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Quite the Spoonfull
Thursday. 11.17.05 8:31 pm
i had 2 spoons of the sexiest peanut butter in our pantry. very rich, not too creamy, like creamy milk chocolate. SOOO GOOD! sorry, i have a thing about PB. ill just stick in a spoon and enjoy for half an hour! Twas the Peter Pan brand, which i find better than GIF. haha, just thought id inform u guys.....

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Wednesday. 11.16.05 4:07 pm
i wake up one morning, check my rating, and see that it has dropped nearly 6 points, and gained a good 4 or so votes. my peers and fellow nuTangers say, "Maybe, but u may not be intersting. jk." (not word-for-word, but u know....) i say, "Nay, somebody repeatedly voted low to lower it." (yet again...) so, i check my stat again, and low and behold! it has dropped another 2 points, and gained a hefty 86 votes!!!! (current) would the very rude person that is killing me (Smalls) please step foward, and/or stop killing me!!!! (Smalls)

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oh wow, it worked!
Sunday. 11.13.05 1:23 pm
i finally got the gallery to work. lol, that is my good friend gage. and no, he isn't gay. he's...a prep. we can leave it at that, no? anyways, i thought it was a good tester.....

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ok. review
Wednesday. 11.9.05 9:26 pm
i have realised that my entries have become...obsolete. or something. w/e. this isn't even about the points, really. i juss like feed back. each comment is like...a mini-Xmas present. and...unless you don't get like presents...you might see my pickle. Oh, wait a sec.....

....predicament. anyways...please. if yer gonna read it, at least tell me what you think of it. even if that includes slapping my ego, or shooting down my big head. w/e.......cool....

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