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    Bow Wow And "The Price Of Lame," And Did Ludacris Get Somebody Fired?
    Wednesday. 1.3.07 8:41 am

    It’s looking like all the hype and publicity from the Bow Wow machine isn’t helping much in the eyes of music critics. Brett Johnson, an Associated Press writer, has blasted Bow Wow’s —Shad Gregory Moss’s— new album saying:

    The production, handled mainly by Bow Wow's mentor, Jermaine Dupri, is often as tired as his lines. The strident, piano-driven "Give It to You" recalls a hard-bumping G-Unit throwaway beat while the serpentine synths of "Don't Know 'Bout That" is cookie-cutter snap music. Such missteps are curious signs that as Bow Wow grows older, he's not getting much wiser.

    Though, I kinda agree with homeboi about the album, I’m still hoping that Bow Wow can still pull in an audience and sell records. You know I keep it real always, and I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of “Shorty Like Mine,” and if I’m going to be honest. I couldn’t listen through his entire new album, The Price of Fame. However, in Bow Wow’s defense I will say: He’s making music for a much younger audience. No adult pass the age of 23 should be listening to Bow Wow and be anticipating a “wow” (no pun intended) effect. Shorty is a tenny bopper rapper, making teeny bopper music. I’m curious to see what he’s going to do on the charts. Are the females still with him? No matter how you feel about him the in the rap game he’s still doing better then Lil Romeo.
    I read this online at Kansascity.com. It’s a story on how "Ludacris" the work place can get from time to time. I didn’t write this particular article, but it still interesting as hell. Check it out!

    There are ludicrous cases and then there are Ludacris ones. A former compensation manager at Sprint Nextel Corp. says she was fired because she hired the Grammy-winning rap singer to entertain employees, supposedly without first obtaining permission of her boss.

    Elizabeth Henry says she was asked to arrange a contest to reward Sprint’s top call center employees. The workers said they wanted a minority entertainer at the reward event. Henry hit on a “Rock Star” theme for the event, which was to be held in Las Vegas, and her boss approved, according to the lawsuit filed last week in federal court in Kansas City, Kan.
    She said her boss green-lighted two entertainers, rappers Ludacris and LL Cool J. Eventually Henry secured Ludacris.

    But after another employee allegedly told her boss that “she must be into the black thing” because Ludacris was retained, her boss became concerned, according to the lawsuit.
    Henry told her boss that Ludacris would perform according to “PG-13 standards” but if she was still concerned, Henry could get another performer. She reminded her that call center employees wanted an African-American entertainer.

    Her boss allegedly responded that any black performer would be controversial. Henry, who is white, called the remark discriminatory.

    Henry was later interrogated in a secured room for close to five hours by the defendant’s corporate security officers, the suit alleges. At the end of the interrogation, the suit continues, the officers concluded no wrongdoing on the plaintiff’s behalf and the plaintiff received no reprimand stemming from this custody and interrogation.

    After that, planning for the event was handed over to Sprint’s events marketing team. Later that same day, she alleges, her boss told her she was fired.

    Damn and I thought I had a bad day.

    Bonus Video of the week!

    Although, we are doing any more popping or floppin video’s of the week I’m still going to post some videos for y’all to check out!

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    Bow Wow Speaks on Ciara, Makes Up With Omarion
    Wednesday. 1.3.07 8:37 am
    When Bow Wow cancelled our face to face interview and opted for a phoner because he wasn't feeling well, he had no idea that I was invited his album release party that happened the previous night where he seemed to be feeling just fine.
    You put that together.

    But anyways, I took Bow's call and asked him did he listen to Ciara's new cd.

    "I think it's pretty cool. She definitely has some songs on there that are referencing me of course," Bow Wow says after listening to Ciara's new cd. "There are some songs on my album that people gonna feel the same way about."

    I then asked why isn't he on the Scream Tour anymore. Word is, Bow and Omarion weren't seeing eye to eye. He told me that they are cool and he skimmed over their having issues and passed it off as contractual.

    Lastly, I asked Bow... as a rapper how does it feel to be the king of "106 & Park" and not "Rap City". He barked back, "I'm about making the ladies scream. I'm about making the ladies faint, throw their bras and panties on the stage. That's where I win at and people respect me for it."

    Read more of the interview in the Hip Hop News section on the main SOHH.com
    Watch him on Wendy Williams here and here.
    SOHH aside from the tracks we leaked, has anyone heard Omarion's cd yet? You can listen to it in it's entirety here.

    I prefer the shit he does with Pharrell over his stuff with Timbaland. Listen to "Obsession".

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    Timbaland Versus Pharrell In the Studio, Sean Paul in Times Square
    Wednesday. 1.3.07 8:26 am
    Earlier this month I wrote about meeting up with Omarion to talk shop about his new CD, 21. We've finally got some video footage.
    Omarion talks about working with Timbaland versus Pharrell in the studio, his older female fans and reuniting with B2K.

