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    Good Look or Hood Look: Fantasia on the Cover of Vibe Vixen
    Monday. 1.22.07 8:40 am
    *SOHH Soulful is now updated numerous times a day. Check back throughout the day for that new hotness.*

    Fantasia takes it there on the new cover of Vibe Vixen.

    I don't know y'all. This is the second page I am seeing that Fantasia took from Kelis' book. I give her props for not being afraid to do the blonde thing. But the cut, then the blonde is almost following Kelis' blueprint to the letter.

    I am not saying she went out and deliberately copied Kelis. I am just saying that it reminds me of what Kelis did. Especially seeing as Kelis was on the previous cover of Vibe Vixen.

    Currently Fantasia is #68 on the Billboard charts after only 5 weeks. It debuted at #19.

    I guess since the album ain't selling and J Records is now focused on Jennifer Hudson, Fanny will need a hood boy to take care of her. Any takers. Anyone. Anyone.

    I talk shit, but that voice is sweet as fuck.

    Fantasia's upcoming tour dates:

    Feb 8 2007 North Auditorium Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Feb 9 2007 Cincinnati Music hall Cincinnati, Ohio

    Feb 10 2007 Palace theatre Cleveland, Ohio

    Feb 15 2007 Nokia Theater Dallas, Texas

    Feb 17 2007 Celebrity Theatre Phoenix, Arizona

    Feb 18 2007 Sans Expo & Convention Centre Las Vegas, Nebraska

    Feb 22 2007 Boutwell Theatre Birmingham, Alabama

    Feb 23 2007 Civic center Atlanta, Georgia

    Mar 1 2007 New Jersey Performing Arts Center Newark, New Jersey

    Mar 2 2007 Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Mar 3 2007 ODU Center Norfolk, Virginia

    Mar 4 2007 The Township Auditorium Columbia, South Carolina

    Mar 8 2007 James Knight Miami, Florida

    Mar 9 2007 Johnny Mercer Theatre Savannah, Georgia

    Mar 10 2007 War Memorial Auditorium Greensboro, North Carolina

    Mar 11 2007 Spartenburg Memorial Arena Greenville, South Carolina

    Mar 15 2007 Landmark Theater Richmond, Virginia

    Mar 16 2007 Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Mar 17 2007 The Fox Theatre Detroit, Michigan

    Mar 18 2007 Roy Thompson Hall Toronto

    * Fantasia
    * J Records
    * Jennifer Hudson
    * Kelis
    * Kwame

    Posted by SOHH Soul Man on January 20, 2007 10:37 AM | Permalink

    At any rate... Fantasia's cd is banging. It's not getting a lot of burn commercially as I predicted long before it was released. Never the less there is some hot production on the cd. (((kwame did it!)))

    What must have the rest of that photo reel looked like if that is the shot they chose for the cover. Head over to Bitter Vibes to get her take on this issue.

    Check out NovaSlim's retouching.

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    Petiton for Monica Releasing A Third Single
    Monday. 1.22.07 8:33 am
    To: J Records/Rca Music Group

    December 9th, 2006

    J/RCA Music Group
    Mailing Address
    745 5th Avenue
    6th Floor
    New York, NY 10151

    This is a petition for RnB recording artist Monica, to release a third single. The Makings of Me is one of most solid RnB CDs released in a long time. The sales and acknowledgment of the CD could greatly improve with the release of a third single. We do feel it is important to release music that will be successful, so with that being said, the opinions the general public does matter tremendously. Online polls are great avenues to get the views of the listeners. We are asking J Records to allow Monica to release and record a video for “Sideline Ho” as the third single from The Makings Of Me.



    The Undersigned



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    Sohh Gyant Answers Your Comments!!!!
    Friday. 1.19.07 11:16 am

    What’s da deal Family?

    I see the comments are picking up and for that very reason, today, I’m going to pass on Atlanta’s Own Talent Showcase to address some of your comments. This picture was emailed to me earlier today. Can we all please get a grip people! They got arrested for a white-collar crime. There will be a trial, which I’m sure will take at least a year. Some of y'all acting like they was sentenced to death and shit. It’s corny as hell but: if you cant do the time, then don’t do the muthafuckin crime.

    My homie Freezefiyah emailed me this information on just how serious the RIAA is about all the bootlegging. The have had enough.

