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I eat at night
and overuse "like a boss" + "stfu."

Me like.

Fine! Here: 941210. seventeen. canada. vietnamese.
i listen to slow melody / acoustic. 이승기, 노민우.
[email protected] major in environmental planning.
save the earth! don't litter.

Yummy sushi rolls

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Silence is the way

Now I'm officially 61~
Friday. 12.10.10 11:49 pm
With older age comes bigger responsibilities.

Time to look for scholarships for my age.

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I am such a loser
Monday. 12.6.10 10:24 pm
I only have $30 left in my pocket. Unemployed, and what am I going to spend this $30 on?!

A scientific calculator. (well, it's only $13)

Yeah, that's right. Not even a graphic calculator (I can't afford one), a scientific one.

This is just plain plain PLAIN sad.

I feel like crying in agony.

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Yeah, I feel like dying...
Sunday. 12.5.10 10:23 pm
Ugh, I caught a cold and now breathing is just painful.

I blame Canada and its dry weather D:

I can't even move. Well, except for my fingers which I am using to type right now... But that's beside the point T_T;;

Being sick is so inconvenient, I have tests to take! Oh, if only I was sick next week.. :( Being sick during winter break is probably not that inconvenient is it...

Is winter break two weeks or three?!

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When a man slaps a woman...
Monday. 11.8.10 4:07 pm
We had this discussion today in English class. One person said that in a relationship, there are ups and downs, and people fight to express their emotions. If a person refuses to lay their hands on their partner, that's just equivalent to giving it up, and not giving it a chance. Therefore, guy should lay their hands on a girl if they want to continue on with the relationship.

What. Duh. Heo.

Okay, I have never been in love, but if the guy lays his hands on me and I CAN'T lay my hands on HIM. There's going to be some serious issues going on.

Either you hurt me and let me hurt you back and we both get hurt together with the same amount of bruises, or you don't hurt me at all.

I'm not being a feminist, but c'mon... A man shouldn't hurt his woman. Yeah jokingly smacking their butt, sure (if they think it's okay), but slapping her across the face 'occasionally' or 'during a fight'? Control yourself =_= Hit a pillow or something.

Now if that's 'true love', fine. I'll let him hit me. Then when he's sleeping. I'm going to make sure ALL HELL GETS LOSE and that he is unable to retaliates a single kungfu karate chop that I learn from The Karate Kid and uses on him.

(I mean the new one since it's a mix between karate and kungfu... No?)

Mark my words, my future husband.

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