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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Refund Policy
Tuesday, December 9, 2008
I remember the first time I asked for a refund when I just came back from the land of sheep was from Sans Francisco because their Chocolate drink was not chocolaty as the first time I had from the branch in Bukit Bintang. My colleagues then were very shocked by my reaction when I called up to enquire their refund policy.

However, I don't remember when is the first time I complained to a restaurant about their service or food that I got something from the restaurant on the house. My family members were surprised. That's because their policy is 'No good service or food, I won't return for good but still I will swallow whatever is served in front of me.' Because of my 'open mouth' policy, it has given ways for my family members to adopt my style and they in fact much more aggressive than me in some events.

I still have friends telling me to clam up should I not like the food or service. But I don't see why I can't since it's my money ruling the quality of the food and service of a place. It's my hard earned money, we are talking about. Don't you want quality too??

Today, I went to Carrefour for a refund too. I called up the services just to double check of a product price and realised I have been buying Sunmaid Raisins 340g for the equivalent price of 500g bag. If you were in my shoes, which product would you buy to stretch your money?

If you could think of your money value, then it is very important for us as consumers to exercise our power. I only complain when it is necessary. I don't complain because I love to let people to hear my voice. So please don't think of a person who acknowledges and exercises her or his rights as some annoying customer just because you want to be unheard.

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Miss Owlet
Monday, December 8, 2008
I thought I have very serious dark eye rings and have been self-consciously applying eye cream to lighten up the eye area until.... I met my friend today in the supermarket. I could not really recognize but the first thing I spotted was her serious dark eye rings. She truly looks [not looked] like a real panda. The rings are black, not bruises colour like mine. And she looks like an owl that has forgotten to sleep during the day. And I forgotten to keep myself in check I blurted "Aiyo what happened to your eyes?!"

HAHA. OOPS. Her reply was cool "Of course la. You always see me in the dark ma."

Do you have dark eye rings and wonder why? Then try reading this siteWrongDiagnosis. It may not be accurate but it will help you in filling up your knowledge cap on health. Reading the Ayuverdic remedy for this is really something new for me. I would try asking Ayuverdic practitioners since I'm not sure what kind of sesame oil to drop into the eye!

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Review: Mao's Last Dancer by Li Cunxin
Sunday, December 7, 2008

In 1971, at the age of 11, Li Cunxin was chosen to train as a ballet dancer at Madam Mao's Beijing Dance Academy. It was to change his life for ever.

One of seven children growing up in a remote Chinese village, for the first time Li had enough food to eat. But the punishing training schedule made no sense to a young boy who had never seen a ballet.

Li wanted to do well. At first this was to make his family and country proud then, gradually, he fell in love with the art. As he started to earn his teacher's praise, Li wondered how much hard work and determination would it take to realise his dreams...

Mao's Last Dancer is his remarkable true story.


It's pretty rare for me to review a book even though I really love it. For example, you don't see me reviewing my favourite author Lisa Jane Smith right?? But somehow this biography prompted me to write how wonderful this book is.

The story begins with Li's childhood in his poverty commune in Qingdao, China. The poverty is vividly described from lifestyle to the diet. He and his family ate dried yam and occassionally corn bread as daily staple until Chinese New Year. The hard life he has to go through really makes me wonder what would I be thinking about life if I were in his shoes. I would surely be thinking that life is not even worth living ... why live a life where you are living to survive or barely surviving?

The period of his student life in Madame Mao was tough and rigid. An insightful of the communist education. What really moves me is the author's dedication in overcoming obstacles in becoming the best dancer so he could make the country and family proud. The burden on his shoulder is beyond his description and yet it became his drive to succeed in dancing to be one of the world best.

Overall, Li's story is not about how hard his life is but how he translated his aspiration into actuality and the endless love and support he got from his family and friends despite being a defector for a period of time. His journey of life is what touches me most, not mentioning his never give up spirit. Coming from a struggling background, I'm extremely thankful and grateful for what I have and made me realised how much I have taken for granted in life despite reflecting on that almost everyday in my life...

I'm not sure if I would read this book again for the third time [hopefully, I won't cry again] but I might watch the movie ... soon to be released.

To all: This book is Highly Recommended to add into your library.

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Saturday. 12.6.08 4:31 am
My first time hearing this song is in 2003 from an online New Age radio. I love this song because it has this relaxing tempo... And I would like to share this song with you. It's a Hawaiian song sang by Keali'i Reichel. It's quite easy to sing along. But I have no luck in finding this song or any of my favourite New Age albums in Malaysia.