    If you thought DJ Drama and the Aphillates Music Group were the only ones to feel the effect of the powers that be's desperate attempt to put to bed the commercial viability of urban music entertainment, well guess again. Your favorite website, Urban Connects recently received a “cease and desist” notice (same day as the Aphillates raid mind you) from the legal department of VNU, parent company of Nielsen BroadCast Data Systems and Nielsen SoundScan. The issue at hand is the BDS and SoundScan numbers that are posted on this site. Because of this action we will, starting today, omit the BDS/SoundScan numbers from being posted in “chart format”…but best believe we will continue to be your source for analysis of this urban music landscape (on a business level) from the perspective of people that are of the culture.

    When you see a billion dollar media entity threatening to enforce statutory damages (up to $150,000 per infringement) on a site that is completely non-revenue in nature it just goes to show how powerful a role INFLUENCE can play in the world we live in. Now is the time to strap the boots up and ride out! You can’t stop progression.

    First, let me say that I really appreciate the time and energy (good or bad) y’all share with Sohh Atlanta. I’m doing my best to make this shit as interesting as possible. So, keep doing ya thing and I will for damn sure keep doing mine.

    My first victim is PG. PG wrote:

    Gyant, you are a fuckin idiot!!! I thought you would have learned your lesson last time when you started bashing Jeezy and the readers posted their comments about you and your corny ass blog. Now, you have the audacity to try and clown Drama and Cannon?!! I'm done!!! Nigga, I don't know where you're from but how the hell you ended up writing the ATL blog is beyond me. Drama, Cannon, and Sense are just as a part of the southern/ATL movement in music as Outkast, TI, or any other artist here in the city. For you to make light of Fed case is just ignorant.

    FYI, R Kelly is in town to shoot the video for Jeezy's "Go Getta." If you was a real journalist, you'd be up on your ATL shit.
    I'll never read your blog again!!! I suggest everyone else follow suit. At least until SOHH gets someone better.

    Yo PG, why you getting so mad dawg? Let me hip you onto something homie. It’s my job to report on a story from how I see it. If you want the hard “journalist” stories that’s what the main SOHH.com page is set up for. If you want my take on shit, you come to the blog.

    Whether you agree with my opinion on DJ Drama or DJ Cannon is really none of my fucking business. What I will say is that I don’t work for Grand Hustle, Tyree, or Cannon. I don’t wish no ill will on none of them. I hope they come out on top and have me eating my words. But, until then I’m gonna speak my mind. Real talk, I emailed Drama’s publicist giving them a chance to set the record straight about this entire incident. I have yet to hear anything. So trust me I don’t just talk out of my ass!!!

    As far as the R. Kelly thing is concerned, you didn’t put me onto nothing I didn’t already know. If you check out Monday’s post http://blogs.sohh.com/atlanta/2007/01/happy_birthday.html then you’ll see that you’re the late one homie. So at the end of the day one could say that you’re the “fuckin idiot” but I’m not one to play the name calling game so I’ll just say — Peace G! Oh and by the way, you know you’ll be back.

    Doesn't Matter wrote:

    Get Yo Ass Neutured Today!!!

    That’s mad creative dawg. I really liked that. Keep that shit up. What other ones can you come up with?

    psychoward666 commented:

    i thoughtyesterdays blog was gonna be ur last serenade...but you came back and delivered a good post today...i think most chicks are requesting that j. hudson song on v-103 and if ur on peachtree tryin to holler at them white girls u might wanna turn themusic down or invest in a cd player...but anyway i dont even wanna know what business r. kelly has in atlanta and where the rest of that white ass is...but im gonna comment you on a good post today GYANT!!

    Thank shawtie, I do it for the love of writing. There are more than white chicks walking up and down Peachtree St. what you talking about? I like Atlanta radio actually. I have lived in Atlanta for two years and I like the love y’all show your stations. So that’s why I listen to the radio when I’m driving.

    Big Herbz stated:

    How the fuck u gon be reppin atlanta and make fun of the biggest DJ in Atlanta who's been providing the streets with hot music for years, the only LOSER is you. I thought you were going to do a piece on what happened, what insiders are saying happened, not a one sided diss on DJ Drama and Don Cannon. I mean, do you listen to Atlanta rap??? I know you said it was in a funny fashion, but the biggest dj in atlanta getting busted and you doing a satire/mocking of the situation is bullshit. Can we PLEASE get someone who actually cares about ATLANTA hip hop and not dwell on shitty stories like a club concert last week?

