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Swimming again
Monday. 10.16.06 11:16 pm
Well, I joined the Rays swim team to stay in tip top shape, or even better, for summer league and next year. *in a crappy accent* I think it's safe to say that I'm getting pretty serious about swimming. *kisses arm* Lol, really though, I just don't want to lose the edge that I gained through my hard work with highschool. (Which ended way too soon.) Rays is pretty fun; there are some swimmers in our group from different schools, but most are from my school team. Our group is even being coached by Sue, who was out coach and will be my biology teacher next semester. She's pretty awesome. I'll only be swimming on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I might deviate to match my schedule.

Who thinks that I should post more pictures?

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Wednesday. 10.11.06 6:24 pm
I am blogging for the sake of blogging. Nothing much to say. Kendal and I are cool again, I guess. (I haven't crossed the line to obssessing yet, have I? Lol.) I'm over here putting words to a book my friend and I drew for schol, and I'm having lots of fun with it. OH! I had a weird idea this morning before school, so I'm actually making a video. When it stops branching out I'll publish it, bloopers and all. It's kind of weird, so it's only funny if you have an open mind. It starts with me brushing my teeth in the morning, and who knows where it will go from there? I'll update you guys on it's progress.

Updates about my movie have been sent to my newest writing, "Movie Outline"

Go See.

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I think I've solved one of my problems
Saturday. 10.7.06 12:28 pm
by sleeping for about 12 hours. I feel fresh. Heh. And it seems that Kendal is actually thawing out. Yesterday I went to eat lunch for the first time all week, and I was kind of forced to sit next to her like I used to. It was still pretty ackward, but I asserted myself into the conversation, and things went pretty well. Her friend Hannah is actually being nice to me again, and I think that if Kendal tried to drive me away Hannah would stand up for me. Which is pretty cool, because I'd been thinking about it as all of her friends against me, because my friends don't want to get in the middle. So now I have an ally, Hooray! We started talking about how at our middle school we had a Ms. Roberts who was an intern to our Band director, and Ms Roberts who was the computer teacher. Pooter Roberts had a missing elbow, (It was shot off when she was a kid.) and she was really cool. Sometimes she'd bend her arm back. Haha. But Band Roberts, well, she was pretty cool, but nobody really liked her. We're not sure why, but she had a way of conducting that reminded everyone of a bird trying to lift off. Back to the table. Micheal, one of the coolest dudes ever, was imitating Band Roberts' way of conducting for Kendal's sake. (She'd left school early last year in favor of homeschool, so she never met the Bird Lady.) Sydney the Stupid, who never ever seems to be right, says "You mean the computer teacher?" When one of Micheal's arms started waving around uselessly over his head, nobody could stop laughing. I liked that lunch. And now I only have one project due for Mr. Archie, (May His Head Explode,) as apposed to the two or three that I had earlier this week. *Sigh*

Update 10.10.2006, 4:44 PM
Last night Kendal called and we had a good long conversation. Today at lunch (the ever powerful lunchtime) she seemed especially chipper and I summoned the nerve to steal one of her fries, which is something I haven't done in a while. It's like this whole drama never happened. Which is fine with me, I'm not going to ask her about it again until things are deffinitely cooled down again. Girls will be girls, I guess.

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For Today
Thursday. 9.28.06 9:04 pm
Hmm. Well, during practise my speedo kept trying to come off. o.O!! lol.

Wow, I've been rather busy on NuTang the last few days, haven't I? I'm supposed to be doing homework, but I guess I'll be aright. The main reason I can't get anything done is because I can't concentrate worth a turd lately. Maybe it's just the lack of sleep, but im not that tired. I do zone out during things where I have to listen to people, like school and church, and i can't seem to stop. Maybe it's the ADD in my coming out or something. Ugh. Like getting my contact lenses, Mom says getting tested for some head disorder like mild ADD or mild narcolepsy. I find myself jerking awake, and experience frequent bouts of small time lag, lol. Sometimes when I'm going to bed I randomly jerk muscles, and this also happens a lot during church and school, especially if I'm bored. Coffee doesn't help. ARG!

EDIT: If you have about 5-10 minutes of spare time, and/or have xanga, go Here. Enjoy!

Another Edit: 9.29.06. 9:40 PM

Wow. I don't like Kendal at all anymore. Like, not even as a friend. that's weird.

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