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Tuesday. 7.31.12 10:53 am
Well , I'm alive.

My experience with the anesthesia:

Doctor guy: So Scott, what do you do?
Me: I work at a bank.

...then I woke up. No countdown that I could recall.

Back to work today. I am exhausted, and in pain. Oh, and I can't take Vicodin because I can't drive whilst under its influence. Hooray.

I can't wait until I can breathe normally.

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Wednesday. 7.25.12 10:40 am
I'm getting my deviated septum operated on tomorrow.

I'm mildly frightened. I don't like going to the doctor. I certainly don't want the anesthesia. Ugh.

Anyone had surgery before? What's it like?

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that bill.
Monday. 7.16.12 9:09 pm
it's hot in maryland.

i'm sitting in front of an oscillating fan, begging for it to take its time turning when it finally faces me. i could turn the A/C on, but who wants that bill?

the redeeming factor is that i got to watch a few episodes of bleach tonight, and am now watching breaking bad while folding towels.

i need to vacuum. i'll do that after this episode.

i taught myself "i want to know your plans" on the ukulele.

i'm going to lay down now. bye, nutang.

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Tuesday. 7.3.12 5:46 pm
my fingernails are quite long.

it's strange, i always seem to miss that "in between" part where my fingernails are just kind of long, and skip straight to the super long gross fingernails that must be clipped.

and so, i shall clip them.

i am learning Dirty Paws on the ukulele. actually, i'm just teaching myself it. i can mostly play it, but i can't sing the lyrics and play it. the riff is a bit complicated, and seeing as i'm not a real musician, coming up with a way to play it is quite difficult.

okay, i'm going to go clip my fingernails. bye.

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ice cream sandwich
Thursday. 6.28.12 12:31 pm
I am in possession of ice cream sandwich.

My phone is acting supremely now. :D

Now I can visit this site and look at all the entries in the shout box, and not just the ones that are visible without scrolling. Woohoo!

I saw Brave. It was awesome.

How are you guys?

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unique. / a lot of words.
Monday. 6.18.12 9:03 pm
this girl on facebook posted about how she was searching through pinterest for unique wedding ideas.

...if you are going to take an idea from pinterest, and then use it, then how is that unique?

thoughts? perhaps it's rare, or not common, but it's hardly unique. doesn't unique mean one of a kind? come up with your own idea, dude.


i am writing a story, and it's about 9000 words long right now, and i'm enjoying it a lot. i hope to write a whole book, but that's a lot of words. i'm not sure how many words a short novel should be. i'll just keep writing until i die, i guess.

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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