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    Tyrese: "I wasn't looking to the fans to back me on this."
    Monday. 12.18.06 9:46 am
    Aiight... sohh, I'm not sure whether it was Tyrese or Black Ty that called me this past Friday, but I talked on the phone with one of them kats about the new cd Alter Ego.
    "I wasn't looking to the fans to back me on this. But a lot of them did. I was looking to win over one of the biggest challenges... which to me are my peers. The people in the industry. All across the board I won every time. All I did was press play. You don't get it when I talk about it, you've got to hear it," Tyrese told me.

    So I'm gonna take the challenge and really listen to Alter Ego. Not just the one or two times I played it to get familiar with what it was all about. I've got it on the mp3 player.We'll see what happens. Thus far I think this is first single is just okay for a voice as dope as his.Imma post the rest of the interview this week as more of you listen to the new album. As for Black Ty, if you are still unfamiliar, check out the multi part video series he has on YouTube. Here is part one.

    lso check out these tracks. I kinda like that Bobby V, although the vocal arrangement on the background is weak. Too simplified for that track, almost amatuerish... but I like it overall. Good music for the treadmill.
    -"Let's Go" - Bobby Valentino
    -"Upgrade U" Instrumental - Swizz Beatz
    -"Kings and Queens" - Mary J. Blige & John Legend

    And what do y'all think of J. Holiday?

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    According to the World's Smartest Men...
    Friday. 12.15.06 12:00 pm

    Rihanna is the Queen of R&B.

    (and then a hush fell over Jerusalem...)

    You read that right. Not Mary J. Blige, not Alicia Keys, not even Beyonce. RIHANNA! That is right. Arena magazine, the magazine written for the world's smartest men believe that Rihanna is the new hot shit. Read for yourselves. Is that a sign of things to come?

    Another smart man seems to think we need another bad creation--a boy band. AARGH! No not Mathew Knowles who just launched 2 Much with Omarion. Not Usher who just launched his boy band One Chance, but DIDDY!
    Diddy is launching "Making the Band 4"... but this time he is in search of all male singers.

    According to the MySpace page (myspace.com/mtvmtb4),

    If your voice rivals Justin Timberlake's. . . AND you put Usher to shame on the dance floor. . . YOU may have what it takes to MAKE THE BAND!

    Read more here.

    As you know "Making The Band 3" spawned the hit girl group Danity Kane. Aubrey, Shannon, D. Woods, Dawn and Aundrea have always shown love to SOHH Soulful. Remember when they invited us to come hang out with them at Daddy's House, just before their self titled album dropped? Watch a video of our bukakke here.

    Check out D. Woods having fun with SOHH Soulful at the Jeezy event down in Atlanta this past Wednesday night.

    Also at that event was Keyshia Cole who has always denied being involved with Jeezy. Apparently she was there for the closed rehearsal set and stood by Jeezy's side with her two armed police escorts as the Snowman performed to a half empty room in his own home town of Atlanta. Read the drama on SOHH Atlanta.
    Check out more SOHH Soulful R&B news here.
    Posted by SOHH Soul Man at December 15, 2006 06:46 AM

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    Young Jeezy...The Saga Continues!!!!!!
    Friday. 12.15.06 11:56 am

    I just want to address one thing real quick before I move onto today’s topics. I read each and every one of you guy’s, (and ladies) comments yesterday. I even responded a few times, which is something that I plan on doing more often. The thing that I want to make clear about Young Jeezy’s “secret location” concert the other night is that I didn’t expect, nor should I have received any special treatment for his concert. While I am a published writer, that doesn’t mean anything when you’re on the red carpet—black in his case—and all your trying to do is get your story. But I do expect a certain amount of respect and loyalty from my Atlanta artists when they come home to perform and more importantly promote their product. T.I. is arguably the hottest, most in demand rappers out there, yet whenever I see T.I. at a party or event and I ask him for a response or a picture, he happily obliges. If T.I. can do it, then Jeezy can for damn sure do it.

    If I may be honest for a moment – I felt completely honored that the people at The Garner Circle, my bosses here at Sohh.com, and Corporate Thugz Entertainment would allow a blogger to gain coveted media credentials and ultimately full access to such an event. However, many of you missed the point of my report. It wasn’t to “hate” on Jeezy or his “is she or isn’t she” girl Keisha Cole. It was to make a point at how Urban Entertainers needs to respect and treat Black press like we are White press, hell better even. I can almost guarantee you that if People, Us Weekly, Rolling Stone, or Comlpex magazine would have been there – Young Jeezy would’ve made it his obligation to come out and get all the media exposure he could get. However, that didn’t happen so I was left with no other choice but to write what I experienced. I admit that my report wasn’t very objective, but what can I say – I was pissed! Based on the some of the comments that I have read, I feel the need to point out my love for Atlanta! Make no mistake about that. But, by being a fan of hip-hop and a fan of professionalism and an overall well put together package, that wasn’t what was displayed to me on that night by the aspiring music mogul.

