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I can dream, right?
Saturday. 12.19.09 6:53 pm
If I was ever able to afford a studio apartment, imagine the empty space filled thusly:

A leaning desk by an open window. Perhaps with one attached bookcase.

A simple curtain wire over the window holding fabric fluttering in the breeze.

A side table by the front door with an ornate pillow for keys.

And that's all I've got so far.


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you guys are so obvious.
Wednesday. 12.16.09 3:29 pm
every time i approach a somewhat controversial subject, nobody comments. nobody.

guys, don't feel like you have to be stepping gingerly around the issues. there's no such thing as dangerous thin ice on silver's world. everyone has the right to their opinions and i keep an open mind about everything. when i post things up, i just want to know what you guys think about it. exactly that, nothing else. just those WORDS, no hidden meanings or assumptions.


now can someone please go to the previous entry and say something?

thank you,

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Serious Stuff.
Tuesday. 12.15.09 1:43 am
This may seem like just another overblown netizen argument about 'copycat-ing' or what not. Beneath the superficiality, prejudice/'competition' between asians, and national pride is the topic of identity. Take the time to freeze the frames of this video and take a good look at what modern young adults (who will shape our future) are saying. Think of how it relates to you or the people you know. It definitely opened my eyes. One thing I know for sure: I am NOT ashamed of my race nor will I ever be.

Take a look at this for ongoing intelligent discussion: Cfensi


This has actually even changed how I feel when I listen to Korean music. It's not just all fun any more, there's the slightest bit of discomfort. Even when listening to Gee! (Which I started to love because Zheng Shuang actually danced to it for a variety show and was so naturally innocent, sweet and cute while doing it. ^-^)

I posted this on Facebook through YouTube at 5am in the morning.
Btw, I'm pulling another all-nighter. =/ Oh, finals. Glad this semester's almost over.

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Back Online.
Sunday. 12.13.09 5:03 pm
@Lost: The leftover was tomato and beef over rice. =/ Eh.
@Nuttz: Oh, I did. I sent a 'neutral' email to both of them discussing/clarifying the situation very nicely like the good little girl I am. ^-^ By the way, the co-worker is a good...five years older than me.

If this experience without internet has taught me one thing, let it be that...I need a phone with email and aim capability, maybe internet(that's not very important).

How sad that I have become so reliant upon technology. I await the day technology takes over the world and humans are their slaves. But, alas, my school has become so technologically advanced that I cannot even get a paper trail. Darn it.

I really want a Google MyTouch. ;_; But I doubt I'm going to get one. It's frickin' four hundred a pop... My dad DID ask me if I wanted a phone for Christmas, but I don't want to ask for such an expensive phone. I'd buy it myself, but I need to pay tuition first. Plus, I might MIGHT move out.

At least I would no longer need to sleep in the same bed as my mother. >.> Oh, yes, you read it right. Correct-o. But my school is sooo close, I literally live on campus.

Ay, life.

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No internet!
Sunday. 12.6.09 1:49 pm
I'm at work which explains how I am able to put up this entry. Unfortunately, the situation is quite different at home. No internet = no email/nutang/FB/news/research = not able to send my paper to my prof and not being able to TELL her why I can't send it = hopefully not a bad grade. I have no idea when I'm getting internet back. Maybe I'll swing by Borders or B & N.

In other news: finals week is coming up. I believe it is next week. I still have exams other than finals this coming week. Hip hip hooray. I'm pretty sure I won't fail my classes, but a 4.0 is quite far away...

I came into work today and what did I find? My co-worker (who now shares the responsibilities I had back when I was full-time as I am now only part-time) has not started on any of my usual load. It's been two weeks (since we told her she's taking over). Thanks. My boss is not particularly organized and because of her disorganization and...letting it "slip her mind" about what I need in order to do my job...well, I cannot fully do my job. Great. Thanks for that, too.

I'm staaarving! *off to microwave last night's leftover*

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semi-chinese entry. i was pissed, now just annoyed.
Saturday. 11.28.09 5:31 pm

basically, i have an uncle here from california for the holiday. he's very...self-absorbed, arrogant, childish, immature--oh, why am i repeating myself? he acts like he's the king of the house. not surprising since he was the youngest son of four siblings. but seriously people, he's a grown man of (almost?) fifty. stop acting like that. have some respect for other people. stop acting like you're the center of the freakin universe. for god's sake, just because you're with family doesn't mean you can do whatever you want and there won't be consequences for your actions. oh, wait, there ARE no consequences when it comes to you. wtf? im the youngest in the family now, but i sure as hell dont act like you. it makes me angry because he's so...i can't respect him and because i dont, it makes ME look like bad kid because i'm not respecting an 'adult'. wtf.

so my mom decides to scold me for it and he starts grinning and trying to join in the scolding. im like, YOU want to teach me about respect and how to be polite? (YOU?! are you friggin kidding me?!) aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

and come on, ma. you were the one who did me wrong today. you guys know (at least those who have read my blog for a while now know) how she is. she did it again--i dont really want to talk about it. just because you're an adult and a mom doesnt mean you can do whatever you want and not have to be responsible for your actions. she's always used her being my 'mom' as an excuse to get away with ANYTHING.

for goodness sake, the world DOES NOT work that way. or at least i believe it shouldn't. >.> mothers should be mothers, adults should be adults. but who said the world was fair? this is where my chinese comes in from above...

"I don't understand. Why can't adults take responsibility for their wrong doing(s)? I was wrong, you were wrong, he was also wrong. Why does everything have to be blamed on me? Is it really so hard to say 'I'm sorry'?"

I'm pretty sure I got some verb tenses or something wrong in the Chinese. Hell, I'm just an ABC(American Born Chinese). Without proper training in Chinese, too.

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Black Friday
Friday. 11.27.09 2:40 pm
There's so much I want to buy. Alas, I cannot go. I have chosen home + work over shopping. >.< Well, at least I gave my try to ask my stupid uncle to buy 2 things for me: headset for skype/recording and an outlet adapter for my ipod shuffle. There's more I want but he's soooooo cheap, it'd be a waste of a text to tell him what they were. =( Goodbye items of my dreams...


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Eye, eye, cap'n
Tuesday. 11.24.09 8:59 am
That reminds me, I wanna eat Cap'n Crunch.

Anyhoo. I woke up with one of my eyes swollen shut. I freaked out. I thought my eye might be messed up for good. I was so scared. Both eyes were blurry at first, but one started clearing up way faster than the other one. The one that didn't seemed to have some obstruction blocking my view. Do you know how scary that is? It's fuckin' scary, that's what. Especially when I went to the bathroom and splashed cold water everywhere and I just couldn't see through that eye. It scared the living daylights outta me. I put my finger on my eyeball and I could feel it was rough and bumpy. That's not how an eyeball should feel! Freaked me out even more. But then eventually, I was able to remove the obstruction and now I'm just swollen.

I was supposed to have a presentation this morning. Obviously I couldn't make it. Contrary to my Asian mother's beliefs, I doubt I could have dared crossing the street with blurry watery swollen eyes. I'm glad I didn't try. My eyes are better now, but I doubt it would have been in time for class. My first is already way past half over. I only have two classes today.

Ay...back to bed. Hope for the best = not so swollen by the next time I wake up.

Btw: I didn't sleep until 5am working on that presentation / proofreading the papers of two other classmates also due today. Great how that worked out for me.

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