    First off I aint going nowhere! “Hate it or love it, the underdog's on top, and I’ma shine homie until my heart stops”

    The one thing about Atlanta I don’t get is the fact that we love our Atlanta artists so much that we blind ourselves to the truth. As unfortunate a situation as the arrest was for Drama and Cannon, it still happened. If you want biased news I suggest you go elsewhere. If you want the truth mixed in with some humor, then you come here! I love Atlanta rappers, and Atlanta hip-hop in general but nobody, and I repeat; NOBODY is exempt from Gyant’s perspective. And just how I dish it, is exactly how I can take it.

    I’m just happy that y’all have stuck with your boy and made Sohh Atlanta the hot spot that it is. Everybody is reading this shit. And in this New Year it’s only going to get better.

    Y’all have a great weekend and we’ll get up on Monday!

    But, before I go. Make sure you come back at 1pm to see what I heard about Monica. Sohh Atlanta is so popular that I’m doing two blogs a day now.


    --Sohh Gyant

    Posted by SOHH Gyant at January 19, 2007 4:37 AM

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    Pulse Report:White Rappers Invade NY, 50 Cent Talks Dirty, will.i.am Punks Miss Jones, Jin Disses Rosie O' Donnell
    Friday. 1.19.07 11:15 am

    Friday - January 12, 2007 by Dick Johnson
    In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about "ego trip's The (white) Rapper Show," 50 Cent talking dirty to Howard Stern, will.i.am serving Miss Jones and Jin taking on Rosie O'Donnell.

    Editor's Note: The views of this column do not reflect those of SOHH.com.

    1. White rappers invade VH1. In case folks forgot to read Ron Mexico's masterfully written "(white) Rapper Show" analysis, the Pulse Report is here to give the topic life support. Earlier this week, SOHH caught up with Dasit, the first contestant to see the exit sign on ego trip's controversial program. The interview was interesting or borderline blasphemous depending who you ask. During the 20-plus minute session, Dasit unveiled that he recently signed a multi-million dollar deal, blasted the show for clowning white rappers and revealed that Hammer (who signed him two years ago) wanted him to record a diss song against Jay-Z and Eminem. As for MC Serch, Dasit doesn't even think he's on his level. According to the Toledo, OH rapper, Serch would get served if both battled in their prime. But there's more, Dasit seriously thought of serving Serch physically when he got eliminated from the competition. "Misfit was like, 'I can't believe he talked that much shit to you.' I was like, 'if this dude comes back here and says one more thing to me, I'ma punch this dude in the motherfucking mouth.'" Dasit told SOHH.com. "I mean, I don't give a shit. You ain't gon' disrespect me. I ain't gon be looking like a punk. I was trying to do it respectfully, honestly. But when he came at me like that. I flustered big time."

    Aside from Dasit, John "King of the Burbz" Brown and Persia also made strong impressions. As half of America knows, this chick had the nerve to use the N word while brandishing a dildo in Brown's face. Maybe she missed the memo from Jesse Jackson and Michael Richards on the ban.

    2. 50 and Howard Stern go too far. Eehhhhhh, the Pulse won't spend too much time on this one. Too disgusting! In a recent interview on Sirius Satellite radio, 50 and Howard got a bit graphic when talking about sexual penchants. When taking calls, Howard asked Gay Ramone what he would do to Fiddy. "I would eat his ass," Ramone said. Fif later admitted to having his ass licked by a woman in the past. Really? Hmmmmm...in the words of Dave Chappelle, FIFFFFFF!! [Peep the entire interview here]

    3. will.i.am clowns Miss Jones. will.i.am paid a visit to Miss Jones' morning show on New York's Hot 97 earlier this week. Between sips of haterade, she began confronting the Black Eyed Peas frontman, calling him a Wyclef impersonator and accusing him of jacking The Fugees. LMAO! How, who, when, where, what is she talking about? Isn't it interesting that Miss Jones proudly hates on anything that moves, but used to ball every time Star & Bucwild hated in the morning. What a hypocrite! Anyhow, will ain't no punk, dude called Jonesy out on her asinine comparison before snapping on her repeatedly, first making some sort of cottage cheese reference and later telling her she needs to shave the hair off her chin. Ouch! When allowed to give shoutouts at the end of the interview, will thanked dental floss for coming out with a rope big enough for Jonesy's gap. Who knew dude was a comedian?