    Ok I’m off my soapbox now on to the otha stuff. Here are some pictures the Atlanta Journal Constitution took of Jeezy’s event. If you notice you don’t see any outside pictures of the “Snowman”. That’s because he didn’t come out. YOUNG JEEZY PICTURES

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    Pulse Report:Young Jeezy Disses Nas, Jim Jones Does The Yayo Dance, Lil' Wayne Kisses & Tells, Kay Slay Rides With Jay-Z
    Friday. 12.15.06 11:05 am

    In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about Young Jeezy questioning Nas' street credibility, Jim Jones dissing Tony Yayo again, Lil' Wayne kissing Juvenile and B.G. and DJ Kay Slay sticking up for Jay-Z.

    1. Jeezy questions Nas' street cred. There's apparently a "Nas and Jay-Z bite" bandwagon slowly spreading. In recent weeks, dudes who most would agree, have no business taking shots at the two classic lyricists, have been coming out of their faces with some outrageous statements. Yesterday morning, (December 7) Young Jeezy appeared on Philadelphia's 100.3 The Beat radio station to promote his forthcoming album, The Inspiration. It seems like he ended up promoting Nas' album instead. After sounding off on Weezy claiming to being better than Jay-Z, Snowman and the show's host's, Monie Love began arguing on whether or not hip-hop was dead.[Listen to the interview here] "You got Nas coming back saying hip-hop is dead. Who is he to say hip-hop is dead?" Jeezy offered with an insulted tone. "I might as well make a comment like Lil' Wayne then. Ya'll gon tell me I ain't doing hip-hop?" As "brilliant" as he is, Snowman then inexplicably lost his marbles and proceeded to question Nas' street cred in the heart of the "is hip-hop is dead" argument. O...K! "What you saying? I'ma respect his craft, and he ain't gon respect mine?" Jeezy asked. "Nas ain't no street nigga. He ain't been in no streets. Nas ain't did nothing he talking about, so what you saying?"

    Who knew the Queensbridge Projects, America's largest,couldn't be considered the streets. Thanks for the education Jeezy. Wait, there's more. "Nas bus his guns? Nas been on the block? Do Nas have street credibility?" he continued. "Is any of Nas' homies in the feds? If Nas saying hip-hop is dead, I'm saying hip-hop is alive then. Tell him to get at me." No wonder Jeezy was his high school's debate team captain. He also attempted to use first week sales to prove his point during the argument. How does that Hov song go again..."Dig A Hole?" Well, apparently, Jeezy has been listening to his label's president. The argument ended with Monie Love putting her foot down. "It's dead," she firmly proclaimed. "Right there, I said it." The proud trapper then stormed out of the studio.

    2. Is Jim Jones dissing Yayo? Roughly a month ago, Jones poked fun at G-Unit's Tony Yayo, snapping, "That nigga's an immigrant. He's a straight hater, he belong in little Haiti." Dipset's capo was responding to rumors that Yayo mocked "We Fly High" by screaming "booooorrrriinnnn" backstage at Hot 97's Back To School concert. Jones may have just taken another shot at the self-proclaimed "real talk of New York." The Harlemite is seen doing the Yayo dance towards the end of the "We Fly High" remix video. So, was that another stab at Yayo? On another note, "We Fly High" turned out to be the most stuntastic video in recent memory. With appearances from Diddy, T.I., Juelz Santana, Birdman and Young Dro, the clip has the gang throwing around a senseless amount of money. Diddy can be seen juggling piles while he and Jones later play catch.

    3. Weezy claims to kissing Juvenile and B.G. Shouts to folks at Complex Magazine for providing beaucoup material for this week's Pulse Report. In the December/January issue of the publication, Weezy made no apology for kissing his surrogate father, Birdman. "I don't fault nobody for misunderstanding. I don't understand a lot of shit," Weezy explained to Complex. "Baby walked in the crib one day and was like, 'Everybody's doing this black mob shit. When I see you niggas, this is what we're gonna do.' And that's why you've probably got a picture of me because I stuck with everything that man said." "But every nigga's done that," Weezy added. "I've done kissed [Juvenile and B.G.]. No homo. Pause."

