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>>>>My Profile

>>>>Name: Ho Yeow Tuck (Tommy)
>>>>Age: 33+
>>>>First Cry: 13.10.1983
>>>>Gender: Male
>>>>Occupation: Front Counter Staff
>>>>Hobbies: Love to try out new things
>>>>Email: [email protected]
>>>>Movie I Love: A lot (as long as they have interesting storyline)
>>>>Songs I Like: Too Many
My Goals
- Earn $$, Save $$

- Loss Weight

- Find a Miss Right that I love and love me too
Items I wanna get before End of 2017
- More Savings and Savings

- My Driving License (shd I?)
My philosophy in Life
My philosophy in Life:

Time never stop. Life goes on no matter what you do. Memories are the most precious thing in life, it can be permanent. You cannot leave everything to fate. You must believe in yourself, fight for yourself!!

Have faith in yourself and give everything a try. Treasure every air you breath in and make it worth.

Have a target!!! If you can dream about it, you can work on it.
If you think about it, you can reach it.


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Music Station
My Updates
Tuesday. 7.29.08 11:24 am
It had been a long time since the last time I blog. There had been so many happenings in my life that I donno how to type it in word. Laughter on my face but sorrow and pain in my heart. Holding on to the steering wheels and yet to control my directions.

In the past, I always said: " You could do anything if you set your mind to, man!"
Now I laugh when I think of what I said in the past. "To be or Not to be, that's a question!?" ..haha..perhaps it shall be "Can do or Cannot do, that's the consideration."

There are so many things that I want to achieve and do but dare not make the first step. Timid, Coward so whatsoever names that you wanna call me,I don't care. I have too much preserve and I think I need more time to think about it. I still feel the Opportunity cost is too much for me to step out. For friends who know what happen to my family, thank you for your concern. Special thanks to tf, shawn, kurt and ida for visiting my dad the other time. My dad condition is consider stable as compared to that time. Also thanks to others who accompany me during that period. Without you all, I might be in a depression state. A million thx. I'm Okay now,More Mature? I guess. Everything is under control, I think. Haha....:D

Just hope that life and everythings get better. AnD Best Wishes for those who fall ill. Cheers!

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Long Entry
Saturday. 8.25.07 6:33 am
Friends out there, how are you?? Miss me?? lol.....Haven't been update my blog since March 07.

My update::

Finally Ord on 020607!!!! Pretty cool.
-->My first thought after Ord is that:" I finally gotten my Freedom but "Madamada desu" (not yet), more trouble came!!!!" Headache @#$#

--->My first mistake is I sent too few resumes which caused me to deny in jobs interview. It took for about one month to have a job....My dear friends who have not ORD, if you think that you have all your time to look for job, u are very wrong!!!! START TO SENT YOUR RESUME NOW!!!

----> My second mistake is Financial ill-prepared. Without much saving, money tends drained out fast, especially for transportation. (Singapore transportation is not cheap). Haizz....

More Updates

--> Jia Yang had went overseas for further study, best of luck to him.

---> Finally, I found myself a job as a financial consultant. It is an ideal job which not only can help myself but also the others. Took another 2 months to finish all the necessary exams...Cool!....but expensive....

Pretty tired now, will continued to update more. Good luck to me for my job.

P.s. Friends who need financial analysis (FOC), protection, savings or Investment scheme, please feel free to call me and ask more. Cheers

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Thursday. 3.22.07 11:11 am
Finally, I have time to update my blog

Like wat I mentioned in my last entry, I had been very busy with my duties in army...

Guess it will make no different for the coming month.....haiz.. tough life I'm leading for a person who is going ORD in two month time....

So wat I'm been doing for the past one month?? Here its goes..

--> Chinese New Year
This is my 3rd time having my chinese new year in Singapore.
Well, Singapore is still as boring as ever during Chinese new year, hardly seen any shopping areas operating. For food outlets, eg: coffee shop, the foods will tend to increase the selling price by 30 cents.....

-->Spear time
Been reading projects which I had done in Singapore Poly, think it is the best way to get back some of my knowledge which I had learned.
I'm also been studying in some enrichment courses which army is offering.

