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Age. 34
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. A European Medley!
Location Radomyshl, Ukraine
School. Seattle Pacific Univ
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MySpace Date
Friday. 10.19.07 1:45 am
This evening, I went out with a guy from MySpace.

We went out to a Turkish restaurant, then hung out at Starbucks for a couple of hours. We have a lot of common interests, so it wasn't awkward at all, despite having never met each other before.

I had a good time, up until the very end of the evening, at which point I found out why you do not go on dates with guys from MySpace. I should have learned this lesson from watching "Four Eyed Monsters," but no.

Anyway, this guy drives me home, I give him directions back to the freeway, and try to hop out of the car fast enough to avoid kissing him. No such luck. So after a minute or so of very poor kissing, I bolt.

I haven't decided yet if this guy is worth training, or if I should just drop it now.

eh, time for bed.

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Cats in War
Tuesday. 10.16.07 6:48 pm
I found this article to be an amusing and unique perspective on the war in Iraq. Let me know what you think.

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Monday. 10.8.07 1:10 am
I was beginning to think I wasn't going to see Matt again.

We hadn't been alone together since my protest against phone fights, and I hadn't heard from him in over a week. But last night, just as I was going to sleep, he called me, not once, but five times in a row, until I got out of bed. He asked if I wanted to go to church with him the next day, then if I wanted to go get something to eat with him, since he'd been stood up by a group of his co-workers.

Of course, I knew this overture meant his girlfriend was out of town. If she was around, he wouldn't have any use for me. I don't harbor any delusions about our "friendship."

My justification for hanging out is that he did still have my shot glasses, silicone automotive lubricant, and feng shui books.

We got some Wendy's, watched some movies, and managed to avoid all forms of physical contact, despite sleeping in the same bed. We spent the morning lounging around his apartment, watching more movies, and observing the colorful inhabitants of Chinatown, before going to Croatia Fest at Seattle Center.

That was totally amazing, BTW. Pictures to come, I hope.

After church, he dropped me off without so much as a "see you soon" and sped home to the g/f, who will never know about any of this.

At least, if I were his mistress, I'd be getting sex out of the deal.

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Kids in the Hall
Friday. 9.28.07 7:03 pm
This year, I live in an on-campus apartment, so the floors are co-ed.

I love this for many reasons, but mainly because one of the guys in the unit across from mine never wears a shirt. I kid you not. I don't know if there's a shirt famine where he comes from, but I haven't seen him fully clothed since our hall meeting.

Oh, and he's a super-toned soccer player.

And oh my gosh he just sprayed some seriously distracting cologne.

Could he be more perfect?

Pictoral evidence may be neccesary, but how would I get away with that? And is it bad form to take pictures of someone whose name you don't know, if only for blogging purposes?

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Week One
Wednesday. 9.26.07 9:08 pm
It is soooo x 1000 great to be back at school, guys.

I was kind of worried about this quarter, what with having a new roommate and not taking any classes in my major, but it seems to be shaping up pretty well.

I work at Office Job on Tu/Th, and my classes are on M-W-F. Christian Theology (required at my school) is first, right at 8am. Waking up early kind of sucks, but the prof seems like a good guy, and it's a relatively big class, so I can get away with snoozing a little.

History of the Rise of the Islamic Empire is next, but not until 1:30 pm, so I plan on fitting in my workout, shower, lunch and some homework in between. The prof is a little on the dry side, but I can tell he has a lot of valuable experience to share. So far, all the material has been pretty introductory, but once the class picks up, I think it will be amazing.

Last, and naturally my favorite, is French. There are only nine of us, plus the prof, which is great, and I really feel like we're using the language more, rather than just learning it.


I am super busy though, which is a change from most quarters, so I'll have to make some time later this week to blog about my new roommate, new building, and new crush.

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The Moment has Arrived
Saturday. 9.22.07 11:22 pm
I'm finally in my new apartment!

I made a video tour for you, but I'm afraid I don't have any video editing software, or any skill with the camera... or any make-up. Small children, and those with weak stomachs should not view this clip. Some head tilting may be required.

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