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    Rappers Pop Off on 50 on Hot 97
    Friday. 2.2.07 6:09 pm


    Hot 97 popped off yesterday during Angie Mar's show with 50 and Cam airing dirty laundry over the phone. Get that audio here Apparently Cam is pissy about people--mainly 50--talking shit about independent labels like Koch records and how Dipset isn't too wise with their distributing money. They use Koch as a distributor. Threats were thrown around and certain folks sounded like they were PMSing. Cam yelled at Curtis about him talking shit about Koch, but still letting his dude Prodigy go over there. Then Cam had to bring up Jimmy's sales v. Lloyd Bank's sales and said for Jimmy to be "independent"--he still sold Banks on The Unit. Interesting.

    Then Styles P called in to further the spectacle talking about him being a free agent and 50 was trying to get him on his team some kind of way. Get the audio here But Styles wasn't trying to have it at all and called his ass out...especially about 50 supposedly pushing his album back and leaving the streets. But does Styles have crabs in the barrel syndrome? or is he just speaking truths? Get the full unchopped 60 minute show here.

    And to continue with the "shit on 50" day...Jim Jones called in later on in the show. He pretty much brushed off 50 and said it's just not that serious between Dipset and 50, adding to that he "just trying to get money and it's just aggressive competition."

    Nas has done it again. He did a "Where Are They Now 80's remix" and a West Coast remix. Get the audio here. I wonder if the south is next....

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    Daily Hip-Hop News:Rich Boy "Looka" For "Little Miss Alabama"
    Friday. 2.2.07 5:26 pm

    Friday - February 2, 2007 by Carl Chery
    Rich Boy

    With "Throw Some D's" increasingly buzzing, Rich Boy is throwing a "Little Miss Alabama" Contest to find a model for his second single.

    Sources at Interscope revealed that the Alabama rapper will be going through contestants from his home state to crown "Little Miss Alabama." The winner will automatically be cast for the video to Rich's next single, "Boy Looka Here."

    In related news, Rich released the remix to the "Throw Some D's" earlier this week. Remixed by Lil Jon, the song features and all-star cast that includes The Game, Jim Jones, Murphy Lee and Andre 3000. The upstart rapper told SOHH he hopes to shoot a video for the single in Las Vegas, NV during All-Star weekend.

    Rich Boy's self-titled debut is scheduled to hit stores March 13.

    « previous article

    The comments written below do not reflect the opinions of SOHH.com, 4CONTROL Media, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Comments may be deleted in our sole discretion.

    * Brian D. says...
    * This is going to be a bunch of ghetto beauty queens. This could be really fab, wanna be in the lab when they editing all the submissions with all those white pizzles out in Alabama.
    * Co-Sign!
    * Friday, 02-02-2007 @ 4:44pm

    * LOREN says...
    * Rich Boy Is Finally Putting Alabama On The Map!!
    * Co-Sign!
    * Friday, 02-02-2007 @ 4:44pm

    * jamie summers says...
    * hey im in alabama now this is so f#@$ing cool your f#@$ing ni99ers and rightous men and oh yea white power beeyatchs so dumb black monkeys lol oo i love this sh!t i hope all ya'll burn in that f#@$ lil miss alabama contest im goin to so light you ni99ers on
    * Co-Sign!
    * Friday, 02-02-2007 @ 5:20pm

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    LeToya Luckett Finally Tells All
    Thursday. 2.1.07 11:52 am
    Ok, sohh E! is running a show called "Blvd Of Broken Dreams" featuring Latavia and LeToya, formerly of Destiny's Child.

    Can I just say.... DAMN!

    Can I also just say... DAMN, Rudy Huxtable looks good! Remember that ugly stage she went through towards the end of the "Cosby Show?"

    But yea...

    Since LetoyaOnline.com won't allow me to embed this video clip, click here to watch it.


    LeToya and Latavia talk about the time when Beyonce was driving a Jaguar and LeToya said she wasn't even pulling in enough money to pay her cell phone bill. It also talks about how when Latavia was sick and in the hospital, and Mathew Knowles had her replaced for the European leg of their tour.

    The two talk about that famous instance when they were watching BET and the announcer said, now the world premiere of Destiny's Child "Say My Name," and they didn't even know that they were a.) kicked out the group, and b.) that a video had be shot under their noses.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, meet lip sync'ers Michelle and Farrah!