    4. Jin takes on Rosie O'Donnell. It seems like Rosie's been pissing off quite a few dudes as of late. First, the Donald artfully insulted her and now Jin (remember him?) unloaded a full clip after Rosie mocked Chinese people on "The View." Why Jin? Standing up for your people is certainly a worthy and noble cause, but what exactly is Jin accomplishing by going at Rosie? He may get on ABC News. Regardless, the joint is skillfully done and funny bone hilarious. Using Nas' "Ether" instrumental, the battle emcee barrows God's Son's patterns, replacing "I...will...not...lose" with "you...are...not...funny." The hook also features an excerpt of Donald Trump talking about Rosie's "fat ugly face" and calling her "disgusting both inside and out." Meanwhile, Jin is merciless in both of his verses, spitting, "I never seen 'The View,' don't wanna see it if it's true/that's it you that most likely has a penis in the crew/you no-joke telling shaped like a middle line backer/special guest on the season finale of "Fear Factor"/but you gotta do more than eat a roach/wanna win 50 thousand/stick her tongue down her throat." He even flips it in Cantonese in the second verse. Rosie probably won't even bother listening to the track though. [Peep the track here]

    5. Ray J. caught on tape. Some dudes have all the luck. How the hell is a cornball like Ray J. gonna get to tongue Ananda Lewis in his video and then wife up gorgeous ass Kim Kardishian? Me, jealous...yes? Me, hating...yep? Word is a sex tape is also in the works. While Kardishian says the tape is non-existent, the New York Daily News reported that rights to the tape are being acquired for $1 million. On the flip side, according to a Daily News witness, Kardishian and her team are actually the ones looking to put the tape out.

    "She and her camp want to decide exactly what gets released and what doesn't. She is actively involved in its sale, but wishes to do it through a third party," the informant told the News. The informant also revealed that the graphic tape ends with a golden shower. Ray J was probably the catcher. Well if the tape comes out, please blur Ray J out. Thank you.

    [For any questions, comments, criticism, hit up Dick Johnson at www.myspace.com/shcrewu2]

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    Kanye West” Bathing Ape
    Friday. 1.19.07 10:09 am
    These are some hot shoes, I saw on www.myairshoes.com, and I thought everybody else should take a look at them.

    The release date is finally here for these Kayne West Ape Bapestas. These shoes will be officially dropped on January 2nd at all Bape Stores: Bapexclusive, Bape Store, and Apee stores. The Bape Sta Shoe was designed especially for Kayne West with his signature Bear logo on the back side. No price has been said for these, but I don’t think they will be cheap. We will keep you updated with any further news.

    NSB.org has given us a look at this exclusive “Kanye West” Ape Bape Sta. The shoe has the Bear logo that Kanye is known for. The shoe does not feature any patent leather but does keep a nice colorway with the red lining, sole, and lace tab tying it all together. No real information on a release of these shoes but we will keep you updated.

    Comment! (2) | Recommend! | Categories:

    I Love New York: The Man-geant
    Wednesday. 1.17.07 8:50 am

    While it’s not hot snail trail on a hoe-bus en route to a pole dancing competition, “I Love New York” wastes no time in mandating that the parade of bitch niggas get nekkid and show the world their man-lumps in Princess Tiffany’s 1st Annual Mangeant.

    Oh, the humanity! At least she spared T-Bone AKA “Dreamy Eyes” the mortification.

    12 Pack hardily resumes his mission to de-Chamofy himself in the public eye . Unfortunately, his efforts are in vain as every proverbial step forward he takes precedes an instance of dude being entirely too excited to… well… do some gay shit. Even Miss Minnesota knows this man collects tips at the Blue Oyster Bar in a WAM wifebeater.

    Mr. Boston: You are a bold motherfucker. Your killer instinct might just keep your pasty ass in this competition for a while. Just remember next time you wear the African exotic game-skin thong that all of your melanin-devoid marbles and Vienna sausage are completely in the pouch. You wouldn’t want Onix to have to tuck that shit in for you with his mouth. (Yes, we have a new lead undercover homo.)

