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Wednesday. 4.2.08 9:14 pm
I haven't updated in sooo long! Sorry...I have been soo busy with everything and my mind is just going crazy trying to make some kind of sense of things and organise my priorities. 2 weeks have probably gone and I haven't even had time to check Nutang.

Well..my 24th birthday has passed, it was also on the 24th March haha. It was ok..very low key this year just a gathering with my usual group of friends south of the river and a bbq and 'attempted dress up' party. There was no theme to the dress up, and people weren't very creative so it turned out pretty crap. Hahaha. Plus my birthday fell on Easter this year, which I thought to be strange because Easter is usually in April. I got a long weekend and lots of chocolate for my bday :p

My family didn't really do anything for me. I guess we are all grown up now not into that birthday cake celebration. It's ok...I guess... though I wish they would put in more effort to planning bdays and presents. Because it is just like any other day. It must be partly my fault because I'm not very high spirited when it comes to getting older, and that rubs off on people. They are like 'ok so she really doesn't care about it being her birthday, let's not worry about it either'. Sounds sad right? But I'm a big person hahaha, stupid birthdays!!!

I was just happy that Shelz came back from Pt Hedland and spent some time with me. We didnt have a good old chat as usual, it was hard to find the time cuz she was only down in Perth for 2 weeks and she tried doing the social visit to her family, bf's family etc. Gail has been trying to get F and I back on track with our fitness. She came over last night to show us a few exercises and even wrote out a meal planner. It was great, I'm really excited to get back into fitness. Even though I have gone back to being my post baby body I feel I lack any muscle tone. :/

I had my mid-cycle performance review too. My boss was happy and pleased with me, I was scared I may not be performing as well... bcuz this month I have recently felt overwhelmed as if I have not been thorough with my work. Once again it must be my 'reflector' learning style that stops me from giving myself too much credit cuz I like to really do a job well done, only then I feel I deserve credit. I'm glad my boss takes the time to go through the review properly and sees it as important, whereas some don't really give a shit e.g. "just fill it out and I'll sign it off" attitudes...

I will try and update more often, but now a days I'm more desperate in trying to find something interesting to say because my life is pretty much work, Sofia, home.

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Sick as...
Friday. 3.21.08 10:35pm
I thought I had this coming...sore throat on Friday morning. Runny nose all day at work on the counter, dizzy feeling and aching muscles... I have the FLU!!! So not happy about that because it is the Easter long weekend and I couldn't choose a better time to be sick! (Sarcastically speaking duhhhh....). I must have slept like 3 times today and I am still tired, I am also loaded up with cold and flu tabs so that could be why.

I just want to get better for the party tomorrow. It should be awesome, old buds, a few drinks, dress up haha. Can't wait! Yesterday night F and I went to Woolworths to grab some groceries for the party. My car has been seriously playing up cuz of the 2 front wheels need to be changed. I haven't done that yet, and instead used the spare tyre. On our way to the shops the wheel was about to come off! Literally! We stopped to check and the bolts were almost off! Stupid me suggested to put a smaller sized tyre on the front, when the rest of the 3 wheels are a bigger size. I know we are meant to buy a new car soon, but that plan has come to a halt.

I noticed there is a lot of different types of 'lolita' out there. I did my research on Wikipedia and found there is also sweet lolita, classic lolita, punk lolita, goth lolita, Wa Lolita etc. I think it is a very interesting fashion trend, that is probably sweeping through our Winter fashion today. A lot of ruffled shirts, pussy bow shirts, patterned stockings, full skirts with tulle, mary jane shoes. A few of you may not know much of the jargon...it's all to do with fashion haha. I like to ramble a lot about fashion and interesting 'side' trends. Some people interpret it to be 'sexual' but in actual fact it is conservative and cute. And I guess it is a type of cosplay cuz it derives partly from Japanese Anime, but has influences from the Edwardian, Victorian period.

Anyways enough of me jabbering away bout clothes and fashion, or I could be here all day :p HAPPY EASTER everyone!

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Work presentations, party planning...etc
Monday. 3.17.08 11:19pm
Look at the time! It is a work night and I am up again trying to finish the last bits of my presentation for my workshop tomorrow. I'm so buggered..it's been a hectic day at work too. Plus I brought work home with me!! GOD! What have I become?? I could have spoken about something interesting, instead it is dry subject about how to fill out a 'NICC' form. lol! I can just imagine my audience after lunch how
they will be falling asleep cuz I have the 1pm session. I just hate my powerpoint presentation, it took so long to write up...I think I will have more fun speaking and getting it over and done with!