    SOHH it seems that Diddy might release "Last Night" as the third single from Press Play. The track has been added to his MySpace page and he has released a promo cd for it. If you don't already have it, get it here.

    Sean Paul is performing in Times Square at the Nokia Theatre for New Years Eve! If you are in the New York City area and want to attend the performance, email us at [email protected]. I'll be choosing two random local winners to attend the show.

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    East Meets the Midwest and the South: Remy Ma Poses Triple Threat...
    Wednesday. 1.3.07 8:24 am
    …Or a triple disaster. In a recent video posted by Crackspace, the “Queen of NY” said that she, FLA’s Jacki-O, and DTP’s Chicago native Shawnna have formed a group and are coming out with an album together.

    When asked about TS, Rem cynically sneered, “who is Terror Squad?” So with that said, I suppose this career move is a blatant attempt to announce her disband with the Bronx rap crew.

    I guess.

    I mean, Remy Ma is a good rapper. She spits her own shit, and the mixtape circuit loves her. However, her mainstream success has been nonexistent, so I would think that one would try and establish themselves as a solo act first before they try to join forces with other artists—especially artists that haven’t even moved 100,000 units themselves.
    Posted by SOHH Reckless at January 2, 2007 8:43 AM

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    Wednesday. 1.3.07 8:11 am
    What’s da deal Family?

    After recovering from my massive fuckin hangover and compartmentalizing the events of the Atlanta weekend I can finally give you a report on what went down in the “A” for the New Year.

    I’m sure by now everybody knows a certain distain I have for Jeezy but, I cant front homebody did his thing Monday night at the Compound. Atlanta’s semi elite were all in attendance. Usher showed his face, while Akon proved that he is the toast of Atlanta. The love that the ladies were giving him was unbelievable. All in all we did our thing this year. I usually go out of town but this year Atlanta showed me what’s its like to party at home.

    Frank Ski had his Bottles and Ballers event at Club 112. I didn’t attend this event but from what I hear to call it lame would be a compliment. I wasn’t there. I’m just reporting what I heard.
    My man Ryan Cameron held down his event downtown and I aint gonna lie. Ryan knows how to throw a muthafuckin event. From all the scattered ass walking around, to the spread (as in food) that was laid out, Ryan proved that he knows how to hold it down. It was damn near sensory overload for me.
    I didn’t make it to the A/X(African Exhange) event. However, my home girl, Sandra Rose, is reporting on her site.

    The party was well-attended by industry elite and beautiful people who wanted to make moves with successful African entrpreneurs. The next party will be even bigger and I'm told it might be a quarterly event.

    Atlanta's newest strip club Onyx has burned down. It was just last week that the Club hosted T.I., Tip, Trina, Young Jeezy, Big Kuntyry, Dro and the whole Grand Hustle camp for Chocolate Tuesdays.
    No injuries were reported Tuesday in the blaze at a northeast Atlanta strip club.
    Atlanta fire dispatchers said the two-alarm inferno was reported around 5 a.m. at the Onyx club at 1888 Cheshire Bridge Road near Piedmont Road. The club was closed at the time. The cause of the fire had not been determined.
    Word on the Streets is that Bow Wow is making BIG moves in Atlanta.

    With his latest album The Price of Fame recently hitting stores (Dec. 19), rapper Bow Wow is ending the year on a strong note.

    The rapper is taking his success outside of the rap arena with a new sneaker store and fast food franchise.

    "I’m franchising my own McDonald’s, I’m thinking about getting a little share in the Atlanta Hawks, and I co-own a sneaker store — Prestigious [in Atlanta]," the rapper told the Columbus Dispatch. "I just thought, "Why not make money on stuff that I love? "

    Bow Wow, a Reynoldsburg, Ohio native, paid a visit to his hometown today (Dec. 28), as he talked to youth at Barnett Recreation Center and participated in the Winter Basketball Invitational.

    The lyricist coached one of the teams against the opposing squad, which was coached by Columbus mayor Michael B. Coleman.

    Until tomorrow


    --SOHH Gyant

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    Young Jeezy Gets the Last Laugh For Now, Ciara Disloyal or Disgruntled? And Bow Wow Mania on BET's 106&Park!
    Thursday. 12.21.06 8:48 am

    Despite the unprofessionalism of Jeezy at the Tabernacle last week, and his much publicized radio rant with popular Radio personality Monie Love. It seems that people still wanted to fuck with the snowman as his sophomore effort came in at number one this week selling an impressive 352,000 copies. With unfavorable music reviews, a lackluster first single, and a diva like attitude to boot. Many thought that Jeezy would face his ultimate demise on the album charts with an incredible flop.

    Like Shakira’s smash single —“The Hips Don’t Lie”, usually the streets don’t either and the buzz on the street weren’t good for the former dope dealer. However, the young aspiring fashion designer can pop many bottles in celebration as he beat the sophomore jinx and came out on top.

