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Oh, Snap!
Friday. 10.27.06 9:00 pm
OK. So, I had a very fun two weekends with my camera. And fun in general. Some of the following pictures are in my gallery (or they were; they seem to have vanished...) but some are from photobucket. Take this for example:

More pictures to come. There are tons, and I don't have a lot of time...but while we're on the subject of my....-ness, lets watch this short video from myspace....

In a Drop of Water
Wednesday. 10.25.06 8:14 pm
Thursday, October 26, 2006
Creative Writing, Fourth Block
Miss < TEACHER >

I just got out of sanitation. I’m traveling fast with all my brothers and sisters, and we don’t even know where we’ll end up. Last time I made an exit I was in a sink, but the time before that I sat in a dirty toilet bowl for three hours before being mixed with various organic wastes and getting flushed back into the pipes with a loud swooshing sound and a swirl that changes direction from hemisphere to hemisphere.

It’s a shame, really. I’ve been around since before the first organic crawled from the sea. I’m a free roaming spirit, with the wisdom of the ages. My brethren and I have been to many places, in many forms. I’ve been to the bitter cold landscapes of Antarctica, both as a feathery, white flake of snow and as part of the brittle, smooth icebergs. (I especially liked being part of the few thousand emerald ones that I’ve joined; they look like lime, but they taste oh-so-salty!) Sometimes I go to the cozy shores of the Bahamas. I’ve made my vacation as a diamond of condensation on the outside of many cups smelling of lemonade, as an over sized drop of rain, (I usually have to share the space with ten or so of my buddies.) or both. A warm drop of water is a happy drop of water!

A few times (a few being so many million,) I’ve touched the rim of the deep black sky. For truly, the sky only looks “sky blue.” Silly organics. I’ve been in and out of every organic species on the planet; I know their inner workings better than my own. Being broken up into my base molecules is kind of like being tickled, but all over and inside. I hear the organic humans speaking in their unnaturally deep voices through the echoing pipe walls; they think they’re so smart. Surely, they have enough knowledge to enslave the elementals, but they are still foolish. They have no respect for those who give them their power. Without us water drops, all of the earthling organics would die. Their machines would outlast them, but soon they too would return to the collective of nature. Such are the thoughts of a high-spirited drop of water.

Still, in all my elemental glory, I am forced to do the bidding of the humans. I actually kind of like the roller-coaster ride through the pipes, it’s quite the hydrogen rush. Still, I don’t think it’s worth my freedom and my dignity. Oh lord, here comes a split in the pipes. Which will I take? I guess I’m off to the left. Down, down, down we swirl. If we don’t stop, I just might hurl!

I come out of a rusty shower head and whistle through the air. I’m sparkling in the light, free falling, separated from my brethren for a moment; this is why I like showers more than most other things. I fly right by the woman standing in the tub, and lose my euphoria. The humans make each other pay for water, and they waste it on absolutely nothing. I join other drops at the bottom of the tub. Some are messy with the dirt of the woman; I can taste her sweat inside me and the see it floating in the other drops like a miniature lava lamp. This isn’t so bad. No drop is 100 per cent water, there are many other things mixed into us. It’s part of what makes us individual. I smell grime and the musty smell of shower milder as we flow into the drain with the natural smooth grace that comes with our age. We quickly form into our signature blob and run down the drain. The path is predictable now. Though the actual route is undoubtedly different, all drains lead to the same place. They lead to freedom, simplicity, to the sea. I like being part of such a vast collective, being among my friends and relatives without so much interference from the humans. Then evaporation, flying with the air, falling as rain or snow, back to sanitation and the pipes, into eternity.

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George's Job
Monday. 10.23.06 5:10 pm
George was very tired. He’d been working all day, and he had the aches to prove it. His fingers felt like the tendons were trying to pop out of the inside of each knuckle, while his eyes told him that there was a giant with a thumb in each of his eye sockets. His back was also rather stiff; it seemed as if every time he turned, a whole section of bones popped with a loud CRACK. His knees were also creaking; each pop sent a shudder through his leg.

His work wasn’t finished yet, but George had a mighty need to stuff his face. His stomach growled at him angrily. George’s work was important to him; he hadn’t bothered to eat anything all day, and he was pretty hungry. The way his stomach was acting, maybe he could spare a few minutes or so and eat. He opened his lunch-box and began to work on his ham sandwich. Thank God for lunch boxes.

The sandwich was pretty good, and the apple left him content and thirsty. George downed a miniature bottle of water and grimaced. He glanced at the bottle and made another face. Deer Park. Man, that stuff sure is Deer Something, but it isn’t Park. Still, he was satisfied. George took a minute to reflect, them burped. If there ever was a philosophical belch, this was it. George considered himself a master of burping. Burping, and his job.

Several hours later, George finished. He cracked his knuckles and burped again, tasting his late dinner. His fingers and other joints still throbbed, but he was happy with a good day’s work. By now the FBI would be sending the money to his bank account in Switzerland; this pleased him. He needed the money, and he didn’t feel like launching any missile. It was too bad he’d had to launch the first one. George shut off the power to his bunker complex, and went to sleep on the trundle bed in front of the gleaming bank of computers and other hacking tools.

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The Crazy Trojan
Friday. 10.20.06 5:05 pm
Wow. So, today is CRAZY TROJAN DAY!!! We had a spirit week for homecoming, (the dance was CANCLED due to lack of participation. What a disapointment.) and today was the only day I dressed up. Since I was on the swim team, and because I'm SO serious about swimming, I wore a swimcap and goggles all day.

This is me with my swim coach. She's also going to be my Biology teacher next semester. She's pretty awesome, as you can tell

Here I am with some Band kids after school. In the back is a friend that I actually met in Clemson this summer. He's insane.

Here I am again. You can see AJ off to the side. Also, you can see that I was wearing a bathing suit and sandals. (I usually wear tennis shoes, and I have huge blisters now.)

So, yeah. I'm pretty sure that I had the most CRAZY spirit in school, other than AJ, but he didn't actually want to. I made him. And he enjoyed it! When I was walking through the crowd of people who were outside after second block, someone shouted, "Look! That kid's wearing a condom on his head!" I was like, "Yeah, I bought a big, purple condom at the gas station that says NHS TROJANS on it. Yeah." And then it hit me. Trojans. Condom. AHHHHHH!!!

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