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long time see
Friday. 3.24.06 10:14 pm
this gave me real pleasure. i hope you enjoy. please excuse me while i blow my brains out my nose....

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Tuesday. 2.28.06 4:49 pm
Sorry that I've kind of abondoned you guys, i've been a but busy lately. i got an awesome new GameCube Game, Skies of Ardadia: Legends. it's fookishly cool, albiet nerdy. also, i had a nasty paper due today that i spent alot of yesterday on it...my weekend was really swamped even without working on that, so i haven't updated my list. everyone should know that CPK gave me three to five new movies that i personally recomend....including a really stupid game made of letters, lmao. ill update next week

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Myspace is on the fritz
Monday. 2.6.06 7:58 pm
anyone ask Kendal, MySpace has been acting odd since i registered. i couldn't sign off earlier, nor could i look at a picture, read my messages, or, when i closed the window, sign back in. Tom is in over his head

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IRunner's Birthday
Saturday. 2.4.06 11:10 am
yesterday at 5:15 i went to ian's birthday party, even though it was 1/1/2006. anyway, i didn't get back till 11. one hell of a party, no? first, we got together, and went to Striker's for a game of bowling. boys won, even though girls had more individual points. then we headed back to his place to hang out. he disappeared with my little brother into the PS2 room, they were playing SLY 3. suckers. everyone else went into the next room and listen to music, and danced. that got really boring, so we setteld down and played I Never. we got some soda and water, nothing achoholic, and got in a circle. we took turns saying "i never did so-and-so" if anyone in the circle had done it, they took a swig. One of the girls got a bit personal, but it was funny. ex:

Suzanne: OK, this is for the boys. *whispers* i never had an erection

Me: Yeah Right!! *All boys finish w/e they were drinking*

then we went to a 14 year old spin the bottle: truth or dare. i don't think anyone asked for truth, lol. one kid tounged a lamp. another mooned kathryn.

Twas a hell of a party, i say. AJ Kummer, you had better comment.

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