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    All The Rumors Surrounding Tiny And T.I. can Finally Be Put To Rest!!
    Wednesday. 1.24.07 8:31 am

    It’s good to see that the “King of The South’s’ success hasn’t gone to his head. With millions of records sold, his own record label, multiple accolades, and a pretty decent night club in Bankhead—“Club Crucial”, its good see that T.I. is still holding down his original chick, former member of Xscape—Tiny.

    My homegirl, Sandra Rose (who runs the popular photography/and celebrity news website Sandrarose.com) spoke to Tiny’s mother and exclusively and has found out the following information.

    Firstly, Tiny is pregnant and the baby is due in June!! She doesn't know the sex of the baby but she said Tiny and T.I. are ecstatic. The couple plans to marry after the baby arrives so they are looking at a July date for the wedding.

    While details surround the time and venue of the marriage are currently under wraps, believe me when I tell you that somebody will open there mouths and blab their shit to somebody who will then inform us. Not that I care or anything. You know come to think of it, I’ve never been to wedding. Damn, how is that possible?!? Oh well I digress

    Another thing Tiny wants everybody to know is that Xscape will NOT be reuniting. It will never happen. Apparently LaTocha Scott registered the name Xscape without the knowledge of the other members. That shady move has inevitably ruined any hopes that the group would reunite and make some hot R&B music.

    Don’t act like you don’t remember Xscape. They had a string of hits in the 90’s. Here is one of my most favorite songs they did.

    Yo before bounce today, tell me somethng, do you like the two posts a day? Also dont forget


    Requirements for “Atlanta’s Own” submissions-

    1. Must have picture and bio in the body of the email, along with the actually song.
    2. Must be a Southern Rapper(that means below the Mason Dixon)
    3. Must be an unsigned artist
    4. Must be HOT!! If it’s lame it wont be considered

    **Email me [email protected]

    And for Gods sakes people please stop emailing me asking me to pass your information over to record labels. That’s your grind, not mine!!

    Until tomorrow,

    --Sohh Gyant
    Posted by SOHH Gyant at January 24, 2007 4:03 AM

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    LiL Wayne Speaks Out On All The "Drama"!!!
    Tuesday. 1.23.07 8:54 am
    OK, so now what y’all got to say? Lil Wayne sat down and talked to VH1 exclusively, and he had this to say about the DJ Drama/DJ Cannon arrest that took place last week here in Atlanta.

    He tells VH1:

    "You gotta do it right. It's gonna be a message. [The authorities] ain't playing. They gonna make an example. They gonna straighten the game out. A lot of companies take a fall with those mixtapes. N---as be caking up off them mixtapes. The artists can drop his album — and everybody knows that hip-hop [album sales are in] decline — nobody ain't gonna buy the album, and everybody gets the mixtapes off of the Internet or whatever way they get it. The artists ain't caking, but the n---a you made the mixtape with is caking up. Thank God I ain't got that problem, but I know a lot of people who do."

    My boi from hiphopruckus.com had this to say about the Lil Wayne’s comments.

    Sounds sort of hypocritical coming from Lil Wayne, since he has been featured in several mixtapes for which I think have catapulated his career, so to speak. But in a sense I do agree with him that there are also those DJ out there that use his material without his permission and from that aspect of the game, the authorities should crack down. But what about the other side of the coin...what does that do to that unsigned artists that's trying to make a new for himself on the street do now? Does he keep getting rejected by these major record labels? If it wasn't for the mixtape circuit several MCs like Papoose, Yo Gotti, Slim Thug, etc...would have never been discovered or be at the status there are at. Hmm!! To me, The recent crackdown on DJ Drama and Cannon is just another way for these record labels "force the hand" and make it tougher for the "Little Man" , that being MCs and DJs, to make it independently in this Hip Hop Game!! You do the math!

    I’ve already said what I had to say about the situation. Y’all called me a hater, and a dumb muthafucker who don’t rep ATL right. So at this point, I will just post what otha kats in the game have to say. To be contiuned....


