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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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I come without peace
Thursday, April 14, 2005
yes I'm IN school right now! I'm not even suppose to do this. Anywaz I'm pissed right now after what this dumbass did to me. He drank my water if ur wondering from MY water bottle. Scary! Volleyball coach listens to Hot 99.5!

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Greetings from school!
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
I'm currently in school trying to quickly finish this entry b/c the time is almost up for the Cyber Cafe. Long story short, we lost against Wootton on Monday and the boys won against Poolesville. I got that pest, Susan, to leave me alone and now she's bothering me again! ARGGGG! My Chemistry teacher got a sunburn and I called him a tomato. He does look like a tomato b/c of the bad sunburn. We have a game 2day against my cousin's school, Damascus! GO KNIGHTS! HORNETS ARE GOING DOWN! Scary how Susan is talking to me today! Does she not know what, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" means to her? She was talking to my ex yesterday. If she wants to go out with him then go ahead, I don't care. We're not going out anymore. If she's trying get us back together, it ain't gonna happen! We're done and we moved on. I won't warn her (if she goes out with him) that my ex hates annoying people. oh well...Ain't my problem! I have 5 minutes left and I'm gonna leave and hang out with Maroh, Arnold and Ramona. Oh well...Peace out!

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Volleyball Scheldule
Thursday, April 7, 2005
Monday 3-21-2005 Wheaton @ Einstein Coed 5:15/Boys 7:00 Win
Tuesday 3-23-2005 Northwood @ Wheaton Coed 3:30/Boys 5:15 Win
Tuesday 4-5-2005 Magruder @ Wheaton Coed 5:15/ Boys 7:00 Loss
Thursday 4-7-2005 Wheaton @ at Poolesville Coed 515/ Boys 7:00 Win/Coed: Loss
Monday 4-11-2005 Wootton @ Wheaton Coed 3:30/ Boys 5:15 Loss
Wednesday 4-13-2005 Wheaton @ Damascus Coed 3:30/ Boys 5:15 Loss
Tuesday 4-19-2005 QO @ Wheaton Boys 5:15/ Coed 7:00 Loss
Thursday 4-21-2005 Wheaton @ Blair Boys 3:30/ Coed 5:15 Loss
Monday 4-25-2005 Wheaton @ Seneca Valley Boys 5:15/ Coed 7:00 Loss
Wednesday 4-27-2005 PB @ Wheaton Boys 3:30/ Coed 5:15 Win/Coed: Loss
Monday 5-2-2005 Blake @ Wheaton Boys 5:15/ Coed 7:00 WIN/ Coed: Loss
Wednesday 5-4-2005 Wheaton @ RM Boys 5:15/ Coed 7:00 LOSS
Friday 5-6-2005 Kennedy @ Wheaton Boys 5:15/ Coed 7:00 LOSS

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hello everyone
Wednesday, March 16, 2005
hi every1! Sorry I haven't been updating lately b/c my internet server cut me off when I still have like more than a week left. I cancelled it anywaz. I'm currently at school right now and be lucky I'm not at the library. Anywaz nothing much happened between today and the last time I wrote except last Friday I was soo hyper and my NSL teacher called me a psycho! Last Saturday, I saw "Robots the movie" with my friend Felisito. Oh well! The Band Festival is coming up and the band is just about ready but we need an extra day or two. So far this week started off bad. It's like 2:38 p.m. and I'm still sleepy. My friend called me a vampire and being a vampire is cool and sucks at the same time. Monday I was literally blinded when this idiot thought it was funny to open the blinds. NOT FUNNY! It's bad 4 my eyes! Eye doctor said so too. Hey I found out last week that my ex might be bi! <--that's is him! On Monday during Chemistry, I accidently burnt my popcorn during a lab. It was funny but my group was pretty pissed at me. HEY IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! Oh well! I'll be back soon or once I get my internet back.

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AHHHHH! So bored!
Tuesday, February 22, 2005
I feel very pissed at the stupid lil munchkins! Those midgets threw something at my door! Why is every1 in my neighborhood bothering me when I never did anything to them?! What did I do? I don't remember doing anything to them. First, we were randomly targeted at and some dude broke into our house but he was beaten up by none other than my sis. Next, two lil midgets deliberatly set a shrub/dead bush on fire near my house. Now two midgets throws something at my door! This has got to STOP! It's driving me and my family crazy. To those lil midget and the whole neighborhood: Stop bothering me and leave me alone. This is driving me crazy! If u want to do pranks or activities, do that somewhere else but away from here. I asking nicely b/c u'll regret it if I turn to my mean side.

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hello ppl
Tuesday, February 15, 2005
wow so boring 2day. My friend was very pissed off this morning. I missed half of 2nd block b/c I went to some lecture about police recruitment thingy. The Career Center person was all pissed off at me when I didn't do anything! I told her that I had a person in my class gonna tell the teacher and she's all PMSing. Then I didn't know that she already signed my pass and she's all, "Why are giving it to me?". sheesh PMSing! http://www.freewebs.com/bad_blood_2day go check that out! It's a site created by my friend and I help a bit. My ex is driving me insane! He stares at ppl espically me. my favorite game of all time! No wonder I never go to the Career Center! I'm a vampire!

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