but, The Color Purple Miss. Sophia), could smell the rain coming — that Outkast is no longer.

    Big Boi has gone on the record saying that he is working on something that he's calling his "mega-top-top-secret solo record." On the set of Fantasia's "Hood Boy" video Friday, the raper said:

    "You're going to get something from every genre, every funk, beat, loop, horn, whistle. We got it all on the record. I got maybe 35 beats already done for it now, so I'm just diving in and trying to carve out the pie with the vocals."

    The yet-untitled album should hit stores sometime in 2007, but I don't know if I'm interested any longer. Let's be clear, I love, and will always have love for the Southernplayalisticadallacmuzik duo. They changed the game of hip-hop and had a major hand in putting Atlanta on the map. But, I still wish they would just cut the bullshit already and admit to us all that they are through as a group

    Oh and by the way…….
    Shout out to my homegirl Fresh from Crunk & Disorderly for providing me with this Jazze Pha information. Unfortunately with my hectic ass schedule I couldn't get out to this event but, she did and gave me some information:

    Producer Jazze Pha has launched his own clothing store called Knitch. The shop will carry couture jeans, casual wear, and footwear for men and women. Yes, you too can now look like an Easter egg every single day. The grand opening party went down last night in ATL. Johnta Austin, Sammie, Project Runway finalist Michael Knight (it's not nice to talk about people), and Jody Breeze came out to support the new boutique.

    I also got two hot tracks for you from some ATLiens:

    I love you all like phat asses and lemonade.


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    Wednesday. 11.22.06 10:24 am

    Comment! (0) | Recommend!

    See Trey Songz In NYC,TODAY
    Tuesday. 11.21.06 8:42 am

    Tuesday, November 21
    HOT 97 presents
    Co-sponsored by REMY MARTIN & NIKE

    Fort Knox/Hip Hop Since 1978/Atlantic Records Recording Artist
    Saigon with Special Guest Trey Songz

    Additional performance by Atrocity and Tru Life
    Plus performances by artists from whosnextonline.com

    Hosted by Megatron
    Music by DJ Ness
    8PM Doors
    SOB's (Varick @ West Houston)
    Must be 21+ to attend
    $10 cover

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    Janet Jackson on Tyra Banks, Cast of Dreamgirls on Oprah
    Monday. 11.20.06 10:41 am
    Janet Jackson, who according to

    (no she's not pregnant)

    In this staged interview the Jackson royal answers questions like, How good is Jermaine Dupri in bed on a scale of 1 to 10? Has she ever faked an orgasm? and What is the strangest place she has had sex?
    Watch all eight parts on YouTube.com

    Beyonce, Jamie Fox, Eddie Murphy and show stopper Jennifer Hudson will be on "Oprah" today for the first big American interview for "Dreamgirls." Watch the official "One Night Only" promotional video here.

    Check it out and see if the movie is worth $25 a ticket.

    Last week we mentioned that Omarion would release a video for "Ice Box". It world premiered on BET this past Friday. The video features Timbaland and Solange as the love interest.

    oes that video smell anything like this:

    Dark theme, Timbaland in the car, slower tempo.... maybe not.

    Solange is rumored to be in the studio with Bilal working on her sophomore cd. We'll have to verify that later on.

    Omarion co-headlines the Scream 5 Tour with NeYo, Pretty Ricky and Yung Joc.

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    Russell Simmons Wants To Bring Bling Back To African Diamond Industry
    Monday. 11.20.06 10:38 am

    Saturday - November 18, 2006 by Alexis Chase
    Russell Simmons

    Russell Simmons and tsunami survivor/model Petra Nemcova are planning a trip to Botswana and South Africa later this month in order to get in some first hand research about the African diamond trade.

    Simmons, who works with popular jeweler DeBeers on his own line of jewelry, has high hopes that the trade can be redirected in order to better benefit the people of Africa.

    "I'm making a lot of money by selling diamonds," Simmons told the New York Daily News. "I want to give my money back to the people in Africa. We're starting the Diamond Empowerment Fund to teach Africans how to cut and polish diamonds on the continent, instead of taking the diamonds out. We want more of the black Africans to become executives. The diamond industry should be the leader of African empowerment."

    The pair have already made plans to tour diamond mines and factories in both countries, but many inside the diamond industry believe top jewelers will be reluctant to allow Africans to take over cutting their gems. Most companies currently rely on experts in Belgium and Israel to do that job.

    The diamond industry has faced ongoing scrutiny over the sale of "conflict diamonds," thanks in part to songs like Kanye West's "Diamonds for Sierra Leone" and the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio film Blood Diamond, both which have cast light on how diamonds were used to finance civil war in African countries during the 1990s.

    While Simmons has said the industry has gotten much better about avoiding conflict diamonds, he said, "The business can always get better."

    In the meantime, Simmons is working toward reaching a point where buying diamonds can be looked at as a more humanitarian act, adding that his hope is to reach a point when "Americans will know that, when they buy a diamond, it doesn't make you an asshole with money, it can make you a person who's empowering Africans."

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