--> Others
Just finish celebrating qie mei brithday last Sunday with ting feng, jia yang and friends, @ silso beach.
It had been the first time I had been to sentosa since poly graduation. Had fun but somehow I had no talent with beach ball. The ball just "fly" out from my hands.
Yesterday, I had killed a wasp (around the size of one inches) at my armyplace while it is happily building its nest right at the door of my office. I had no choice but to kill it or else I will have a bad time worrying how to enter and exit my office. It is a extreme dangerous and challenging task. No one can figure out how long its string is....when it is killed, its body is being carried away by ants....god bless...Hope I don't have to do this kind of dangerous stuff again.....

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Summary of my 2006 and advance for 2007
Friday. 2.9.07 1:24 pm
It has been a while since I last updated my blog, no excuse, a lazy man, I am.

Summary for Year 2006

- Saving - > None
- Girlfriend - > Nope
- My achievement - > None ....er...maybe yes......thanks to my bigger spare tyre

Had been slacking in year 2006, most of my time is contributed to duties @ Army while the rest I spend it in my dream world.
Beside the above, I do have some entertainment like going out with my dear friends; and watching movie and VCDs.......

The latest korean series I watch is Êíͯҥ (Song fof the Prince)
This is an interesting show about how a lost prince learn about his past and get his way to seize the throne from his evil uncle. Beside fighting over the throne, This show also involve how two loverbird from enemy countries get together. "Song of the Prince" loosely based on a famous childhood song, Ballad of Suh Dong. It doesn't follow the original storyline. Probably 5% history and 95% fiction.

Okay, enough of the Korean show, the latest anime I watched is Yu-Gi-Oh!. I believed a lot of people should know about this popular anime or perhaps card game. This anime came in 5 seasons. Had been trying to reach Youtude and watch most of episodes.....haha....seen my wallpaper, there is the dark magician girl and dark magician from Yu-Gi-Oh!, pretty cute, right?

And that end my 2006 and should there be a scoreline, think that I will not be graded for my boring lifestyle.

For year 2007, Iife seems to be more "interesting".

- I had paint my house with my family....hehe, i paint my room blue;
- I customized my blog and start my blog entries again;
- I completed a 1000 pierces Micky Mouse Puzzle;
- I quitted warcraft (err...at least I haven't played for 2 months);
- I gotten a new MP4;
and I gotten most of the unlucky stuff in army that most of the people don't get.

Watz more? I'm going to ORD in this year 02 June. I am really tired with my army life. When I think that my army life is bad enough, the worst is yet to come!! For next month, I might get 10 duties due to shortage of manpower... (20 days gone)

Haizzz....Good luck for me for the rest of 2007 and a pre happy valentine day for all couple....cheers

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The happenings around me
Sunday, September 24, 2006
Haha .... did not blog since 040906....a lot of happening......

At workplace

--> still a tense place to work in

--> New guy had just posted in........named lionel, a very nagging guy.....alway ask same question, donno got pay attention to what i said and taught......


Had just attented my friend's wedding which occurred yesterday.........a very happy moment.

Set aside Lawrence's wedding, this is the 'second' friend wedding which I attended.

This is my poly friend wedding.....the couple is Kelvin and Kit, quite touching to see them moving on to their next stage of life.......haha, really envy the young couple.

Besides the food the restaurant provide, really enjoy the atmosphere there. See a lot of poly friends there, most of them still remain the same, as playful as ever but some had grown more mature, emmm.... can sense it.......

Also heard a stocking new that one of the couple i know had end their relationship, pretty sad......

Someone once told me, "If you found someone who is your right man at the very first time, it means the god loves you a lot, or else he will let you meet some wrong one before you find your right one."

A very good luck to my friend there....may he find the right one soon and this goes same to me....cheers

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Heart Breaking news
Monday. 9.4.06 6:37 am
CAIRNS, Australia - Steve Irwin, the hugely popular Australian television personality and conservationist known as the "Crocodile Hunter," was killed Monday by a stingray while filming off the Great Barrier Reef. He was 44.

This was on the news, one of the entertainment headlines today. That was heartbreaking, have been watching all his show since young. To me, he is a very brave and funny guy. It is cool to have someone introduce the environment to us, to know the earth better, a pity for him to die so early.

A moment of silent......

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