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the details I promised
Sunday. 12.20.09 4:57 pm
For whatever reason I was awake at 6:30 yesterday morning. After laying there for another half hour and unsuccessfully falling back asleep, I decided I'd better start getting things ready to pack into the car. It's probably a good thing too. I didn't realize I still had so much left to get together. By the time 8am rolled around {the time I had originally planned on getting up at} I had pretty much gotten all of the rest of my stuff ready to be bought out to the car. So I started taking my futon apart. I also called Jake to wake him up so that he'd be able to get ready to come over and help me by 9.

He got there right on time and we started moving stuff into his mom's car {her car is bigger than his.} Once we loaded up that car, we started to pack up mine. Between packing up the vehicles, moving and unpacking, it took a total of two hours.

Neither one of us had had something to eat before we started so on the way back to pick up the rest of the stuff, I stopped at McD's to get something quick and cheap to eat. The second time took just about 2 hours also, but this trip we were able to fit the rest of everything into both cars. I'm so glad he helped me. It would have taken a lot longer had it just been me and my car.

I'm completely moved in now. I have to stop by the old apartment tomorrow to check the place again, real quick to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything, to check my mail box one more time and to turn in the keys.

Unfortunately I didn't call the gas company in time to have our gas turned on in the apartment so we don't have any heat or hot water until Tuesday. Luckily I'm able to go over to Jacob's and use his shower until then. My sister hasn't moved in yet because she has nowhere to go that's right down the street to shower. Once the gas is turned on, though, that's when she'll start to move in.

I mentioned a while ago that she was pregnant. She was probably around 3 months then. She's sitting at about 4 1/2 months now and she's got a baby bump. She can't really deny that she's pregnant now. I guess because I know her, it's obvious, but she tells me that people argue with her whether she is or not. Supposedly her stomach sticking out like that makes her look "average" instead of the "skinny" that people assume she was. I dunno. All I know is that I couldn't stop looking at is last night. I'm sure it'll be even more like that once she starts to look really pregnant.

Anywho, I'm thinking about adding another blanket to my bed tonight. I've already got one, plus my plush blanket, plus my fleece blanket. I've got another fleece, but I'm not sure where I put it. Maybe I'll look for it when I'm done with this.

... which I think is now. Cuz I can't think of what else to write about.

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quick update
Sunday. 12.20.09 12:03 am
I'm officially moved out of the old place and into the new place. Now all that's left is organizing my stuff and moving my sister in. That's probably going to take a while because she has a lot more stuff than me. Oh well. It'll all get moved in somehow.

I'm really, really tired right now, though so I'll write more details tomorrow.

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Thursday. 12.17.09 4:23 pm
I still have a bit of packing left to do; filling up that one empty tote, taking my suitcase and other stuff out of the closet, taking the posters off my wall, etc. I've been planning on doing that all day ... have I even started? Nope. I will once I'm done with this. I think this is the last thing I can do before I've pretty much run out of things to help me procrastinate even longer.

I'll be needing to get plenty of sleep tomorrow night so I'll be awake and energized on Saturday. I plan on going to bed fairly early, probably around the same time I go to bed during the work week, so that I can get up early and still be rested. I should probably go to bed a little early tonight too because I have a bit of running around errands to take care of tomorrow.

I didn't realize that I wasn't very active on here over the last week. Did I even leave any comments? I honestly don't remember. I know I've read a few of the normal blogs that I keep up with, I just don't remember if I left any comments.

I had an embarrassing and slightly traumatizing experience yesterday ... I was at Wendy's and I had to use the bathroom so of course, I go in to use it. Like most fast food joints, it's just the one room. Only one person at a time can use it. I lock the door and sit down to do my business. All of a sudden this lady bursts in. Now, the normal human reaction when you accidentally walk in on someone like that is "oh my god, I'm so sorry!!" and quickly shut the door. Not this lady. No, she just stood there and stared at me for a minute, then got pissed at me and bitched me out for not locking the door. Then she shut the door and walked away. It turns out the lock was broken. I thought it was locked; the deadbolt looked like it had gone into the hole, but obviously not.

I was so bothered by it, I lost my appetite and wanted to just crawl into a corner and cry. You know, it's one thing when someone accidentally walks in on you using the bathroom, but it's a completely other thing when that person stares at you and bitches you out for some shit that wasn't even your fault. She didn't even apologize.

I really hate people sometimes.

Ugh, I already hated using public rest rooms. Now it's even more. I hate it. With a deep passion. Maybe I should start bringing a sign with me. "Occupied. Don't fucking open the door!"

Anywho I don't want to end the entry that way so I'll say one more time how happy I am to be moving into this new place. Only one more day!

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tired and bored
Sunday. 12.13.09 7:33 pm
I don't actually have anything specific I want to write about; I just felt like blogging.

