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Ladies, and Jellyspoons
Wednesday. 11.30.05 4:33 pm
i stand before you, to sit behind you. this morning i walked here so i could take the bus. i wish to share with you something i don't know about.
this is some quote from some magazine i read. of course, it isn't word 4 word, seeing as how i couldn't find it. the magaizine is one of arouind three which i normally get, Odyssey, Muse, and National Geographic Kids. (ive been getting this one for AGES!) im pretty sure it came from muse, because it's the wittiest of the three, and because i never remember anything form the other two. yes, this particular article was about something.......oh yeah! twas about world changing speeches. obviously, i wouldn't have read it if it didn't include a few of the Muses making funny comments in the margins, or the writers who know who's suposed to be reading this crap.


notice the box of Funny Flying words. there is a new saying, thought i'd point that out. not a pick up line, but a saying, the last one

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aim users
Saturday. 11.19.05 9:53 pm
look up wiseguysupreme4 in yer profile. look especially at the away message. GO CLEMSON! (expires tomorrw after the noon)

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Quite the Spoonfull
Thursday. 11.17.05 8:31 pm
i had 2 spoons of the sexiest peanut butter in our pantry. very rich, not too creamy, like creamy milk chocolate. SOOO GOOD! sorry, i have a thing about PB. ill just stick in a spoon and enjoy for half an hour! Twas the Peter Pan brand, which i find better than GIF. haha, just thought id inform u guys.....

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Wednesday. 11.16.05 4:07 pm
i wake up one morning, check my rating, and see that it has dropped nearly 6 points, and gained a good 4 or so votes. my peers and fellow nuTangers say, "Maybe, but u may not be intersting. jk." (not word-for-word, but u know....) i say, "Nay, somebody repeatedly voted low to lower it." (yet again...) so, i check my stat again, and low and behold! it has dropped another 2 points, and gained a hefty 86 votes!!!! (current) would the very rude person that is killing me (Smalls) please step foward, and/or stop killing me!!!! (Smalls)

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