    Though I have my opinions on Jeezy, which if you’ve been around lately—you’ve read how I feel, I am surprised and happy for him. Being in this business I can appreciate and commend anybody who stays on their hustle and can successfully seize the moment. With that said—congratulations Jeezy. Let’s hope you don’t experience a 81% nose dive like that other self proclaimed “best rapper alive”.

    In other related Billboard news…
    Somebody hit the sad music for Ciara. After making an impressive splash on the charts last week with Ciara: The Evolution, fans are slipping through the Aaliyah inspired singer’s little fingers. Her album plummeted a shocking 51% dropping 1-11 according to billboard. Could the noticeably absent Jazzy Pha have been the reason for the young starlet’s disappointing positioning this week. Who knows? But that’s what the streets are saying.

    Speaking of Ciara….

    Is Ciara Princes Harris – Disloyal or Disgruntled?

    I've been hearing about Ciara leaving Sho Nuff Records for some time now, but I haven't had a moment to write anything about it due to my hectic schedule. Word in the street is that Ciara has dumped mega producer, and Atlanta's own Jazzy Pha to gain more momentum in the pop world. When it became time for Ciara to start work on her sophomore album, I’m being told that Jive stepped up and forced a hostile takeover, snatching the “Oh”, and “Gooddies” starlet away from the ultra charismatic beat maker.

    Her latest CD, which debuted this month at number one on billboard, was noticeably Jazzy free leaving many scratching their heads in confusion. Why would Ciara not include the producer who single handedly thrusted her into the mainstream spotlight almost three years ago? There is speculation that Jazzy Pha may have become a professional liablity to Ciara. Others argue that he wanted more creative control of her future projects and inevitability more money. Though nobody's talking from Ciara's camp I am personally trying to secure an interview with Jazzy Pha to see what he's got to say about the matter.

    Ciara made her debut in the summer of 2004 with the Billboard number-one single "Goodies". The album Goodies was released on September 28, 2004. It produced three top three singles, sold 2.6 million in the U.S., five million worldwide, and earned various awards and nominations. Despite her success, none of it would have been possible without the "Rodney Jerkins of the South"—by her side. But after blowing up and becoming a household name she jumped shipped and moved on no longer affiliating herself with Sho Nuff Records.

    In a recent radio interview, Ciara was quizzed about her questionable and abrupt departure from the hit maker and his steadily growing music company. But, she refused to comment on any questions related to Jazzy, Sho Nuff Records, or their current relationship—leaving many to believe that she has chosen money, fame and a more established record company over loyalty and friendship. Is Ciara's decision to move on to greener pastures disloyal, or is Pha still financially profiting of the princess of crunk music? I don’t know exactly what’s going just yet. But, when I know trust and believe you’ll know.


    Bow Wow was on BET’s 106 & Park on Tuesday to promote that new album “The Price of Fame” Shit is getting heavy for lil dude. If anyone understands the business then you know that when an album comes out that’s when the shit gets hectic. I’m still working on gettin that interview with Bow. But in the meantime check out some pictures and his appearance on the show.
    Speaking of Bow Wow...

    Just as diamonds are created from carbon through intense heat and pressure deep beneath the earth's surface, Bow Wow -- listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest solo rapper to ever hit #1 -- has matured from a multi-platinum teen rap star into a full-fledged musical force with his fifth studio album, The Price of Fame, a journey inside the mind of a man who's grown up in the public eye, felt the pleasures and pitfalls of acclaim, and learned valuable lessons from the wealth of his experience.

    According to Bow Wow, who will be 20 in March 2007, this last year "was emotional and stressful. I felt like I was going crazy with things bothering me, and all this comes with being famous." Coming off of one of the busiest -- the SRO Scream IV Tour and top-grossing features films including "Roll Bounce" and "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" -- years of his career, Bow Wow wanted "to go in the studio and work because it's just natural. Every song is from experience. It's easy for me to do what I do because it is a reflection of my life."

    In celebration of the release of his new album, The Price of Fame, Bow Wow is teaming up with Photobucket.com for a celebrity look-a-like contest. Contestants can enter by sending their photo and the name of the celebrity they look like to [email protected]. The best entries will be featured on Bow Wow's MySpace.com profile (www.myspace.com/bowwow) using a slideshow courtesy of Photobucket.com. Two grand prize winners will receive an autographed copy of The Price of Fame. The contest will run until January 13, 2007.

    Bow Wow's new album 'The Price of Fame' In Stores Today!!
    Features the #1 single 'Shortie Like Mine' featuring Chris Brown

    Shortie Like Mine feat. Chris Brown (audio)

    Hip-Hop Quote of The Day...

    We used to talk about wanting to get some money, but that's when hip-hop was based on your dreams and your fantasy. The whole thing now is the dreams and fantasies were achieved, and you don't want to make it the focal point. You can't keep beating that dead horse.

    --Sohh Gyant

    I'm off to Miami for the holidays..But don't worry I still got you for Atlanta's Own tommorrow..

    Love you all like the big black fat man with gifts...


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