    Most importantly, LeToya reveals that Mathew Knowles made them sign an exclusive management agreement before he would allow them to sign their record contract with SONY. Like literally. Toya claims that at the moment he laid out the contract from SONY, he said "before you sign this (recording contract).... you must sign this (exclusive management deal)."

    In all fairness, LeToya says that she feels that Bey and Kelly were lied to about the issues. She says her major issue was the misappropriation of funds and lack of consideration that she and Latavia were given.

    As you know LeToya debuted at #1 with her subsequent self titled solo album.

    New music from Latavia and Farrah Franklin is in the works. *crickets*

    * Beyonce Knowles
    * Destiny's Child
    * Kelly Rowland
    * Latavia
    * Letoya Luckett
    * Mathew Knowles

    Posted by SOHH Soul Man on January 31, 20

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    Diddy, Keyshia Cole and the SOHH Soulful Top 5 Songs of the Moment!
    Thursday. 2.1.07 11:47 am
    Man... I been amp'd about Diddy and Keyshia Cole's duet "Last Night" ever since we got a sneak peek of Key Key laying down the vocals in the booth on her BET reality show.

    I am mad that Diddy and the label didn't see enough heat with this record to make it the first or second single at least. I believe it could have made the difference with Diddy being certified Gold and being certified Platinum, which his album has yet to achieve.

    Nevertheless... Diddy is Diddy and Keyshia... well, she is Keyshia and I LOVE IT!
    Yesterday, Natasha over at YBF ran a first look at Diddy's little girls and long-time girlfriend Kim Porter from the Canada's Hello! magazine.

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new Paris & Nicki, Paris & Nicole, Paris & Britney.... well you get it. These girls will be amongst the first generation of children of black entertainment moguls.

    Also in the clique is Damon Dash's son, Diddy's other kids, Jamie Fox's daughter and them. Look out red carpet 2021!

    I guess with this single and this new birth.... third time is the charm. SOHH, uh... yea. Vote for this video on your countdown of choice.

    But while you were wondering if the 132,000 people who bought Pretty Ricky's new cd, Late Night Special, sending them to the top of the Billboard charts, want a refund, we were wondering where Beyonce was the night of the SAG Awards?

    Here is our list:

    5. Brandy - "Best Friend"
    While homegirl finds some direction after all the drama around her car accident, she'll need her lil brother now more than ever.

    4. Trey WRONGZ! - "Wonder Woman"
    Listen to it here. It's from the forthcoming... Trey Day. (and y'all get on my case for always referencing Bey.)

    3. Musiq - "Buddy" Remix featuring Ja Rule and Fat Joe
    Check it, check it, check it out!

    2. Janet Jackson - "Take Care"
    Simply because since we haven't heard much from her lately... it's like farewell.

    1. R. Kelly - "Don't Let Go"
    This track is from the Daddy's Little Girl soundtrack.

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    Trick Daddy Ain't The Only One Who Loves The Kids!!!
    Thursday. 2.1.07 11:41 am

    How come rappers never stopped by my school when I was enrolled?

    One of our favorite rappers, Ludacris, in conjunction with the people behind the Grammy Awards, stopped by Clark University yesterday for “Grammy Career Day”. Over 300 metro Atlanta high school students from 10 different high schools will forever have the experience of meeting Atlanta’s multitalented rapper, producer, and CEO of DTP records burned in their minds. Luda headlined the event that is geared towards placing students in direct contact with industry pros, for the next two weeks in various cities leading up to the Grammy Awards broadcast on February 11th.

    The day began with a super-sized panel featuring Ludacris, R&B singer-songwriter Lyfe Jennings, jazz guitarist Earl Klugh, engineer Phil Tan, songwriter Tab Nkhereanye, record label exec Dee Dee Murray and singer, songwriter and vocal coach Jan Smith. This was followed by smaller music workshops, lunch and the closing performance by Shareefa, who sang her single, "I Need A Boss.”

    Ludacris had this to say about the event:

    "The questions these kids asked are the same kinds of things I wanted to know at their age, and there was no one around like that panel to answer them for me. That's why I do things like this; to make it better for the next hungry young kid. The talent out there just waiting to be bigger than me. And all they need is this knowledge."

    Big shout out to Ludacris for taking care of the kids!!

    Talk to y’all lata

    --Sohh Gyant
    Posted by SOHH Gyant at February 1, 2007 8:19 AM

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    iTunes new rival....Spiral frog
    Thursday. 2.1.07 8:14 am
    make sure you sign up for email on the launch of spiralfrog, because they will be offering free legal downloads coming soon... so check out http://www.spiralfrog.com

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