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I have to tell someone ...
Wednesday. 9.8.10 7:49 pm
Jacob bought me a ring! We had been talking about it for a little while and decided on something a bit cheaper than your typical engagement ring. We might or might not look at actual "engagement" rings later on, like ones with a full carat diamond or more, but for now I like what I picked out.

This is what it looks like. I think it's very pretty. With it's petite size, it doesn't overpower my small fingers.

I pick it up tomorrow. I would have it now, but I needed to have it sized down a half size. I didn't want to take the risk of buying it as-is an have it slide off my finger. I can't wait to have it on my finger.

I haven't told anyone yet and it was starting to get to me. So I figured I'd share with all my NuTang friends. I probably won't tell anyone at work, right away at least, just to see how many people notice the new, shiny ring on my finger. Since it won't be ready until tomorrow evening, I won't be wearing it to work until Friday, but still. A day is enough for at least some people to notice. Especially since I have a habit of keeping my hands up by my face.

I can't wait!

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new shift
Tuesday. 8.24.10 7:33 pm
I'm working different hours at work now. Instead of waking up at 1:30am to be at work by 3:00am, I don't have to wake up until 5:00am to be at work by 6:30am. I'm working an actual day shift: 6:30am - 3:00pm. It makes the day go by a little faster and I'm actually able to sleep at night instead of going to bed at the weird hour of 8:00pm. The only unfortunate thing is that I don't see Jacob during the day anymore. We only see each other between the time he gets home from work and the time I go to work. It's nice being able to actually sleep with him, though.

Anywho, I exercised twice since I wrote up my last entry and haven't done it since. Oh well. I'm sure I'll pick it up sooner or later. It's kind of hard when the Wii is hooked up to the only TV that we have in the house. I don't always like having an audience when I'm exercising and with someone almost always in the house, it causes an issue when it comes to me being comfortable exercising. We'll probably just buy a Wii once we're settled in WA.

Okay, I'm going to get comfortable and finish up 4th of July. Tomorrow I'll be starting 5th Horseman.

Till next time NuTang ...

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*yawn* ugh, why am I so tired?
Monday. 8.16.10 3:06 pm
So my exercising has gotten off to a late start ... meaning I haven't done anything yet. I walked a patrol at work; the one that takes 45 minutes to do and involves stairs, but somehow that doesn't seem to be enough. I was supposed to come home and get on the Wii Fit today, but I was tired so I layed down. Instead of forcing myself to stay awake and do the necessary exercising I need to be doing. Jacob exercises at night when he gets home from work because the house is quiet and it gives me the time to sleep before work. Maybe I should just start going to bed earlier and wake up when he gets home so that I can exercise with him.

I need to stop sleeping so much in general. This past weekend I got more than enough sleep to last me the whole week. I just don't seem to understand why I'm suddenly so tired. So that's it. I'm here right now to say that I'm going to stop napping when I get home from work. Naps are good on the weekends to help replenish so that I can stay awake later into the night, but starting next week when my schedule changes at work, I won't be able to nap. I'll be getting home too late in the day; it'll feel weird laying down at 3:30, 4:00 in the afternoon. So today was the last day I'll be napping when I get home from work. Except maybe this coming Friday, but that's part of the weekend and it'll be aiding in me staying awake later.

Tomorrow I start my exercise routine. My goal? Lose the ten pounds that I've gained over the last two weeks or so, by the time I leave for Washington. So that gives me about a month and a half. If I happen to lose anymore, then so be it. An extra 5 or 10 pounds won't do me any harm. I keep joking saying that I'll lose weight just from shivering once I'm up in WA.

Anywho, I need to shower so that my hair will be dry before I need to sleep. I'll be finishing 3rd Degree tonight. Maybe I'll start on the fourth. Maybe not. It all depends on when I sit down to read and how long it takes me to finish.

Until next time NuTang. . .

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hypocritical me
Tuesday. 8.10.10 5:07 pm
As I sit here and contemplate what I should do in the way of exercising so that I can lose my slowly growing midsection, I am indulging in a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ...

I've decided that I'm going to start working on this starting Sunday. This way I can start at the beginning of the week and make sure to work on keeping myself motivated through the entire week. If I were to start tomorrow, it's already halfway through the week and I've already blown it by eating a bunch of junk food. For now, I'm going to eat my ice cream and once it's done, it's done. I'll be doing what I can to avoid buying any kind of junk food.

Simply eating healthier doesn't entirely do the trick. Sure, it'll help build up my immune system, but as far as losing pounds? Exercising is what does it best. In Tucson, I still ate all kinds of junk food, but maintained a steady weight of about 133. I was walking everywhere that I needed to go. Probably not even half a mile a day, but I was still walking every day. I was drinking a lot more water and also working in an environment that kept me on my feet and moving constantly, helped.

If I had the money, I'd join a gym again. But unfortunately I need to save up whatever money I can so that I can get to WA. In the meantime, I'll be working on the Wii Fit, attempting to do the P90X with Jacob and I'll be motivating myself to do some walking at a nearby park. I'll probably drive to the park, but still. Once I'm there and get into a nice pattern, it should help.

This pint of ice cream is really good, by the way.

In other news, I'm coming close to finishing the second book in the James Patterson series that I'm reading: 2nd Chance. This way I can start on the third one: 3rd Degree. It's a good series. I really do enjoy reading, I just don't do it near as often as I used to. Perhaps in Washington on the really stormy, rainy days, I'll be able to catch up on books I've lost out on.

Alrighty, I'm going to finish this pint before it melts. Once I'm done with it, though, I will start my "scarce junk food" plan ... minimizing chocolate intake, as well as pizza/fast food/ other unhealthy items. More fruits and veggies. As well as healthier sandwiches and snacks. I heard graham crackers were actually really good as far as being healthy. Perhaps I'll check into that.

Until next time NuTang. . .

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small changes
Sunday. 8.8.10 3:17 pm
After two years of working at this place, I am finally getting the shift that I want. Go figure that it's a month and a half before I plan on leaving. This will start on the 19th of this month. Instead of working 3am-11:30am, I will be working 6:30am-3:00pm. It'll be nice because I won't have to wake up until 5:15am instead of 1:30am and in the afternoon, I'll still have time to do things. The only downfall is that I'll only be seeing Jacob at night. We won't have those couple hours in the afternoon between the time I get home from work and the time he goes to work. It'll be something to get used to, but it'll work out.

I don't have a definite date set yet, but I will most definitely be going up to Washington in September. It'll most likely be more towards the end of September, but I will be in Washington before my birthday. I really wish I could go up there now, but it just can't happen.

I honestly wish that my job would fire me. I can't collect unemployment if I quit. The way we're treated is completely unfair and none of us deserve it, but there's nothing that we can say to have it changed. But they won't fire any of us unless we really fuck up because they don't want to have to pay us unemployment. They'll just keep treating us like shit until we're forced to quit. Now, I will be quitting, but it'll be when I'm ready to leave. Between now and then, I'll need to keep having the income.

Other than my shift changing and September not coming soon enough, not much else has happened.

Until next time NuTang. . .

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I'm adding one more to my 100
Friday. 8.6.10 5:50 pm
Number 101: I get very cranky when I'm too tired.

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