    Requirements for “Atlanta’s Own” submissions-

    1. Must have picture and bio in the body of the email, along with the actually song.
    2. Must be a Southern Rapper(that means below the Mason Dixon)
    3. Must be an unsigned artist
    4. Must be HOT!! If it’s lame it wont be considered

    **Email me [email protected]

    And for Gods sakes people please stop emailing me asking me to pass your information over to record labels. That’s your grind, not mine!!

    Until tomorrow,

    --Sohh Gyant
    Posted by SOHH Gyant at January 22, 2007 12:26 PM

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    The Drama Saga Continues!!!!
    Tuesday. 1.23.07 8:50 am

    Picture provided by SandraRose.com

    Finally after almost a week of silence DJ Drama has issued a statement about the bootlegging arrest that took place on January 16, 2007

    This is what he had to say:

    This is an attempt by the government to paint an image of those involved in Hip-Hop as criminals...Don Cannon and I are being negatively depicted despite the fact we are legitimate businessman, highly involved in the community and college graduates that have never been arrested. We are being accused of damaging the music industry, when in fact, we are hired by record labels to help develop and elevate the careers of their artists by previewing unreleased material to the masses."

    DJ Cannon has also released a statement:

    Our track record for success has made us some of the most sought after music producers and DJ's in Hip Hop...We are looking forward to being exonerated of all charges and continuing to build our brand."

    According to various hip-hop sites, the popular DJ’s are now preparing their legal defense and have hired attorneys to represent them. DJ Drama has enlisted the services of Ed Garland, while DJ Cannon has hired Janice Singer and Don Samuel.

    Tyree’s (DJ Drama) sister Aishah Shahidah Simmons, has posted an emotional entry on her myspace blog over the entire incident. Here is a little of what she had to say.

    As Tyree's (DJ Drama's) sister and as a radical Black feminist lesbian social activist, I am beyond outraged at how the RIAA handled/orchestrated the raid. If he or anyone in the Aphilliates camp didn't follow the directions of the agents, asked the 'wrong' questions,'or made the 'wrong' move during the raid, he and/or his cohorts could've been murdered in a twinkling of an eye. And for what? Selling mixtapes, which feature artist sanctioned original music?

    The RIAA should be held accountable for their actions. They need to know that their violent response to addressing their accusations of racketeering was unacceptable.

    There was (and is) no covert operation going on with the business of the Aphilliates; and yet the Aphilliates were treated as if they were public enemy number one.

    I am explicitly clear that the music entertainment power structure has a very serious problem with people of Color making profits, on their terms, off a multi-billon dollar international industry hiphop that they created.

    I am also clear that since the founding of Ameri-KKK-a, this type of state sanctioned racist and sexist treatment towards men and women of Color happens every single minute of every single day. Unfounded police raids are nothing new to countless communities of Color across this country.

    So while we debate and discuss the legalities of mixtapes and the long term impact of what the January 16, 2007 raid of the Aphiliates studio will mean, we must not ever forget that innocent people were terrorized and incarcerated in the name of protecting the Recording Industry Association of America.

    I found some new video of Tyree being interviewed, check it out

    See ya lata on today,

    Posted by SOHH Gyant at January 23, 2007 4:15 AM

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    When white rappers attack...Persia vs Misfit.
    Monday. 1.22.07 12:41 pm
    And now for your enjoyment, Persia of ego trip's "The (white) Rapper Show" has just released "Dumb Bitch," a diss song against recently ousted contestant, Misfit Dior. The song is posted on Persia's myspace page and also features an image of a blow up doll with blond hair and what appears to be breast implants. The cut begins with Persia clowning Misfit by mocking her elimination verse. "Came to show ya/Misfit's persona/ on looks alone I give your man a boner," Persia mimicked before adding, "What the fuck is that shit?" Aside from the fact that Persia needs to fire her engineer for the fisher price sound quality, the track is solid. Yes, she's an asshole for fighting for her right to use the N word, but shorty can spit. Early on, some dude claims to have received dome from Misfit. He even says she looks like Courtney Love. Courtney Love? Nah, duke. Persia and her homie also call the UK femcee Zsa Zsa Gabore throughout the song.

