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Thursday. 9.6.12 11:26 am
I am going to try and help my dad sell his property in Delaware.

It is just sitting there eating away at my dad's money. I can't in good conscience let that happen... plus he said I could get a finders fee if he sells it.

Onward towards my dreams of having the smallest scrap of money!

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Thursday. 8.30.12 4:49 pm
my friend ben built a rocket, and subsequently shot it very, very high into the air.

i didn't get to be there, but i did catch the footage taken at the time of launch.

...then i had some fun with the footage and edited it a bit.

i was just playing with some transition techniques using multiple effects, like time remapping and motion tracking. pretty fun.


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new jersey / new york.
Monday. 8.27.12 9:02 pm
i went to new jersey / new york this past weekend with amy to visit my brother and my sister-in-law. it was a lot of fun.

1. we went to central park and ate carnegie deli sandwiches on a random rock. it was delicious, and the weather was very nice.

2. we visited the 9/11 memorial, and saw the new tower they are finishing up. there was a line that you have to stand in, in order to get to another line, where you get a ticket to get into the tower, and you take that ticket up to a register and they give you a different ticket with a time when you can go in for a tour. that is, if you made a reservation online ahead of time. needless to say, we didn't go inside the tower.

3. we went to ninja restaurant. it was pretty amazing. you enter this dark building, and go down an elevator into a room of darkness. you then get to go up a path where ninjas can pop out and scare you. also, the food was very artistic and delightful. it was a five course meal.
a. first course - shrimp cocktail with seaweed salad, alongside three dipping sauces (ponzu, creamy something-or-another, and cocktail).
b. second course - a spicy tuna roll and a tempura shrimp roll.
c. third course - miso-marinated salmon with a buckwheat sauce.
d. fourth course - a steak that was literally bigger than both of my fists.
e. fifth course - chocolate mousse with whipped white chocolate cream.

it was overall an awesome time. it was nice to spend time with my bro.

okay, bye.


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Thursday. 8.23.12 5:18 pm
i'm learning how to play the piano.

not in the classical sense though. i am learning chords on the piano so i can play more modern stuff. i guess, less impressive stuff. but i don't care. i think it'd be fun to just be able to sit down at a piano and play random things.

it's been a few weeks since my surgery, and i'm having some difficulty breathing out of my right nostril. it's pretty upsetting, but hopefully it'll go away.

i haven't been sleeping well the last few days. i am tired. hmph.

what's up guys?


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new video.
Thursday. 8.16.12 4:29 pm
guys guys new video guys.

it's pretty silly, but i spent a lot of time on it. i hope you guys like it.

let me know what you think.

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the ability to breathe.
Sunday. 8.12.12 7:28 am
so it's been two weeks and two days since my surgery. i'm feeling pretty good.

my nose is free of pinched airways, and i can breathe through it freely. i never realized how much i was missing out on, and how annoying i must've sounded to everyone around me.

the silence you experience from having the ability to breathe through your nose for an unlimited amount of time (above water) is amazing. i just tried breathing with my mouth open, and realized how loud it was, i annoyed myself.

people have been telling me that my voice has changed since before the surgery. hopefully for the better. i kind of hate my voice.

it's 7:30 AM on sunday, and i am awake for some reason. i think it's because i actually got a good night's sleep. hmm... what to do...

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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