    4. Kay Slay and Young Jeezy stick up for Jay-Z. The Drama King and the God emcee may have never been the best of friends, but Slay recently denounced Weezy's nerves during his Shade 45 Streetsweepers radio show. "You don't have the authority to go at Jay-Z, b," Slay told Weezy. "That's disrespectful. I think it's certain level of motherfuckers that can go at... like the same way that Gillie [Da Kid] was digging in yo ass and you looked the other way cause you felt that he wasn't on your level. Where the fuck do you get the right to go at Jay-Z?" Slay then reminded Weezy that he publicly idolized Hov not that long ago. Word is Weezy has since retracted his statement. "This is a brother, a few years ago that you was calling the greatest rapper in the world," Slay recalled. "Dawg, you really need to clean that shit up. You foul for going at Jay. I'm not the biggest Jay fan either. I'm just stating facts."

    It turns out that Jeezy did have a little bit of sense the day of his Philly interview. Apparently, he also didn't agree with Weezy's bold declarations. "As far as what he's saying, he's tripping," Jeezy told Monie Love early in the aforementioned interview. "If you wanna holla at dude, you holla at dude. You don't make comments cause I mean last year, he was your favorite rapper."

    5. Nas won't become a boss. While heads were busy criticizing God's son for his lack of business savvy, it turns out that he quietly turned down an offer to become a high ranked executive at Atlantic Records. The Queens, NY lyricist unveiled the blurry details during an interview in Complex's December/January issue. "I'm still his boss," Nas joked regarding Jones. "I am above him. Who's not above Jim Jones? I don't know any of his records and I'm not even being funny. Like I know he's got a record called 'Ballin.' I hope it sells some records, but I swear to you I've never heard it."

    6. Em and Fif vow to sell 10 mil again. Though rappers have been hanging plywood plaques on their wall all year, record breakersEminem and 50 Cent aren't too worried about their own sales. During an appearance on "106 & Park's" couch earlier this week, Em commented that the commercial success of Jay-Z's Kingdome Come could help boost sales for future hip-hop projects. "As far as Jay-Z doing the numbers that he did. I feel like [it] breathes new life into hip-hop...music, period," Em told Terrence J and Rosci during the interview. "It lets you know that you can still do those numbers and be successful." Terrence then asked the Shady and G-Unit bosses if they thought it was still possible for artists to sell 10 million albums in the industry's current climate. "I can, watch me," Fif declared emphatically. "After Fif, watch me," Em added. Can it be done? The rest of the interview was interesting to say the least. Fif hogged the entire couch time, either acting as Em's self-appointed publicist by finishing his sentences or just jumping in because Em was receiving too much attention. 10 mill uh? What do you guys think? Is it possible?

    For any questions, comments or criticism, hit up Dick Johnson at [www.myspace.com/shcrewu2]

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    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * Donair says...
    * impossible for both of them. fiddy is washed up, he can make a few club bangers but nobody likes him no more. he surrounded himself with too much drama. Eminem? he isnt angry anymore, what is he gonna rap about? how the last 5 years of his life were great
    * Co-Sign!
    * Friday, 12-08-2006 @ 5:49am

    * Capital P says...
    * Young jeezy is one of My favorite South Artist. Keep up the Good work. Cop the inspiration. f#@$ NAS. He Is WACK!
    * Co-Sign!
    * Friday, 12-08-2006 @ 7:58am

    * Son's God says...
    * i think Em could sell those numbers again. I mean, what does Nas talk about these days? Em has the lyrical ability to say some 'universal' ish that young and old could dig. you already know he has that pop-crossover appeal. Ya, he could sell 10 mil at
    * Co-Sign!
    * Friday, 12-08-2006 @ 8:03am

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    Just Who Does Omarion Think He Is? And... SOHH Soulful Top 5
    Thursday. 12.14.06 8:30 am
    Yesterday I made an early pilgrimage downtown to meet up with Omarion to talk shop on his new cd 21 and why we still see him as just that dude from B2K.

    I first have to acknowlege that it was early. I also have to acknowlege that no matter how early it was young dude put his best foot forward and had a real cool homeboy disposition. When I arrived he was listening to the Tyrese cd Alter Ego.

    We talked about whether there will be a B2K reunion... uh, NO! And thank God. One thing I discerned is that Omarion is just fine without the lesser charasmatic members of the group.

    SOHH I went straight to the question that most people in their own way ask. WHY? Omarion so what? Whether it is in the barbershop or whether it is in a staff meeting, people always seem to say, "I like that song [fill in the blank with any of Omarion's hits] but I don't like that dude. Maybe because like child movie stars, you get branded and it's hard for people to see you outside the parameters of where you first caught their attention. Especially when you were internationally successful. Scream Tour anyone.
    Omarion had a pretty decent response. He said that as a younger performer he was singing the words written for him. Now as a young adult he is writing of his own experiences. He referred to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis when they say that if you want to get to know Janet, just listen to her music. Referring to the stuff she writes herself.

    So y'all, LISTEN TO OMARION's MUSIC. That's who he thinks he is. Give it a chance. Put it on in the car, while your ass is doing the dishes; while you burning that kush and see if you give a damn. His new single is "Icebox." .naj I know you say it sounds like he need some Advil Cold & Sinus. But run it a few times in the whip.

