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[Haircut and Ball Photos!]
06/08/08 11:04
I am...

feeling: Happy
watching: Nothing

Yus... I was supposed to update this a while ago but forgot haha! Anyways, I cut my hair again (yes, I cut my own hair and have been doing for the past year or so now =3) last tuesday evening, during Sparks week ("why haven't I put the photo up yet then?!" you ask? Because I'm a lazy, forgetful cow that's why! And lazy and forgetful are a deadly combination =p) and thought I'd share the photo with you guys :)

This is my hair now. I didn't take this photo, it was taken during a picnic to the park with friends from school, another reason why I didn't update the photo til now, aside from pure laziness and forgetfulness:

And I just realised I never showed you guys any of my ball photos did I? =O Here are a few (and you can see the difference in hair too)! ^_^

Mary and I

our table

outside Tanya's house before setting off to the ball!

Amy and I

Me, Jamie, Tanya



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[I Feel...]
03/08/08 09:30
I am...

feeling: Productive, yay!
watching: Nothing

VERY productive today!!! And it makes me so happy! In fact, this whole week I've been doing more than just sitting in front of my beloved computer <3 (although of course, I have had a few hours on it every day to satisfy my fanfiction cravings!)

This week I've been going to a thing called Spark in the Park, an event that went on for a week, arranged by the churches in Coventry primarily for children aged 5-12, although of course, people of all ages welcome! It has activities for them from 1:30-4pm and then a spiritual session around 2:30pm-ish with evening sessions from 6:30-8:30pm on Weds, Thurs and Fri.

Really good to help kids/people have fun but also learn more about God. It was such a success <3 But yeah main reason I went was to help out Winwin and Ali who were volunteering (I would have done, but missed all the sessions for it so yeah =/) ^____^

So on Monday, I wasted time, but on Tuesday I went to Sparks, then had a picnic with schoolfriends on Weds then went to Sparks again in the evening, Thurs was raining, so stayed home again and got myself hooked on fanfiction--again, then went to Sparks again all day on Friday ^_^

Yesterday I worked again. There was so much food left over, yay! So we were allowed to take home some as well. I took home a load of desserts for my family: Tiramisu, chocolate cake, strawberry...something-that-looked-utterly-delicious-and-tasted-just-as-good, so... yeah ^_^

Went really well :D And today, I'm going off to play badminton in a bit, then going to town to meet up with the Youth Group, give or take a few people, then off to Chinese Church, although only to say hi cos we're all going to the final Spark celebration at a different Church nearby :)

And I should be getting my next paycheck on Tuesday hehe yay! <3 I'm so happy :D

On a final note, I have managed to convince another friend of mine to join NuTang :D I think he's going to pretty much use his NuTang a lot more than some of the other RL friends I've dragged on! He's going by a pseudonym of Michael...something. Go say hi to Portal if you haven't done so already! :D

He joined a while ago actually, just never got round to sorting out his NuTang properly x] Now he has, so I'm making a formal introduction.

Okie, dad is doing karaoke downstairs and calling us down to sing Sound of Music. I'm only too happy to oblige, if only to stop him blasting out his voice all over the house via our massive speaker system. See you everyone! :D


p.s. 5 DAYS TIL THE OLYMPICS <333 I'm so gutted I can't attend ;_________;

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28/07/08 22:50
I am...

feeling: Good?
watching: Nothing

Okiesss so most of you know how much I need a job, yus? Yus... well, I managed to get a temporary waitressing job :D Well, I was a waitress for a wedding on Saturday because a friend of mine recommended me for the job, so yeah! And now she's asked me to be waitress for another wedding this Saturday too, so yay! ^_^

Thing is, though, she doesn't do them very often, so will call when she needs my help, but otherwise it's not something I can live off.

That being said, I'm looking for a waitressing job on campus atm and have just handed in my application today after putting down details of the waitressing I did during the weekend with a reference person! So hopefully I can get a job! :D The lady said she'd give me a good reference, so yay! ^_^

Oh, I have 7 invite codes now... probs got more after I gave another out ^_^ He's started doing something with his page already, but it's still taking a while to code for him, I'm a bit lazy busy to help so yeahhh, he's doing it on his own. I'll give a formal intro once his page is up and running! :D

About my posts tagged 'ficlet', well, I guess it's a little ficlet I'm putting together, written in the first person perspective based on... experiences (not necessarily personal)? x] Haha, well, whatever...! It seems a little depressing, eh? Very angsty. But that's life! ^_^

Rightyo! Oh! I think I will also collect my money soon :D I'm so poor... TT_TT



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[A Pinch of the Past]
26/07/08 00:22
I am...

feeling: Numb
watching: Nothing

I was looking at photos just now, of you two, just to see what I'd missed and what I will be missing.

Wow I've missed a lot.

And as my tears silently fall, I feel my heart becoming numb.

Slowly getting used to the fact that we would never share these moments together as a first for you.

Slowly coming to understand why she meant so much to you, why you were so reluctant to let her go.

Like you said to me before, what makes a couple stay together, if not for every experience they've shared together that makes it so special to them. I know you wouldn't have wanted to lose her, given the choice.

I've seen how much you've experienced.

I'm still seeing how much you've experienced.

I found a video, but I could not bring myself to watch.

The photos are endless. Why did you give me that website?



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[I Can't Pretend...]
24/07/08 23:19
I am...

feeling: Defeated
watching: Nothing

...that I wasn't disappointed when you told me you went and took purikura with your friends today. I can't pretend I wasn't upset that one of the only things that could have been a first for us, you went and did with a bunch of other friends.

I can't pretend the news didn't piss me off and make me want to go off and find someone else to take purikura with instead.

I can't pretend it didn't remind me of when T did the same, although admittedly, that could have been my fault. However, this time... I know you said you offered to take some with me when we were in London, but at the time I had very little money and we had very little time.

Actually, I tried to hint if you could pay for me since I'd spent about £100 altogether on two trips to go see you and I have very little money, after all, we were supposedly together, but you didn't take the hint.

Then I find out today that you went and took some with other friends of yours. It's not as if I hadn't bought up the issue of having firsts together with you before and now a chance has gone, just like that.

It's not enough to have you comfort me online or over the phone. I think I don't want to speak to you for a while now. You were already treading on shaking ground and now it's falling through. It's not the same as you being here, but there's no way you can be here any time soon.

And I wonder if it's still worth it...?

Being away for so long right at the beginning is just...

You leave me speechless with sorrow, please don't call me tomorrow.



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[It Seems...]
19/07/08 16:18
I am...

feeling: Unproductive
watching: Charmed =3

...that I'm just sitting at home doing nothing all day!

Which really isn't true--I have a million things I could be doing and a million things on my to-do list, but I haven't got the motivation to do them for some reason! I'm just sitting here surfing the internet and watching Charmed all day =_=;;

I wanna do some Chinese reading, Bible Study, music practise, make a new layout, build a new website--all these things, but I don't have the motivation to do them! It's really getting quite stressful.

Not that I don't love Charmed and all, but... bleh! >_<;;

Oh and I'm also playing piano for tomorrow's worship at Church and I haven't so much as looked at the pieces I'm meant to be playing. Oh dear :( You know what? I really want a job.

I really need a job to get me off my lazy arse! I reaaally want to be productive. ARGH. >=(



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