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Age. 27
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life sucks
Wednesday. 9.1.04 4:53 pm
Tennis sucks
Boys suck
School sucks
Friends suck
My slow computer sucks
The neighborhood I'll probably move to sucks [ghettotastic]
Life-in general- sucks.

Let's start at the begining of the day. Or, even the last two days. It rained. That means, oh joy, we get to stay in town and not at home. Fun. So we stayed in the nasty apartment outside of my M and D's house. [they're my grandparents on my dad's side] For the last 2 nights. So, we were driving around 4oth and 38th street, just seeing if Scott happened to be outside of his house [two blocks away lol], when my mom starts going this is a horrible neighborhood! And I was thinking, 'ghettotastic ghettotastic!'

That was last night. Today. Fun. Evan's still bragging about it. The cutting. And it's driving me fuckin' bonkers. He's pissing me the hell off! Plus- well, just tell me if you agree with this-

When you like someone, you tend to think they like you back, even if they really are staring at you cuz you've got a bugger hangin' out your nose. Wendy likes Will. Who cares if she won't admit it. Ali likes Will. At least she admits it.

Wendy's pissin' me off. 'Laythe was starring at me!' 'Will was starring at me!' 'Scott was staring at me!' 'Cody was staring at me!' When she knew me and Ali liked those guys. No, she never knew I liked Cody or Will [no one knows about Cody, and only Brooke knows about Will, I think Ali forgot, or else she wouldn't tell me, cuz she gets pissed off when people start liking the same people that she or her friends like.] but she knew about Scott and Laythe and even if she didn't like them then she still said that. And she said that when she knew Ali liked Cody and when she knew Ali likes Will. She's being a jerk. A big fat jerk.

post more later



Ok, it's later. At tennis, the stupid coach was like, 'This year we've got a group of talented young seventh graders, so you need to practice,' basically told me I'm untalented with tennis. Well, I found a solution, besides quitting, to help me. I have to be singing a song in my head, and I hit the ball. Keeping my hair back might also help with my sight. lol.


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Tuesday. 8.31.04 4:25 pm
Ok, I had to make a new entry, as the last one, though just a few minutes before this, was an awfully sad entry.

Well, there's over a 75% chance I might get a house in Lu****k [protect the innocent, such as me, lol] that's only a few blocks away from Scott, and only ten blocks away from Taco Bueno! Life is GOOD!


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the whole story
Tuesday. 8.31.04 4:21 pm
Yes, the whole one...

Evan. He cuts himself. He won't stop. He actually brags about it. He freekin' brags about it for Gods sakes! He's being retarded. *glares*

Will. Cuts himself to, worse than Evan. He thinks everyone hates him. Totaly retarded. But Liegh Ann says he has a huge gash on his leg. Awful, huh?

I want them to stop. I really really really do. They are some of my best friends. And it's killing me to know that they're killing themselves.


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Saturday. 8.28.04 2:43 pm
omfg i dont even wanna talk about this but i know i have to evans gonna kill himself will cuts himself theyre my best friends i dont want them to die there would be no reason and its my fault if evan duz cuz i was pissed at him and i told him i hate him and now he thinks everyone hates him so hes gonna kill himself and will omg i just couldnt live if they werent and omg im so scared plz someone help me plzplzplz ly hannah

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or maybe not
Thursday. 8.26.04 5:29 pm
Well, I guess my convo with Will after school explains it all:

Will poked me.

I turned around.

Me: Hey! Will, come 'er!

Will: Hey!

We give eachother a high five

Me: Do you know what zap is?

Will: Uh, yea.

Me: Well, we were playing and they made me look, so I had to ask him out, and he said no.

Will: He said no?

Me: Yea. But oh well. We're still good friends.

Ok, in other news... Leigh Ann likes, Evan, Evan's gonna break up with Ali tomorow *shhh dont tell!*, Aaron B**** hates me and Ali, I think, and my monolouge for Theatre's retarded. In other other news... I like Scott still, but he doesn't like me. Oh well... Life goes on...


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Wednesday. 8.25.04 5:21 pm
I luv Zap It's the best game I've ever played in my life. Observe;

Write any random time you want on the back of someones hand. Then, write the name of anyone of the opposite sex on the palm of there hand. Proceed to making sure they dont look before the time on your hand. If they are cought looking, DUN DUN DUN! they must ask the person on there hand out.

I was forced to look at my hand. Scott.

So, I asked out Scott, but I was like, 'You know it's just Zap, so I'm not really asking you out.'

And Ronnie was like, 'Even though she does want to.'

And Evan, 'So, is it a yes or no?'

Scott: I dunno

Evan: Yes or No?

Scott: Maybe!

Evan: IT'S A MAYBE! Yes or no?

Ronnie: [taking out quarter] Heads or tails?

Scott: Heads

Ronnie: [flipping quarter] HEADS!

Scott: O, there's my grandma. Bye!

Me: Are we going out?

Kind of shortened but basically, yea. So, are we? Maybe. Maybe not... Who knows. I don't wanna go out with him if he doesn't like me, and I won't feel good knowing I was the one asking him out [don't ask why, I just won't.].So, yea. Maybe... =]]

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