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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Hi, i'M Frostbitten. And i'M an Alcoholic. NOT!
Saturday. 4.7.07 10:42 am
listening to: Love Sex and Disco AJ

For the past few nights, i've been drinking.
So far i Only drank beer and wine with them.
My dad hates my guts but my mom && my uncles say it's okay as long as i drink in front of them and not outside somewhere (bwahaha like w/e).
He told me that women should not drink.
My mom was downing her own bottle of beer that time and looked at him. "Are you saying i shouldn't drink?"
Haha! My dad had to make up some lame excuses, even though he knew my mom won! We were all laughing, including my gay "uncles". [FYi, i'M living with my uncle and his lover. iT's been great so far. They allow me to drink! Haha]
And then i told my dad, "Trust me, Pa. I'm responsible."
And that shut him up.

They don't know i'm currently keeping a small bottle of vodka in my bag. Bwahaha
Last Thursday at lunch, i mixed that vodka with my banana Lol.
Delicioso. =P~

This Monday, i Have Bailey's waiting for me at my best friend's house. =)
My Paborito # 2. =P~

i Will NOT be an alcoholic.


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is in emo mode
Wednesday. 4.4.07 6:13 pm

i'm losing hope.
but i can't help it.
he's just stuck in my head for eternity!
now i hate him for this...
it's so hard trying to believe that you could have the dreams you know you could never reach. =(

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Aaahhh Nutang. :)
Monday. 4.2.07 9:03 pm
listening to: My Space Don Omar ft. Wisin Y Yandel

Aaahh Finally...
A day with no homework & all that crap i haf to put up with :)
What a lovely lovely night. :)
...To be spent on music & NuTang surfing mmmmm :)

i So cannot wait for the loooong weekend. :)
Yumyum. :)

iF you haf noticed, i Haf nothing to blog about. :)
Yumyum. :)

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Another Weh.
Saturday. 3.31.07 11:35 am
Another avatar weirdness going on?
And i was like what...5 days away or something?
Hope it gets fixed soon.

OMG i can't believe i put aside NuTang for sooo long. Stupid stupid homework. i Think i'm gonna develop homeworkphobia. :-S
i Am missing u guys sooooo super duper uber much!
But i have this Anthro essay i am currently working on. i Am lovin my topic - Same-Sex Marriage.
i Have so many connections to gay people. My mom's bestfriend is gay. Her ex-bestfriend is lesbo. i Live with a gay couple. My sis has had her share of lesbo relationships (Without the physical part, i hope...Please.) Sometimes i act gay, too. So hopefully this will be a cinch. Hopefully.

i Wanna ask you guys...
iF you feel as if something that happened isn't just a coincidence...like it was "meant" by Someone or something like that... it doesn't necessarily mean that rainbow skies taste like candy and that dreams do come true, right?
i mean, when you think that something was "meant" to happen, it doesn't have to "go somewhere", right? Or is there a big chance that it might "go somewhere"?

i Dunno. i'M acting weird again. Fuh that.

*Weh: Just a made-up term. More like a grunt or something lol.

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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