    “Some eggplant with a ginormous bent coon dick obviously stretched this pouch out before I got to it.” Damn. Boston stomped the yard like he was struttin it around for Schillinger in Unit B.

    Why is Whiteboy the realest nigga on the show? Dude ain’t the most articulate motherfucker there ever was, but I too wonder why niggas are so quick to hop into a thong. These Bitch Niggas and Ballerinas require zero provocation to release their inner Superhead. Ras Kass put it best a while ago. “If next week the new fad was ‘Hip-Hop Fags,’ you’d find a lot of these thug niggas in drag.”

    Am I buggin, or does Pootie Tang have the same tattoo as Hoopz? This grease pirate ass nigga look like one of them deranged NFL players. The crazy eye and a giant Tootsie Roll (as pointed out by Miss Michele) is a recipe for relationship disaster.

    Big Boy done got skinny than a motherfucker, didn’t he? Look at him now, hostin a motherfuckin Mangeant. You can get this nigga to act like this at Dave & Buster’s too for some mozzarella sticks and a pitcher. This is an example of when losing a shitload of weight backfires. Now the nigga look like E.T.

    Tiffany called Trendz a burnt twizzler. Damn, I might love New York too!

    Remember when Michelle wanted to fuck T-Weed? Them days are long gone. She had one quick peek at his chocolate fungus patch and the deal was officially broken. ManBearPig saw that shit like the Ren & Stimpy close-up. Why she expected Tiffany to notice or care, I don’t know. This is a woman who has fucked Flavor Flav a few times. God knows what she should have picked/scraped off of his ass.

    I know y’all caught Whiteboy confessing that he wants to be a nigga in another life! Sheeeeeit. Say that shit now…

    Speaking of saying shit, Onix failed the Foley-McGreevey Test miserably. Even Chamo was disgusted. I’m sitting there listening to Onix tell Chamo he’d ride him hard, long, fast and strong like “Is this nigga supposed to seriously be trying to fuck this BITCH on the side of Chamomillionaire?”

    12 Pack briefly shows us his sensitive side. He love his daddy so much. That makes it all the more difficult that daddy can’t accept him for who he is.

    You see, New York. It doesn’t matter how badly you want to give dude the Scandinavian Mouth Rinse. You DON’T CUT A GAY NIGGA SLACK! This is how you end up a character in an E. Lynn Harris book. Skip the Terry McMillan straight to the hard stuff. See, women. Y’all be knowing beforehand! Y’all just think a homosexual can curtail his gayness a little while for you. Then you act all surprised when he come out the closet. You knew from the moment you and him had the same drawers on when you first fucked.

    The Whiteboy championship sequence should be a DVD unto itself. Big Boy must have gotten some popcorn shrimp for this gig. He really outdid himself on the celebration tip.

    Romance, you’re never gonna get to fuck New York’s dog dropping dimes you can’t prove.

    Trendz. You fucked up. How you gonna come up in the house with a duffel bag of CDs and not hand them shits out on the creep? You know how irrational this broad is. She doesn’t want a nigga who is looking to get discovered.

    Riiiiiight. Whoo, I hate to break it to you, Boo-Boo. As much as you tearfully don’t want to catch a “Hoopz,” that’s the nature of this beast.

    Best Sequence Ever: Romance extending his felching, snitch-ass hand to 12 Pack only to have dude spit his drink at it. Trendz and Whiteboy were excited as hell! A nigga was rollin.

    In case you thought Chamo came out rocking the incomplete Barbershop Quartet look, he didn’t. He keeps the cane up his ass until he needs to use it for more practical purposes.

    Token, I agree. I too would be entirely too disgusted to kiss Marsupilami after 2 to 15 other niggas done licked her up before me. Women might do that nasty shit on TV for some reason, but not this nigga. With that said, Ron Mexico isn’t the manwhore who signed up for this program.

    If you didn’t come to dance, then why’d you come at all?

    [email protected]

    “Celery. Yeah. Very good for you.”

    Pour a little out for Ricky Romance, Chocolate Shitstain and Token.
    Posted by Ron Mexico at January 16, 2007 10:35 AM

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