    Always looking to battle, the Far Rockaway emcee reminds Misfit that she don't want none. "You don't wanna battle,you just wanna talk shit/ain't even hit the stage yet and you already forfeit/Attack the biggest rapper, no pun intended/I'm a sexy ass fat bitch, I ain't get offended." LMAO! "I'm a sexy ass fat bitch?" What a liar! Persia's onslaught continues later on as she charges miss Dior for being promiscuous. "Misfit with your fake ass breast/you a dick sucking groupie and that's at best/and your career...it ain't nothing but a fluke/and you repping D12 and disrespecting Proof/I thought you was a nice girl/I didn't wanna say it/your London bridge is fallin down cause everybody blazed it," Persia offered. Ouch! Misfit told SOHH to expect a prompt response.


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    Is Monica Arnold So Gone?!? Plus, The Pied Piper of Porn Is Celebrating His Birthday!!!!
    Monday. 1.22.07 11:30 am
    After a stalled career, and two disappointing singles, word on the streets is that former Pop and R&B-sensation, and Atlanta resident, Monica Arnold is extremely close to being kicked out the door by J Records due to poor record sells. Music mogul and consistent star maker, Clive Davis, is reportedly very upset over Monica’s failure to pull her album to platinum success.

    To date, Monica’s new album "The Making of Me" has failed to reach gold status, selling a meager 350,000 copies since it’s September release. Things are reportedly so bad at her record label, that Monica has pleaded with her fans, ala her website, MonicaOnline.com, to write her recording company and demand that they allow the ghetto Diva to shoot a third video for her new single "Side Line Hoe".

    I can’t say that I am surprised by all of this. Monica has had opportunity after opportunity to step into the shoes of our former reigning vocalist, Whitney Houston, but has refused. Instead of giving us power ballads with the occasional up-tempo track. She’s chosen to give us bullshit, and often times, disposable songs like "So Gone", "Every Time The Beat Drop", and "Dozen Roses". She’s been so focused on "keeping it real" and "being true to herself" that her stubbornness ultimately has cost her longevity in the very unstable and fickle music industry.

    It looks to me like Monica has made her career choice(s) and now needs to stand by them. Every action has a reaction whether positive of negative.

    Message of the day…

    The only things you can afford in life are the things you can pay for with Cash!

    Ok, I’m done preaching…

    Before I go, here are some events that are poppin off over the weekend. Be safe, wear condoms, and I’ll see you all here Monday.

    Weekend Events in Atlanta

    R. Kelly’s Birthday Bash @ The Compound
    1008 Brady Ave NW
    Atlanta, GA 30318
    (404) 872-4621
    Hosted by: Ryan Cameron
    Sponsored by AG Entertainment

    BET’s Tigga @ Club 112
    1055 Peachtree St NE
    Atlanta, GA 30309
    (404) 607-7277
    Hosted by: Frank Ski(I think)
    Posted by SOHH Gyant at January 19, 2007 12:44 PM

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    Should We Really Call Them 'Pretty' Ricky?
    Monday. 1.22.07 8:46 am
    Are these four dudes really brothers? Do they all have the same daddy? Come on..

    But anyways, these four dudes from Miami are releasing their sophomore cd Late Night Special.

    I ain't gonna lie, I do like "Hotline."

    You can tell they are at the age where they are actually having sex. Back on that first album the girls were screaming. But they were too young for anything serious. Now they probably got the lil groupies from the Scream Tour backin' it up on the tour bus.

    I won't hold Pretty Ricky to their name. (Is it really pretty?). I'll just hold them accountable for the music. So far I ain't mad at it.

    Rumor has that you can download the album here for the next 24hrs. Or you can cop it for real on Jan 23rd when it drops.

    Below are their remaining promo tour dates:

    1/19 - Washington, DC
    1/22 - New York, NY
    1/25 - Chicago, IL
    1/26 - Milwaukee/Detroit, MI
    1/27 - Detroit, MI
    1/29 - Dallas, TX
    1/30 - Houston, TX

    *SOHH Soulful is now updated numerous times a day. Check back throughout the day for that new hotness.*

    * Pretty Ricky
    * SOHH Soul Man

    Posted by SOHH Soul Man on January 18, 2007 9:46 PM | Permalink

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