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I'm Dating Again!
Monday. 9.4.06 7:53 pm
check it out! I'm officially dating again. Her (not his) name is Kendal. She's awesome, and she's been my friend since last time we dated. LOL. I'm exetremely hyper. And I'd forgotten how ackward this stuff is. now I'm going to Myspace to spread the news like scratching an itch. A very bad itch, so a very satisfying scratch. Cya'll around!

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Duke Tip Program
Saturday. 7.8.06 9:18 pm
Tomorrow I am going to Clemson for TWO WEEKS! I've wanted to go to Clemson since I learnded that's where my dad went. I especially look forward to the engineering courses, cause I'm really into physics and such and I just realized that isn't really related to engineering and I think I'm stuck in this sentence and OH MY ROD SOMEBODY HELP ME.....


So, yeah. My Standerdized test scores were good enough to catch the attention of the Duke Tip program, which starts in 6th or 7th grade and lets students take the SAT (or more recently, the PSAT) once a year. the PSAT is scored a bit differently, but apperently I did very well last year. So well, in fact, that I got offers for such programs as the one I'm going to at Clemson, where you take a class for a week, (I'm taking 3 classes in 2 weeks, two half-days in one week and a full-day in the other.) sleep in the dorms, and generally learn a bit about college. I'm taking a course in Robotics, DNA, and I can't remember the other one, but i think it's bio-engineering or something.

I'm leaving about 9:30 tomorrow and won't get back till the Saterday after next. I expect tons of comments or I might just completely switch to Myspace, where I get more attention then I do here...

Just Kidding

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Nutang Updates
Friday. 6.2.06 5:30 pm
Since the add bots were attacking NuTang and leaving taunting advertisments, Dave the all-powerfull desigined a system to stop them. Basically, for every comment you leave, you have to prove you're human by doing something a bot could never do: read Dave's actual handwriting! Not really. Basically, put in the code depicted in the tiny picture. It actually isn't that hard to read.

Also, could somebody remind me to remind Dave to make it more ledgible and to make a new hack in a few days?


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Tuesday. 5.2.06 9:34 pm
I'm leaving nuTang for a while, to get back on track. My quality of life as been...well, for lack of a better word, kidnapped, killed, tortured for information, and killed again. I'm trying new things, and one of these includes dropping the computer for a while, and not as much reading either. With all the newfound time, I can prolly do my homework, practise my intrument, get some freaking excercise before swim season. the reading is prolly the worst, because i have some freaky thing where i spontaniously read when I shouldn't, like in class, or all afternoon. When Im done reading, I play gamecube or sit in front of the computer and pretend I'm doing something. For example, a few days ago, I alphabetized my buddy list on AIM. That is how bad it gets. Like I will do anything at all instead of homework, classwork, chores, sleeping, even though I know I should. I've been having progressively bad days lately, and to end this wonderful day that left me temporarily goth, my grandmother died. And the only thing I could think of was, "Great way to end this AWESOME DAY!!"

So yeah, I'll be around

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