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Tuesday. 5.2.06 9:34 pm
I'm leaving nuTang for a while, to get back on track. My quality of life as been...well, for lack of a better word, kidnapped, killed, tortured for information, and killed again. I'm trying new things, and one of these includes dropping the computer for a while, and not as much reading either. With all the newfound time, I can prolly do my homework, practise my intrument, get some freaking excercise before swim season. the reading is prolly the worst, because i have some freaky thing where i spontaniously read when I shouldn't, like in class, or all afternoon. When Im done reading, I play gamecube or sit in front of the computer and pretend I'm doing something. For example, a few days ago, I alphabetized my buddy list on AIM. That is how bad it gets. Like I will do anything at all instead of homework, classwork, chores, sleeping, even though I know I should. I've been having progressively bad days lately, and to end this wonderful day that left me temporarily goth, my grandmother died. And the only thing I could think of was, "Great way to end this AWESOME DAY!!"

So yeah, I'll be around

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long time see
Friday. 3.24.06 10:14 pm
this gave me real pleasure. i hope you enjoy. please excuse me while i blow my brains out my nose....

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Tuesday. 2.28.06 4:49 pm
Sorry that I've kind of abondoned you guys, i've been a but busy lately. i got an awesome new GameCube Game, Skies of Ardadia: Legends. it's fookishly cool, albiet nerdy. also, i had a nasty paper due today that i spent alot of yesterday on it...my weekend was really swamped even without working on that, so i haven't updated my list. everyone should know that CPK gave me three to five new movies that i personally recomend....including a really stupid game made of letters, lmao. ill update next week

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Myspace is on the fritz
Monday. 2.6.06 7:58 pm
anyone ask Kendal, MySpace has been acting odd since i registered. i couldn't sign off earlier, nor could i look at a picture, read my messages, or, when i closed the window, sign back in. Tom is in over his head

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