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many new things
Sunday. 1.1.06 1:46 pm
yesterday, a new year was born. the day before, i turned 14. (and NOBODY said anything about it. *gasp*) 5 days before that, we (christians) celebrated Jesus's birth. many days of refreshing, new starts. at least, for me. just wanted that out there. happy holidaiz!

For a list of things i got, check my xanga, in my profile

new song. if somebody is offended, or it's just plain bad, ill take it off. it's experimental

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oh wow
Thursday. 12.22.05 10:25 pm
has anyone here aver lost a grandparent, parent, or even spouse? i found this totally by accident...was looking for something totally different. (*God's Work*) anyway, this really spoke to me, as i lost my father, and my friend might be losing a friend in his gramma as i type (*God* showed this to me for my friend) here's the link


comment if this hits u

*if my mentioning God disturbs you, MegaByte me. Im Christian, and proud*

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Friday. 12.16.05 10:41 pm
i feeel......

< ? >

exactly. im only updating to get down my < ? >-ness. Yes, im still working on the list. it's slow going, and not very well done in the Newgrounds department. i really don't feel like watching all thoses flashes, and some are really long. or crappy. hopefully, the other sites with their smaller databases will be easier to go through. Merry Christmas. as an after-thought, my B-Day is 5 days after the big morning. yay......

< ? >

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movie Central
Monday. 12.12.05 9:07 pm
For those of ye who art interested, i am compiling a small colection of funny and/or interesting videos from Newgrounds, Albino Blacksheep, GPrime net, and maybe a few from Flowgo. if anyone has any videos they wish to share, please comment or PM a link to me. ill try to hurry up w/ it, but it'll take quite a while...(Newgrounds is HUGE!!)

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