Anyways besides work chaos I am planning my fancy dress party this Easter Weekend. I can't wait...well actually Gail is planning it for me and it will be held at her pad. Cuz she has everything for a party house, the bbq, the spin table, everyone knows the address by now haha. I'm so glad too cuz Shelz is back from Pt Hedland and I can't wait to hug her and catch up on good times. I really just want it to be a gathering and not so much a birthday party...cuz what's to celebrate about turning 24?

I will probably make F dress in something geeky, haha, he has a lot of Nintendo gear and Mario motif shirts and shorts to make something up haha. I like to have dress up parties cuz it stirs the creativity in my friends. Also I was deprived of dress up parties when I was a kid, and now it's time to make up for it. Ohhh how I can't wait til Sofia has a fairy party hahaha!! :) But at the moment I have a fascination with anything Gothic Lolita, cosplay or Japanese harajuku. Dunno why, it seems so fantasy like, cute, pretty, but dark and well...different. hehe. Sometimes I wished I had invested in a sewing machine to make my creations running around in my head. Plus to make cute costumes for Sofia, how delightful!!!

I'm so frickin tired now...just need a break. I definitely can't wait til Easter! I am sure it goes the same for you guys too hehe. YAY! Chocolates, yummmm...and long weekends. YES!!! Have a great week everyone!

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Thursday. 3.13.08 10:25pm

Tunnel ball victory!! (from left: Marie, Roz, Dale, Peter, Me and Mr.State Director - Paul)

DIAC got down and dirty yesterday hahaha...in regards to competition. It was a bright and sunny afternoon in Northbridge where we held our TAG (Team, Activities and Games) Fest at Russel Square. This year we went all out in dressing up in our team coordinates and playing for prizes. I thought we were going to get a prize for the best dressed but I think that was unannounced. Maybe because the events coordinator Rachel was missing, she was catching her plane to National office in Canberra instead. But she got us into our Green and Gold colours and in my opinion I think we should have won ;P

It was heaps of fun! It's was nice to get out of the office for half a day and be silly, laugh at each other and get away from our workloads. I just can't believe some people would stay in the office to finish work instead! Tsk tsk...where is that office morale? The team spirit?? If they don't want to compete they could at least cheer us on :/ Very dissapointed especially in the Evisa team...I think only 3-4 people came, and then plus SMU, was 12 people.

I competed in the tunnel ball, which really brought warm memories to mind about interschool carnivals during primary school. I used to be in the relay sprint event, leaderball and tunnel ball. It was awesome, we trained so hard. And for today we didn't even train at all and came first!! Other games of the day included 'thong' throwing, drag dress up, run with a water balloon on a wooden spoon race, cricket, eating doughnuts tied to a string with hands behind the back. It took all the seriousness out of my colleagues and myself, and we enjoyed seeing each other out of corporate attire. :)

To end the day we got free hot dogs and drinks...it was great!! :D We only hold this event once a year, and I think it should be every 6 months. It really makes us look like one big DIAC family hehe.

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Heinous predicament
Monday. 3.10.08 7:44 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Like a corporate ant?? Not!
Friday. 3.7.08 9:45pm
It was so bad on the counter today at DIAC, I ended up staying back til 5pm at work. I know it sounds like another whinging entry but it was honestly a crap day because we were low in staff at SMU (student monitoring unit). Marie was sick, Thals was busy in meetings, Dale had to leave at 1pm, and Peter who has recently left us to go to Citz. I just don't see why they would want to cut the numbers down in SMU!! Our workloads seem to have had a sharp increase in the past 3 weeks, I'm thinking we have FINALLY hit the peak.

But I was only on the counter today for 4 hours haha. I think I just had a lot of annoying queries from students who won't take no for an answer. I wish there was some automated service at the reception that says press this button and ask your question...the box shall tell all. Cuz by the end of the day I had gulped down my 1.5L of water and still had a dry throat. Urrrghhh...I think I just have to get out of telling boring information over and over again to people. I need some variety in my work, haha even though I have that now. But office work... *sighz* you can only do it for so long before it kills ya spirit. I had a 'working party' meeting today to develop ideas on the Wednesday Counter openings...it's like IT'S NORMAL! HELLO NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS! Why make a BIG deal out of it, consulting everyone, making sure no one has a BIG cry. It all seems so stupid in the end...cuz it creates whingers..

Dont get me wrong I like the people I work with, most of them have a warm heart...have outside aspirations, embrace life, do not think working towards being a figure head the most important thing in the world. Actually if I was offered a 5 I doubt I would jump at the chance... it's not something I feel is close to my heart...

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