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Friday. 12.23.05 2:02 am

*emphatic sigh*

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best buy is teh evil.
Wednesday. 12.21.05 9:22 pm
so after calling the necessary people, i went to the store to get my VOUCHER.

punk ass cunt of a manager says "im going to give you a replacement"

which is bullshit.


tomorrow, i shall call lizzyboo, and ask for a corporate voucher.

because ive had to go through too much crap to get this damn VOUCHER.
not replacement.

dumbass tried to tell me that comparing my computer to the ones in the store is like comparing a plasma tv to an lcd tv.

what kind of bullshit is that?

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Tuesday. 12.20.05 9:17 pm
these yogurt blast cheerios are teh r0xX0rz.
i hope i dont eat the whole box in a day, ill be sad.

perhaps i did break a 1, one of my grades was an nr and counted for zero.

silly va tech.

so i put the letter in the mail today.

and i felt good about it.

until 7 or so minutes later, when i was driving home from family dollar, and went HOLY SHIT! *masface*

and almost swerved off the road.

well, not really, but the masface part is true.

hopefully itll go over well. *nod*

and poor stinky, shes horny beyond belief.

i think she keeps trying to get me to fuck her...

im not about fucking a cat.

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Monday. 12.19.05 10:19 pm
i didnt even break a 1.

and ive got to retake 3 classes, four if im not lucky...


taylas in econ and micro

mas is in 2704

im in music

and theres another classim oh, stat.
i think brian is in stat.
so we can stalk stat boy for am0rz.

well retake dd1 and e1 later.

and i passed unix, which surprises me, given that id had such a time with the actual work of things...

my superemoangstlyifeellikeshitblah probably didnt help at all.

nor did my computer being fucked/gone/marked as FUCKING "SCRAP"!!!

grrrrr. i have to call those bitches as it is, because apparently i just cant waltz into store about voucher, and waltz out.

so if anyone wants to take anything with me,
ive got mus 1005 at 8a on tues
micro at 11.15 mwf
econ at 9.05 mwf
2704 at some point in there, its by macpherson? its only one class.
and stat at 12.??? on mwf, with statboy. (mcgill)

at least i dont feel as bad, tayla has to retake as much as i do.

though i must have done superawfully in dd1. i actually thought it was going decently.

oh well. *shrug* not my fault thweatt has a SMALL PENIS

at least its the first set of classes ive had to take for actually failing them.

so i feel better about that, i guess.

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Monday. 12.19.05 1:58 pm
my belt has broken.

and i havent even had this one that long.

stupid walmart crap.

im not buying anymore belts from them.

i had another odd dream, about ice cream, ukrops, kroger, mainstreet, and missing an exam because tech sucks.

how nice.

well, letters written, i have to stamp and mail it.

and grades still arent up.
that makes me somewhat happyl

though if jason is saying that raman isnt much better than a very bad man, guess that means i didnt do too well in electronics. *shrug* oh well.

but i probably didnt do too well in anything else, either.

but the semester was shitty, i felt like shit, and classes being rough/teachers being awful didn't help.

oh well.

of course mom will bitch about well why didnt you do this why didn t you do that.

thats all she does.

though i guess if shes paying out of pocket, i can understand.

i feel i did my best, and im too stupid/etc to do well, maybe ill just drop out.

or change majors, perhaps?

i cant see me doing business like all the other black girls from school, though.

speaking of which, i was rummaging through my drawer, and found the yearbook from my jr year.

is it bad that cross dressing day during spirit week was the most participated in? and the most documented?

it makes sense, i guess.

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Sunday. 12.18.05 11:50 pm
teh letter is written and sealed. just needs be mailed, yay.

maybe ill douse it in something... blood... perfume... i hear urines supposed to be touted by african tribes. :p

anyway, no bodily fluids.
not even a swak, because i find those creepy, moreso with the type of letter this is.

kitty came back, and she likes white meat too. :p

there was a pretty white cat sitting with her, and then he sat on our porch for te longest of times, looking in the window.

it was cute.

im jealous of stinky malinky now.
though i guess im not.

i thnk stinky got fucked too much, because she just laid around for the rest of the day, and occasionally went to go make eyes at her mankitty.

this guy in dont be a menace has *huge* lips.

itd be creepy to smooch someone with those...
oh well.
not something im going to worry about.

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