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Thursday, May 31, 2012
There laid a letter on my clothes hanger, which I read it amusingly.

I was shortlisted for the SSEAYP selection.

Tidbits: I have totally forgotten about the application until I received the reply.

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I donno know what u did in 2008
Thursday, May 31, 2012
Let me guess.

One of the questions you probably want to ask is how I get to know about SSEAYP (the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program).

I get to know it from a friend on one fine evening in her car. We were reflecting on the event we finished facilitating in November 2011 in Malacca. One of the reasons I volunteered for the past two years because I enjoy the program and able to meet like-minded youth. Another underlying reason is I get to travel and attend events for free. In short, it's my working holiday.

This friend, who was a SSEAYP participant in 2008, shared that I would certainly like SSEAYP since I like attending events and traveling. The program structure sounds interesting too especially 'going to Japan' part, but I really didn't give much consideration of applying since I was thinking of creating my own Japan ticket. And thinking of providing the materials to attach the form is quite... troublesome.

But she strongly urged me to apply, and seeing her confidence in me getting selected somehow changed my mind.

One of the reasons that deterred me from applying is getting the endorsement from my organisation. I was very confident that the director won't sign for me as I am a very low profile member. I was more active back in New Zealand than here. I guess being a choir member helps a lot in making me sound 'active.'

I was very, very surprised to know how easy it was to get the secretary-general's endorsement. I got it within 3 minutes.

I remember going back late to office just to get the endorsement.

I submitted my form a day before the closing date: 28 January 2011.

Tidbits: My confidence somewhat slipped when I placed my application in the box, because it was almost full. And that was only for HQ on 27 January. What about the other days and other branches?

It was scary to think how many other applicants are competing for the limited space.

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Monday. 5.14.12 9:34 pm
meow nutangers,

it's me. i open a new blog for my SSEAYP adventures. i will be transporting all the entries to here.

stay tune.


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