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Sunday. 5.23.10 7:55 pm
These are just a couple pictures that I have of my nephew. I'm waiting on my sister's friend who had the camera to bring her memory card over so I can upload the rest of them to my computer.

You can see the rest of the ones that I have in my gallery album titled "my nephew."

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Zaidrien Michael has entered the world
Saturday. 5.22.10 7:06 pm
My nephew, Zaidrien Michael was born on 5-20-10 @ 6:43pm weighing in at a spectacular 9lbs 1oz and was 20 1/2 inches long.

He and my sister are home and both doing well. She will be in the recovery stage for the next few weeks so I'll pretty much be taking care of things around the house. He's considerably quiet for a baby and fairly alert considering he's only 2 days old. Things seem pretty calm as of right now, but they'll probably get louder and more chaotic as he gets older and has a larger lung capacity as well as more mobility.

She spent about 20 hours in labor and about an hour of that was pushing. It was definitely a very long, tiring and emotionally stressful day. I'm glad that things seem to be calming out now. At least for a little bit.

Anywho, I wanted to update everyone on here. If you're my friend on facebook, then you found out this yesterday when I updated it on there. If you want to see pictures, I'll be uploading them to this site within the next couple days. I'll write an update post when I do so.

Until then ...

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changes are coming ...
Sunday. 5.9.10 11:02 am
Yes, I still suck at keeping up with this site. Even though I'm nowhere near as active on here as I was at one point, I still don't know what'd I'd do should something happen to the 'Tang.

Now, the last time I posted anything on here, it was the weekend I went and did the AIDS walk; about two weeks ago. Nothing really has changed much since then. Things are still pretty much the same as they were two weeks ago. However, the biggest change that could happen to anyone's life is about to occur.

My sister is due on the 15th. Yep, that's this coming Saturday. So basically she could go into labor and have this baby at any point in time. On Monday we'll find out just how much closer she is to having the baby because that's when she goes to the doctor again.

We're both anxious; her moreso simply because she's the one about to become a mother.

I probably won't be updating again until after the baby is born. So Happy Mother's Day to those who are mothers. And to everyone else, I hope you wished your mom a Happy Mother's Day already.

Till next time ...

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fun stuff
Monday. 4.26.10 6:58 pm
This weekend was almost as busy as I had planned it to be. It was slightly different in the fact that I wasn't planning on staying the night at Jacob's Friday and I had planned on discussing the baby shower with my sister's friend, but that didn't happen. Other than that, pretty much everything else that occurred wasn't completely random.

We went and saw The Losers. It was a good blow-shit-up film. A nice action/comedy that was entertaining. It'd recommend it to anyone who wants to see a bunch of stuff blow up. Or a hot chick who can kick anyone's ass. Either way.

Sunday morning was AFAN: Aids for Aids of Nevada. It was an AIDS walk. I didn't register because I didn't have the $50 to do so, but the time I spent there was fun. And I put in some money by buying tickets for the picnic/bbq after the walk. There were quite a few interestingly dressed people there. They were promoting Pride, which is the gay and lesbian thing they are having this weekend. I'm not sure yet if I'm going. I was supposed to take my sister last year, but something happened and I ended up not going. Oh well.

I had a lot of fun being there. Penn & Teller where there; they were the hosts/biggest sponsors. If you donated so much money you got tickets to their show at the Rio along with other various prizes. Penn is a huge guy! He's seriously almost 6'7" ... and I got a picture lol. I look like a fricken midget! I'll be putting up the picture in my gallery, the 'somewhat recent' album.

I know that doesn't sound very busy, but there was a lot of little things and driving around that I had to do over the last three days. I'm not glad that I'm back to work, but hey, I have to make money somehow. And this is a lot more healthy than whoring myself.

Alrighty, time to upload the picture to my gallery. Until next time NuTang ...

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kick ass
Sunday. 4.18.10 7:25 pm
This movie is not for everyone, but I certainly enjoyed it. I definitely got a few laughs out of it. My favorite character was Hit Girl. If you've seen the movie, you probably understand why. If not, however, here is a link {they've deactivated the embed code} so that you can get an idea as to why I like her:

Hit Girl

What makes it funnier is that she's supposed to be 11 in the movie and is really only 13 in real life.

It seems that I've been writing a blog about once a week. I suppose it's better than completely abandoning NuTang {and trust me, that'll never happen,} but because of it, I feel like I'm falling further behind on trying to keep up with everyone else's blogs. Oh well. I'm sure this'll pass ... at some point.

Anywho, I just wanted to write about the movie. The possibility of a second one is there because of how it ended, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens. If they do come out with a second one, they better make it good. Otherwise it would just be a waste.

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in and out
Saturday. 4.10.10 9:59 pm
I'm completely lacking on NuTang again ... sorry guys. For whatever reason, I'm just having a really hard time keeping up with it all.

This past week hasn't been too busy, but busy enough for it to make time feel like it was going by faster. Maybe because I've been away from the house for a decent amount of time during the last few days. Who knows.

Today my sister and I are going out to Sam Boyd Stadium to wander around Pet-a-palooza . One of my coworkers mentioned it and I think that it'll be fun. Plus it'll get us both out of the house for a while and we'll get to see all the pets that people bring. It'll be mostly dogs, but there might be a snake or an iguana there too.

Last night I attended my first baby shower {not my sister's; her's will be in a couple weeks.} It was pretty fun, actually. I didn't know anyone except the girl who it was being thrown for and her ex/friend, but everyone seemed open enough so it wasn't uncomfortable. There were a few games and prizes to go with. The first game was just a simple "guess how many are in the bottle" and the closest person got the bottle with the candy and a little bundt cake. I guessed way too high, but that's alright. The second game was that 4 chosen people had to drink a mixed drink concoction out of a baby bottle and the first one to finish got another little bundt cake. It was hilarious watching 4 grown men trying to drink from a bottle. Apparently sucking too hard on the nipple will make it collapse. Someone did actually finish and we found out that the liquid was a mixture of ruby pomegranate, orange juice, carrot juice and apple juice. No wonder none of them seemed like they were enjoying it lol.

The third game {and pretty much the final game, since the last one was just a raffle drawing} was quite interesting. There were 8 jars of baby food on the table, with the labels removed and each of them had a number. What we had to do was guess what the flavor was for each. We could look at the color, smell it and there were even toothpicks so that we could taste it. Do you even realize how much most baby food tastes the same? And that it's all gross? I was able to guess 5 of the 8. Once I found out what the ones I guessed wrong were, it was kinda obvious.

No one could guess number 8. We were told that it was a newer flavor, but not very many people tasted it after smelling it. It was just gross. Only one person was brave enough to stick in a toothpick ... but since he was the last one, we told him that no one else had gotten it. He was determined at this point to be the one to get it ... and he went to an extreme that none of us would go to. He actually took a fork and scooped out a good amount of the baby food. Then he actually savored the flavor just to see if he could get it. After a minute, he finally wrote down what his guess was and he was the only one to guess correctly. The flavor, was Mac & Cheese. Ew! It was the grossest flavor. Even the green beans and peas that were there didn't come close to the mac and cheese one. Ha, afterwards my sister said that she was never getting Zaidrien that flavor baby food.

So overall this past week has been pretty good. Jacob was sending me pictures last night from the Muse concert he was at. It would be amazing if I could go to the one tonight since they're here in town, but unfortunately I can't afford tickets. Oh well. Maybe one day I'll see them in concert.

Alrighty, I need to shower before I head out to Sam Boyd. Who knows when I'll be writing again. But until next time ...

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