Nou e Kawaipunahele
Ku`u lei aloha mae `ole
Pili hemo`ole,
Pili pa`a pono
E huli ho`i k�ua
E Kawaipunahele

K� `oe me ke ki`eki`e
I ka nani a`o Wailuku
Ku`u ipo henoheno,
Ku`u wehi o ka p�
E huli ho`i k�ua
E Kawaipunhele

Eia ho`i `o Keali`i
Kali `ana i ka mehameha
Mehameha ho`i au,
`Eha`eha ho`i au
E huli ho`i k�ua
E Kawaipunahele

Puana `ia ke aloha
Ku`u lei aloha mae `ole
Pili hemo `ole,
Pili pa`a pono
Ke pono ho`i k�ua
E Kawaipunahele

For you Kawaipunahele
My never-fading lei
Never separated,
Firmly united.
Come, let's go back.
O Kawaipunahele.

You stand majestically
In the splendor of Wailuku.
My cherished sweetheart,
My adornment of the night
Come, let's go back.
O Kawaipunahele

Here is Keali`i
Waiting in loneliness
I am lonely,
I hurt
Come, let's go back,
O Kawaipunahele.

Tell of the love,
Of my never-fading lei.
Never separated,
Firmly united
When it's right, we'll go back,
O Kawaipunahele

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Life on its own.
Friday, December 5, 2008
I was invited to a Starbucks cheer party this evening, where we are supposed to spend good time with the kids from some orphanage. I actually thought it was boring. Serious. A handful of adults only played with the kids and the rest mingled among themselves and there were a few doing some serious financial reading on the couch. As for me, I just sat on one of the couches chatting with some of newly made friends. Bernard was having a great time when he played with the kids and so are other online friends I just met. I seriously feel I have really grown up. Not to praise myself anything but I seriously could feel I have really matured a lot given in I am already matured from my upbringing and the things I read. I used to get into bad mood easily whenever I attended a boring party. I would actually show my impatience body language and just walk off within 30 minutes of an event when I feel it's not beneficial to me. But tonight, however, I stayed on and enjoyed every minute of it. I had really thought of walking out from the party, however, my own voice told me to stay on and not to let the boringness bother me. I was glad I listened because even though it was not that exciting, I did really enjoy tonight's party in a way by chatting with the Starbucks staff and just hang around for the party atmosphere. It lightened me up. And I finally told myself that this kind of boring event contributed to what I am now. There's always something to appreciate in everything we do in every minute unconciously.

Apart from that, my own voice got pretty pissed this afternoon during my vocal lesson. It simply told me "Cut the crap. Concentrate. And don't try ur best in singing just because the phlegm caught up in my throat." It was pretty surprising. It never happened before. It usually just gives me advices and opinions on matters, not scolding me! But somehow I obliged and I did pretty well in today's class even though I screwed up the first vocal exercise. My teacher all of a sudden asked me if I want to perform in the next recital while I was singing True Colours by Cyndi Lauper. I was happy about the request since she has been smiling to herself and once praising herself "I'm a good teacher" when I was singing some songs, which simply means I have improvement! But I turned it down. I don't think I would want to peform in public for some time. I just want a break. I have experienced in performing with several number of people from 2 to 10 000. I seriously hated the pressure of practising for the chase of perfection. I like to do things relaxingly. I don't ever want to undergo those pressure again. This is what I told my teacher but of course I might want to perform in the future but not for now. Because of all these experiences of being the forefront, I now want to experience of being a backstage person. I think that's more challenging than performing.

Oh well, I'm grateful for my little voice advises today. If not, I won't have improvement on my own well-being.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008
Thank you for everyone's concern in my previous entry. I'm not getting better in fact my sore throat has been prolonged. I'm now really wondering if I still could attend my vocal class tomorrow. But I was thinking of taking a break from vocal class and resume next month. I guess my throat needs some rest since I talk pretty loud - always.

Everyone, please take care of your health as I realised many people are getting sick. People seem to have the same symptom as me: cough, flu and sore throat. My doctor was telling me that this is actually not really because of the weather but the air quality. And I'm afraid to say that our air quality has gone down a lot. An American guy has been marketing oxygen bottle. Yea like the version of mineral water except this is oxygen. Maybe in the future we are going to buy oxygen.

My old hobby is back and I don't like it. That is watching horror films. I need to watch something else because I want to live longer....

Everyone ... take care ya!

P.S: I'm not going anywhere...

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