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The hard questions
Wednesday. 2.13.13 4:44 pm

Formal chapter tonight. This should be fun.

I'm trying to get back into a regular swimming schedule. Unfortunately, my time during the day is split up into impossible chunks, and I can't stick pool time in there unless I want to waste valuable space on all the commuting overhead. Commuting overhead for swimming is obnoxious. It's too cold to walk to/from the pool in my swim clothes or flip flops, which means I have to change at the pool (and wear shoes on my wet feet, ick). On top of that, I don't really want to carry my swim clothes at school throughout the day, and after I swim I have to deal with the clothes immediately or they'll get moldy/make everything smell like bromine. Which means if I want to go between classes, I have to walk home, walk to the pool, swim n' junk, walk home, and then walk back to class. And I COULD do that, but I'd rather use my meager three hour break for eating, praying, studying, visiting friends, etc.

The other option is to go at night, after I've settled down - well, the pool closes at eight. And I have evening activities literally every day of the week. So that's out.

My last option: morning swimming. My weakness! But I must, or else I'll never be fit again. So now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to pull off getting up an hour earlier than normal (I already wake up earlier than I need to) and not break my fragile sleep cycle. I can probably avoid stupid-late nights a little better, but not all of those are my fault.

Zanzipal, tell me what you come up with for your nuts schedule. I'm thinking of starting with twice a week (because I am sadly and disappointingly out of shape) and working up to 3, and then maybe one more on Saturdays.

On an unrelated note, Red's album Release the Panic is pretty boss. I enjoy getting back into some harder rock and metal.

(HA! See what I did there?)

Now to make sure I'm all dressed up and stuff.

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Tuesday. 2.12.13 12:02 am
This post isn't about physics, it's about things about physics.

I had lunch with a pal today, and afterwards we had a pretty long conversation about hypothetical physics (yes, not theoretical, haha), scary movies, church, and brotherhood.

Then I had class, which you all can read about in my previous post, unfortunately.

THEN I helped out a fraternity brother with his brother's physics homework (don't ask). That was fun because it was easy stuff. He offered to pay me but I declined. Then we had a good conversation about girls and church and...well the man wanted to talk about a girl. So mostly that.

THEN I went to Bible Talk, which was neat, and afterwards had a conversation about hypothetical physics.

And then I studied the Bible with one of my friends.

Do you see the trend?

I tried to read Les Mis a little this evening. It was legitimately page after page of the author describing the political situation in France. This entailed short little nonsensical sentences about people I've never heard of doing things I can't decipher in places I don't care about for reasons I don't understand. I'm sure it would be very dramatic if I had the smallest inkling of what he's talking about but I don't.

So I'm going to skip most of it next time I think. Yes.



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Monday. 2.11.13 2:34 pm
Wow, what a weekend!

Friday, I went to that party. Then dinner on Saturday and last night was Winter Jam. I actually did stuff all weekend.

...so I don't want to hear all this "missing a day" stuff, ya hear? The filler post comment is spot on, though. I can't just sit here and fill you in on every mundane detail of my life. Not all the time, at least. And I''ve long since became too cynical to share most of my deeper ponderings of life on here. So you get the occasional pondering and splurge of detail.

Speaking of segues, this post is brought to you from my tablet! I generally avoid making long use of the on-screen keyboard, so I don't do a lot of writing with this thing. Just can't get used to it. So this is an interesting and slow experience for me! Feel honored.

Do it.

Also please forgive my typos, it's harder for me to catch myself.

Winter Jam was...interesting. Some of the music was definitely pretty cool. On the other hand...well. I appreciate ICOC events a little more now. It was just a weird atmosphere. Plus having a "pray Jesus into your heart" session with 15,000 people really out me off my mood. But I got to see Tobymac and Red and some other cool artists, so well worth the ten dollar tickets.

I'm in my sociology class. I hate humanities courses. I feel like all we do is take basic notions that most people should already have about society and give them fancy names and look at the numbers that prove (but never seem to disprove) them. You'd think that there would at least be some cool conversations, but generally it's pretty stagnant.

Plus this professor doesn't know the difference between correlation and causation. :x Is that too much to ask?

I've run into a wall with Les Mis. It is very slow right now, and not only do I have a displeasingly short attention span, but I ain't got no time for dat.

I'm gonna cut this short. Don't want to miss out on memorizing the name of some big-wig Sociologist.

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Sunday. 2.10.13 9:02 am
I didn't miss a day! I just missed a few minutes. I could easily define these posts as "one per sleep cycle" instead of "one per 24 hour period". That actually makes more sense, since I somehow seem to have 20 hour days. I'm still posting for every day. Leave me alone.


I think I'm going to Winter Jam tonight! Can't decide if I'm looking forward to an evening of awesome music and fellowship or dreading six hours of standing up. Probably both.

Either way, I'm being responsible by posting here BEFOREHAND so I know it gets done. Even if it's basically a filler post. Holla!

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