    But while you were wondering why BEYONCE IS RE-RELEASING B'DAY in 2007 LED BY A MASSIVE INITIATIVE AROUND THE SINGLE "BEAUTIFUL LIAR" and RECORDING A DUET WITH SHAKIRA, we were down at the Triple 5 Soul sample sale, wondering what "RING THE ALARM" sounds like in SPANISH (hint, hint) and compiling our

    5. Stephanie Mckay - "Tell It Like It Is"
    Check her music out at her website, StephanieMckay.com. She is an independent artist out of the Bronx with some interesting flava.

    4. Mya - "Lock U Down"

    3. Rihanna - "Break It Off"
    Listen to it here.http://www.supload.com/listen?s=SijcPnZ3J5N

    2. Danity Kane - "Ride 4 U"
    1. Justin Timberlake - "My Love Acoustic, Love Stoned" live from Victoria Secret Fashion Show.
    KSH, this shit is dope as fuck and I know I said I was done posting versions of this single but come the fuck on.
    listen to it here http://www.supload.com/listen?s=SNenaCbaWbR#

    And one more thing... Promotion on Janet Jackson's 20 YO has been halted according to Janet's fansites.


    I've got a pair of tickets to the SCREAM TOUR 5 featuring Omarion, NeYo, Pretty Ricky, Yung Joc, Jibbs and whoever else. Here in New York City, December 23rd at Madison Square Garden. Email me at [email protected] and tell me just what you're willing to do for them. LOL!

    Comment! (3) | Recommend! | Categories:

    Young Jeezy... Inspirationally Disappointing!
    Thursday. 12.14.06 8:13 am

    Before deciding to write my report on Young Jeezy’s dismal album release concert that took place last night in Downtown Atlanta, I truly wrestled with my journalistic integrity and my inability to fake the funk. Sometimes journalists will try to put a positive spin on a story to shed an artist of any possible embarrassing moments and or instances no matter what their own personal experience were. This practice is often used to keep them in the artist’s good graces. Though I aspire to keep my opinions neutral, I often fail as I feel that it is my duty to keep it real as I can with each and every one of you. With that being said I have to tell you that to call Young Jeezy’s promotional concert a disappointment would be a major understatement.

    The famed Tabernacle, on Luckie and Spring street, was where Jeezy’s held his highly publicized “secret location” concert. But, the overwhelming absence of celebrities and fans left many to believe that maybe it was a little too secret. Though the presentation at the venue was eye appealing with various unbelievably luxury automobiles posted in front as you entered the building. The un-professionalism and lateness of Jeezy and his camp ruined any amazing moment that felt.

    The event, which was supposed to start sharply at 7PM blew the deadline leaving all media personnel standing around idly wiping camera lenses, networking with other media outlets and shivering to remain somewhat comfortable as warma bright day turned into a cold dark night. By 8PM things continued to spiral out of control as not one celebrity who was supposedly confirmed to attend this event had bothered to show up. By 8:30 PM any hope that this concert was going to be exciting faded from within me. As I looked around and watched radio stations breaking down their publicity tables and packing up their promotional trucks I knew in my heart of hearts that this evening was a complete waste of my time. But the straw that broke the camels back for me and most of my entertainment colleagues was when we all found out that the reason for the delay of the black carpet was because the venue hadn’t been filled to capacity, not even half to capacity. While I wasn’t told this personally it seemed that Jeezy wasn’t interested in performing for half filled room.

    Though I can’t place the blame of the chain of events completely on the Snowman, I can say that to me, when it comes to Young Jeezy – nobody cares! With all the buffoonery that was playing out before my eyes I did still managed to get into the building early on to watch Young Jeezy practice his set with his live band and entourage in tote. And who to my surprise do I see sitting one row back from the front is none other then Ms. Ghetto Girl herself – Ms. Keisha Cole. Her presence was completely unexpected seeing that she has been denying relationship rumors between her and Jeezy for quite sometime. To say that she was unapproachable would be me being kind. Keisha was surrounded by uniformed police officers the entire practice session. Now, this wouldn’t be anything necessarily interesting had it not have been an almost empty room. Who was she being protected from? I don’t know and frankly, I just don’t give a fuck.

    If this is any indication of Jeezy’s future career i.e. the lack of interest from Atlanta, the lack of respect for the black press, or the fact that he couldn’t give away free tickets to one of his own shows. Then I will make sure to not waste my time, or valuable resources on such an undesirable rapper.

    Be sure to be here tommrrow for the launch of Atlanta's Own!!


    --Sohh Gyant
    Posted by SOHH Gyant at December 14, 2006 12:49 AM

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