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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Friday. 1.6.06 9:26 am
I tendered my resignation to SGX on Wed.

Even tho SGX has been contributing alot to my expanding bum, paying me to sit ard at home since their system failed. I find that I really can't stand this wastage of my time and life. Meaningless.

Have been looking forward to a change of environment.

Gonna start work next Thurs after my 1 week notice to SGX. 1 week or not. makes no difference to SGX does it?

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the xmas n new yr post
2th day of 2006
take a deep breath........

24th Dec --- Eve

Spent most part of the day after waking up at 12 plus wrapping the last of the presents. Some stuff from Candy Empire ( I love Tim Tams! and the Wonka bar! Whipple Scrumptious Caramel Delight!) and this huge box of this collectible toy for him.

Den it started to rain. Was raining so hard i couldn't see my hand extended into the rain.


So cab it is.

First stop, Toa Payoh.
To my ex-colleague's from the feng shui place i used to work at. Had a lovely time gossiping and shooting the breeze. Talking abt wat ever that came to mind. *sigh* I missed them. But not her dog. Whu practically pranced on me ( yes i know. i do mean pranced not pounced) n started to bark (w excitement, i was told -_-") coz i was the first guest to arrive. Apparently the doggie likes his ladies. I do admit he was v adorable n demanded to be patted by all ladies whu r present. And he follows his lady guests all over the place, wagging his tail like a cheeko pek. Geez.

Went up to her aunt's whu was just 2 levels above her. And tried to stay there for as long as possible. Both had v nce apartments n quite a bit of money was invested into them.

To my further horror, pizza arrived!

4 GERS, all whom are not eating much and an entire xmas set for 4. The Xmas pizza n the black pepper one.. not nice one i tell u.. the black pepper one, the mushrooms taste bitter. More gabbing, as gers in groups tend to be. Exchanged some xmas presents n dragged myself off to T's ard 8+ coz Fad was gonna murder me long distance if i dun turn up soon.

Quite enjoyed the train ride to T's with the festive mood compressed n packed in the cabins filled just nice, with just a few pple standing. With their best Xmas clothes n flush smiley faces, n wrapping papered presents to be opened at midnight. Of coz the festive mood was helped by those silly led battery operated reindeer headbands. But nice. Pple letting their hair down like that.

Reached T's at abt 9 plus i think.... and saw PIZZA AGAIN! Sheesh. Had no appetite except for my favorite hot n spicy drumlets! Which Fad had saved for me! Luv ya Fad!

Well...in a flash they were gone. which was expected. Thats wat u get w a roomful of NS guys. Most of the guys were present save john i think. Gers side only had me n Fad. Which i expected. Tho... CHNG HUIZI u dodo woman! bloody hell put aeroplane!

Hid away in T's room with Fad.Coz the guys r simple blabbering none stop abt NS stuff!

10+. Left T's place for his. Damn far man. One end of sg to the other. East to west. Reached his mrt stop with only 20 min or so to spare from midnight. Was so sick of carrying the gigantic box that i made him come meet me. Heez. And by the time he got here there was less than 5 min left! Anywayz, just heng that he made it.

Watched this xmas dvd, Love Actually. First time watching it. Sooo enjoyed the movie.

25th Dec --- Xmas

Woke up v late and just moped ard his place till 5+ when we went to pick up our xmas dinner we ordered from......DRUMROLL.......... Fairprice. Lol. Honeyed ribs n baby honey baked ham. Had a cosy dinner. Not as decadent as restaurent fare but its the company that counts ya?

He was v impressed w my appetite. Lol. Had log cake too! Muahahaha! And I was just complaining to Fad that I nv managed to get to the all important logcake every single xmas! So HAPPY~! Basically, ate my way thru Xmas~..Muahhaha~!


31th Dec
Went to watch fireworks! Happy! Its been a while since i last went. Original intention was to watch at esplanade but when we reached city hall mrt, was soooooooo put off by the number of pple loitering at the station, alighting from trains and the BLANGLAS. Yes, I'm racist against blanglas. so sue me. I just hate the fact that they r sooo touchy! alot of gers, incl me kenna before lor! And reading xiaxue.com esp the comments pple put up, I was so glad I din go to any of the super crowded areas. Coz it seems that blangla find joy in spraying foam up ger's skirts n down their blouses.

And grabbing ass.

And when i say ass, they have a tendency to extend their digits into the privates.

Horror stories abound abt blanglas. Much scarier than the new horror movie. The Dark. ( i watched le.. sheesh) Girls will know, blanglas also like to look girls up n down like some deprived animal that sends alarm signals flashing like there's no tml.

Anywayz, we were at Marina Bay Park. And v heng I decided to walk, coz whenever buses roll past, I see blanglas crammed into them. EEEEeeeeeeeeeks! n becoz we walked, we stumbled upon this v nice place, w far fewer pple n a fantastic view. The fireworks were set off almost right in front of us. We were standing on a sturdy wooden bridge with the pond extended out in front of us n fireworks going off with minimum blockage. hmm.. nice.

Slept thru most of the first day of new year~... So here's to wishing all a Happy New Year, and thanx to those whu msged me n timed it just so that it wun hit the network jammed period. Muackz!!

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