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Monday, September 29, 2008

In the eye of the hurricane
The little ones looks the same
The sacred and the profane
Walking the line between the sane & insane
So different yet so alike,
A smile that hides the pain
All they want is to break the chain
No more emotional drain
No more mental drain
Donít be a runaway train
Time to bear up under the strain

Crying in the rain where
Tears fall like rain drops
All we saw was a soft summer rain
The hidden messages left unsaid
Questions still remain
A sense of dread
Prayers left unanswered
Like burning candles in the rain

Itís the time of the year
Where good Samaritans , pour their affection
To help the needy to gain strength
Strength that comes from knowing
Lead feelings to keep growing
and the little hope to keep them going

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Monday, September 29, 2008

I suppose its all my fault for not wantin to hit the sack early last night and allowing Basshunter to hypnotized me with his beautiful euphony.

I supposed to be up and kickin at 7 but instead of that i got up 20mins to 10! My phone ran outta battery so i plugged it to charge and i totally forgot bout the alarm! how could i have forgotten? anyway , i was rushin like a mad woman to get all ready to head to college. was supposed to be there at 9 to meet up a friend to work on our project but thank god she only arrived at 10, i arrived shortly after that. thank god ive got my umbrella in the car, it was rainning cats and dogs!

despite all that, it was a pretty productive mornin where we got the major parts of the project done, hopefully this time around no one's gonna steal anyone's thunder! again i was in the rush to go back home from college to chauffeur my bro to college. man! its definitely one crazy hectic mornin. should have known better than to stay up n being sucked into the music..but i guess i needed that dosage of adrenaline rush once a while.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Also known as Petra Marklund , like Basshunter her songs get me all glued to my headphones! Perhaps these Swedish singers are blessed wth this certain charm in them, something inexplicable! Cry For You & Satellites are definitely my favs for now

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Jonas Erik Altberg aka Basshunter
Sunday, September 28, 2008

His songs : Boten Anna, Now You're Gone, Please Don't Go & All I Ever Wanted , especially the latter is so refreshing & haunting at time same time. Concurrently , this song is also very additctive!! There's somethin bout that song that's makin me so drawn to it! I guess for now this is THE song that can keep me awake at this hour , 2.58am when i should be in bed gettin my beauty sleep.

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Yummylicious Korean Food
Sunday, September 28, 2008

Had a very hearty meal over dinner today. Went over to this Korean restaurant - Kim Chi Restaurant, owned by Koreans, unlike same korean restaurants that are not run by the authentic koreans. I've included some pics i've taken while we have all our orders ready on the table. After dinner i was over at MPH, and yes , believe it or not , i went over to the cookery session n before i know it , i was flipping through some korean recipe books... n man i so wanna learn how to cook that soup! that kim chi soup i had over dinner was really delicious! besides those recipes i checked out , i wiki-ed on korean food n i learnt quite a bit on the food name n so on , its really really interesting. am definitely goin back again. the next round would be my 7th time there.

Kim Chi Soup

Pork & Squid Bulgogi

Banchan (side dishes around the Bulgogi)

Banchan with lettuce , perilla leaves (the dark green leaves on the far right,next to lettuce leaves)

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Purchase a Foreign Wife?
Sunday, September 28, 2008

i cant help but to notice this family that were sitting beside my table over dinner. i cant quite figure out which is the wife though. the two kids have got a very different features. the lil boy , slightly tanned wth glasses on , looks like young Harry Potter n the daughter, fair but unfortunately has got a cleft lips. its such a pity to see that. anyway , i was thinkin , perhaps both of them are not the man's children but then it got me thinkin , the man looks like he's in his middle age , say bout 50ish or so n there's another lady of similar age and than this , foreign wife or perhaps its the helper.

then it came across my mind on the article i came across a while back , some men actually "purchase" a foreign wife via match making agencies. well i guess i can pretty much understand why men even go to that extend. perhaps they are of certain age n they are afraid that there's no hope to get married to the locals so they opt for the foreign wife idea. well its a pretty sad thing to know that jst because you need to start a family n when there's no options avail u do this (purchase a wife for yourself) n wht if you cant live with that future wife to be? dont you think u're destroyin both ur life n the other? but more often then not , i heard that foreign wife (women in the 3rd world countries, especially those living in rampant poverty) of such are very givin in the sense that they feel that they are obligated to do a lot since that man is her husband and that he is to provide a better life as compared to where she was in. well i guess in such a case , there's nothin much a woman can do but to give in so-called faith ,thats wht some believe.

but even up to now , some women who are in better place than those livin in 3rd world countries n in poverty , still depend intemperately on the guy! i guess at the end of the day , its all bout choices n wht they want for themselves.

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