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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Tuesday. 8.10.04 3:01 am
moving house tonight

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update my news
Sunday. 8.8.04 4:56 am
Haven't update blog for long time. I am so tired, and sleep a lot, go to bed after school and wake up in the next morning.

We had discussion in Michael's class, a funny discussion, if we were not the cons. We couldn't use most of our information that we had perpared, because Lena was absent. It was fun that Jane's group prepared the first half of the question, and we perpared the rest of it. However,we can only follow their point and against because we are cons.

We had a guest lecture to talk on election in Australia, and class finished two hours early. We don't have class next week.
I need a new printer asap, Mike has lots of notes to print.

We had discussion in Ros' class, each group needed to analysis a sport news. It was fun, but I should spend more time to read the notes.

Hmmm ... what did I do on Friday?
I don't like Kevin, and I don't understand why Hugh said he is the only 'normal' teacher we have, fortunately, no one will agree with him, and I'd said he is the only abnormal teacher we have. (Notice: no quoation for abnormal.) Kevin is so fake to me, always pretend he is friendly, pretend he is easy-going; and made plenty of cool jokes. He is overconfidence, and perhaps he should go to Michael's communication skill class before he teachs, he definately needs to know what means communication.

Always sent email on Thusday evening to remind us bring certain stuffs on Friday morning, thought he made fun by saying "If you do not want to come to class tomorrow, don't bother to come!" Always shows interest and give comments to Jane and my earrings, well, I can give you next time, if you really like.

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no rest at all
Sunday. 8.1.04 7:28 am
Tired! Tired! Tired! Tired! Tired! Tired! Tired! Tired! Tired! Tired! Tired! Tired!

I've got two assignments and only little sleep for this week. I changed to sleep after dinner, wake up at 3 or 4am, start to work on my assignments, go to school. And it works well!!! A much better than working till 3am and wake up at 7am. However, I don't have enough sleep for both ways of sleeping shift.

I saw Ros on Friday for my assignment, and got just pass (5/10). Ros is a good teacher, even though she is strict, she is helpful, and I have more understanding to what I should do for the assignment. And she allowed me to focus on Les Miserables, but not comparing with two other musicals, as Les Mis is complicated. However, there is a big work to analyse Les Mis, a musical based upon an epic novel, theme on forgiveness, love and compassion, etc.

And I had listened to Les Mis many times for this homework, like the original London cast so much!!! I like Frances Ruffelle's Eponine than Lea Salonga, although Frances not singing good on other music. I like Lea's singing in Miss Saigon and Aladdin, but not Les Mis as she is belting the song, sounds like she is bitter and angre, and that is not what Eponine should be.

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who is that poor girl?
Tuesday. 7.20.04 11:26 pm
I really have no money!!!

See what I've got:

- $94.50 3G mobile
- $40.04 Gas Bill (after shared with my flatmate)
- $42.00 Home Phone Bill

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FIlm review for "Gandhi", plus a trip in Eastwood
Tuesday. 7.20.04 6:24 am
We need to do a film review for the movie Gandhi this morning, but I missed the first few mintues, as I was late. It was a little boring for the ending session, it took long time to demostrate Gandhi's contribuation to the Independance of India. We wrote the review after break, based on the notes we dropped. I have no idea of how to write a film review, and Michael didn't give us any guideline or example. I made up something to hand in, but I find I wasn't the only confused one.

An Australian actor called Gandhi taught us creative arts and acting skills in the last hour. I saw him few times on TV ads. He has sense of humour, and it was a fun session, so we run over time, and I was late to meet karen and Adarin in Eastwood.

They were at Eastwood Centre when I arrived. The apartments/units are expensive in Eastwood, as we are looking 2 bedrooms for $200 -250. There is one we like and least for $240, but we can only glimpse from the window, as we don't have chance to look inside. The angent from L.J. hooker said we don't need appointment for inspect this unit, and asked us to go there first, he'll come 10 minutes later. However we waited for 20 minutes, and decided to leave, because we find this unit has a large window (large enough to have a clear view from outside), is located on the ground floor and opposite to a forest, so we think it is not too safe for 2 girls to live.

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feeling sick
Thursday. 7.15.04 10:59 pm
The Comm 213 essay due this morning, and for who arrive later than 9:45am would count as late, reduce 10% of total. I was the third one arrived, later than Joris and Crystal.

I had a presentation with Crystal in afternoon, for Comm 212. We present the characteristic of a game http://www.geocities.jp/d_tsuma/fcbl.html, it was a story for a girl to find her head. The girl was holding a balloon at first, when she tried to look at the balloon, she find her head became the balloon, and she lost the balloon as she was shocked. We were the first group to present, because we want to leave early, and Donna gave us early mark kindly.

I felt sick and dizzy because of menstruation

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