I got some of my stuff packed up. There's not really a whole lot more I can do right at the moment since I only have one more tote and it's being used to support the TV. I'm probably going to finish up everything on Thursday or Friday after work. I'm going to try to get a few boxes from work tomorrow. I don't think I'll need more than one, but having a few extras won't hurt anything.

The only issue that I'm having is that I'll have to get up really early Saturday morning to take apart my bed. Putting it back together really doesn't bother me because then I can just lay down when I'm finished. This isn't as much of an issue as it normally would be because it's for a good reason, but I still don't like waking up to an alarm on my day off.

I'll most likely be finished moving everything before the sun goes down, which is around 4:30pm. I'm not sure how my sister is going to get everything over, especially since she works 12 hours that day, but I'm sure it'll get figured out.

I'm tired, but not. I probably won't have too many issues falling asleep once I lay down, but I'm not tired enough to want to lay down. Oh well. I'm probably going to go to bed after I finish this.

Which I guess is now ... since I'm not coming up with anything else to write about.

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ha, yep, I was expecting this
Saturday. 12.12.09 10:28 am
It's Saturday ... I planned on packing today. Do I want to? Not at all. Maybe I'll get up the motivation to do so later.

I'm a little upset with Wendy's right now. I ordered their $4 Bold Buffalo Wings and didn't get them. I got, instead, their Honey BBQ Wings. The problem? I don't eat BBQ. The sauce messes with my stomach and I feel sick for a day or so. I was pretty disappointed. If that had been the only thing I ordered, I would have gone back and gotten different ones. But I had ordered a sandwich too, so I just ate that and gave the wings to Jacob.

I went to Opportunity Village's Magical Forest last night and I actually had a pretty good time. I didn't ride any of the rides, but being the broke person that I am, I couldn't have even if I wanted to. It was pretty cold out there, but we warmed up a little once we were out in it for a while. Either that or we just became too numb to feel that we were cold. I got some pictures; I'll put them on my computer in a day or so. I probably wouldn't have gone if I hadn't gotten free tickets for participating in the Santa Run.

That, btw, updated their site with the tallied total of people dressed up like Santa ... there was a lot! But not enough to break the world record {12,965} which is held by some town in Ireland.

The issue that I'm having with not getting the wings from Wendy's is that I'm still wanting them. The problem now? I spent all my money on the food last night. I don't have the money for it now. It's lame. Oh well. That's the sacrifice I make in order to pay for all my other bills. I just don't eat.

Okay, I think I'm gonna take a nap before I work up the motivation to start packing.

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waiting it out
Thursday. 12.10.09 5:31 pm
I have one week and one day until I move in to the new apartment. I plan on packing this weekend; I'm going to spread it out between both days. I have so little with me, it could actually all be done in one day. I could always just procrastinate, like I'm known to do, but I know I'm not going to be wanting to pack during the work week and I don't want to be rushed on the 19th.

Right now I'm just waiting it out.

I'm still pissed. I was easily agitated at work today; stupid little things pissed me off. Like the off-loaders getting jackets ... really? I got pissed at that? The trailers are freezing. They're like going into refrigerators so of course it makes sense for the off-loaders to receive jackets. It's probably got to do with the fact that we're getting ours taken away from us. We got jackets because standing by the open docks for hours at a time tends to get cold. Then supposedly people {the coworkers} started bitching that we had jackets and technically jackets aren't allowed in the warehouse {cuz we could steal something by hiding it in the pockets ... even thought the metal detectors we have are as sensitive as the ones at the airports} We're getting fleece jackets instead and, although I'd much rather have one of those, it's the reason behind why we're getting them that pisses me off. That just tells you how inferior contract security is compared to the actual warehouse coworkers {in-house security included.}

Anywho, it's supposed to be colder tonight than it has been all this month. Joy. Don't get me wrong, I do prefer the cold, but its usually helpful when I can stay warm in the cold. I can only layer on so many clothes before it starts to get uncomfortable. I really should go to Wal-Mart and buy some thermals. Maybe with this next paycheck. Right now, however, I have on either one or two shirts {one short sleeve, one long sleeve} a company provided sweatshirt and the company provided jacket. I also just bought gloves to wear. Even with all that on, it still cold. I would love to have a thermometer in the warehouse one day just to see exactly how cold it actually is.

I'm tired. I took a nap earlier, but I'm still tired. Maybe I'll go to bed early again tonight. It seems I've been doing that all week. I usually am laying down around 8pm. This week the latest I've gone to bed was just after 7pm. I don't like going to bed early because I feel like I'm wasting the time. Even though I have nothing to do during that time, I still feel like it's being wasted on sleep. Oh well. I'm just weird like that.

Okay, I think I've ranted enough for the day. Until next time. . .

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