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PS3 sells for 30K
Friday. 11.17.06 1:37 am

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I dont want an Iphone, do you?
Friday. 11.17.06 9:56 am
I dont want an Iphone, do you?

AppleInsider reports that Foxconn Electronics (a.k.a. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd.) has received an order from Apple for 12M iPhone handsets, that it will ship unlocked, equipped with a 2MP camera and even that iPhone could add 22% to Apple's earnings for 2007.

The iphone only has a 2mp camera?? My razor has 3mp and a 4x zoom. I dont want an iphone I dont even have an iPood. Anyone thinking about buying one?

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Back to work
Friday. 5.4.07 4:25 pm
Well, my back is all healed and I am now ready to go back to war, I mean work! I am not too enthusiastic about it but I am ready. I have had a nice long break. I even began slacking on my school work as well. I guess I was so over worked that I was enjoying not doing anything at all.

So today, I am off to the dentist for two hours. I do not like going to the dentist therefore when I do go, they have to get everything done while I am in that chair, because once I get up, I am not coming back for another year!! ha ha!

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I will visit your blog
Wednesday. 4.18.07 10:07 pm
I try to visit your blogs at least once a day. I know that I dont always leave a comment but that does not mean I am not reading or stopping by. I just try to visit as many blogs as I can during the day and also to visit the blogs of everyone in my friend list. If I do not leave a comment, please just know that I was there... :)

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Hybrid DVD/PVR Player
Saturday. 11.4.06 2:41 am
Here is a nice new nifty gadget. Read the article below. With a huge hard drive like that, why would you need to put it on your computer?

In response to the rapidly growing PVR/high-def market, Lite-On has released a hybrid DVD-RW and PVR. The HD-A970GX comes packed with a 320GB hard drive that can record 70 hours of high-quality video. The player records using DivX codec, so it can easily be ported to your computer or personal media device. The device can also upscale analog video to 1080p video for HD viewing.

Lite-On's device also can record directly to dual-layer DVD and features the full array of connectors, including HDMI (cable included) and optical audio out. You also get front firewire, composite, and S-Video connectors to plug in your digital/video camera. The whole box is controlled by a simple graphical interface, according to the company's website. No word yet on pricing.

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XBOX 360 for 100 bucks
Sunday. 11.26.06 10:01 pm
Remember I told you that amazon.com was selling the xbox 360 for 100 bucks. Well, they did it and made good on the deal too. Now you can find these lucky winners cashing in their big bucks on Ebay. They were selling 5 consoles for 2500.

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That damn "Happy Feet:
Sunday. 11.26.06 10:41 pm
That damn movie made me cry. I had to view it for what it really was and that is another reason for liberals to make humans feel guilty for everything; like cruelty to animals and next they will blame us for global warming. Most of all, penguins DONT sing or dance!

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Your name on toast
Saturday. 11.18.06 12:09 pm

This husband and wife team are actually opening a business writing YOUR name on toast. Kind of hard to believe isnt it? Well it is true and they are very optimistic that their idea will make them some nice pocket change. "hooray"

Doesnt bread get stale? Can't I write my OWN name on my toast if I wanted to. Why would I pay you for that??

You can actually comment on their blog as well..

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