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Age. 35
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Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
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freedom is lovely
Thursday. 9.23.04 10:55 pm
freedom is lovely

I am free

finished two exam in this week, and finally got time to update blog.

I am so happy, even i am tired (slept 4 hours only), but I don't want to sleep, don't want to waste time in sleept, want to enjoy my freedom.


I feel so bore, I have nothing to do, and I won't pick up a book to study (I am not mad), and nothing can eat at home. It is like you were busy everyday every minute, and suddenly, you are free from this rountine, you feel lost, and not sure how to fill in the days.

So, I need some planning, need to go to supermarket tomorrow, and drink at night to relax.

And I'll need to study at weekend for Mike and Michael, probably Mike for saturday as he has lots of notes, and Michael for sunday.

And Monday for sleeping only to perpare my mind for exams.

Then more sleep on tue afternoon.

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tired to everything
Tuesday. 8.31.04 6:51 pm
I feel so tired, feel tired to everything, especially assignments.

I was late this morning, I hate to wake up early, but I hate afternoon class either. Had some disagreement with Hugh, and I am not the only one dislike him. This morning, Anna asked what is 'Choose" magazine means in Sydney, Hugh quickly said "I think we taught that last semester." What was the attitude? I know he is not going to make friends in class (he said that before), and he dislike international students, but doesn't mean he can shows his attutide. And he told Haylee "Oh, I think your hyposysis is totally wrong" after her presentation. So, he thought he is the only correct one?

He said our questionair was not good, so he made a new one to pass to the class, and why he didn't mention last Friday, when we showed him the questionaire. Don't waste my time and play these children game, please!! I am unlucky to group with him, as he doesn't what is RESPECT. He is not respect me, our group, our class, teachers (expect kevin, they are the same kind), Asians, and international students. If he doesn't like to be in group and think he can does well without us, I want to tell him the fact is we don't need him in our group. I am so angry with him, want to cut him in pieces and put into microwave.

I feel so tired to work with him, he thinks he is talent and everyone should agree with him (or he doesn't even understand why people disagree him), but his ideas are conservative, unrealistic. I feel so tired to talk to him, or to convince him (he'll never change mind). I hate him as I hate kevin, and I should establish an "anti-hugh and kevin soceity" in school.

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The 10 BEST Foot Exercises!
Saturday. 8.28.04 7:14 pm
1. Sit on the floor with your back straight and knees bent. Slide your feet out as far as you can while keeping them on the ground.

2. Stand on the edge of a stair so that your heels are hanging off the edge. Let them lower as much as possible. You will feel a stretch in your Achilles tendon. Then, do a slow releve and return to the starting position. Try to make the releve as high as possible. Do this several times.

3. Do forced arches in all positions.

4. Using your hands, shape your feet into the fully pointed position and hold it for as long as possible.

5. Flex your foot. Then, point your foot (arch area) while leaving your toes flexed. Point your toes, and then flex them while leaving the rest of the foot pointed. Flex your entire foot and repeat.

6. Do a forced arch on one foot only. Then, leave your foot where it is and bring your arch out. In other words, your foot will be in the pointed position with your toes on the ground. Push as hard as you can so that you feel a stretch on the top of your foot. It is hard to explain but once you actually do it, you will understand. If it helps, some people call this position nuckling over?

7. Flex your foot. Then scrunch up your toes as hard as you can, so that your arch will feel a cramp. This is a GOOD thing!!

8. Roll a tennis ball on your arch.

9. Do sautées in first position, and make sure to go through your foot before coming up off the floor.

10. Put a TheraBand under the ball of your foot. Hold onto both ends and straighten your leg out in front of you. Point and flex your foot.

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Saturday. 8.28.04 6:57 pm
1. releves and eleves in each position (first, second, fifth, then on one foot, parallel, turned in) make sure to switch feet! and do them as slow as possible. and go to your fullest releve

2. rolling your arch with a tennis ball. stand while doing this one, and make sure your holding onto something. do these slowly!! and switch feet. do these parallel and w/ foot turned out

3. stand on a chair holding on to something. put the ball of your foot on the edge so ur heel is off the chair and do slow releves and eleves from that poistion.switch feet!

4. sit down and sit up nice and tall. bend your knees have a piece of cloth in front of your toes then pick up the cloth while scrunching your toes and release it slowly with each toe. (like using your hands to pick up he cloth)

5. write the alphabet with each foot.. first name with one foot and last with the other. switch! dont let your foot off the ground.

6.sit up back straight and knees bent. with foot pointed slowly move your legs out in front of you keeping your foot on the floor. hold this and try to push it a little. then repeat

7.stand flat on the floor with the weight over toeballs and heels. Then try to "lift" the middlepart of the foot. Scrunch your toes back towards the heels by lifting the arch, while gripping the floor with your toes. Will strenghten your feet and lift the arch. Remember to stretch after.

8.sitting on the floor w/ your legs bent in front of you lift all of your toes off the ground and from pinky toe to big toe roll through one at a time. This one is hard.oh! be sure to not let your foot come off the ground! Its kinda like playing the piano w/ your toes!:)

9.heh..this one may be helpful to some...but try massaging your feet. Massage them at the ball, in between your toes(heehee), on your arch, and on your achilles. If you do this before dancing, it feels REALLY good!

10.point your foot (arch part) and flex your toes, hold, then-point your toes(you almost have to scrunch them up) and flex your foot, hold.
repeat 30 times on each foot. it really stretches your instep-i guess you could do it with a theraband as well.
you have to have quite good coordination for it though!

11. Ankle circles- 20 clockwise and anti-clockwise

12.Rises in parallel (add more pressure)

13.Pick up marbles off the floor with your feet

14.when doing a tondue (whever, front, side, back) focus on not only pointing your foot, but actually pushing against the floor right before pointing, so rather than go directly from being flexed to pointed, you work your foot through releve

15.work at pointing your toes when doing all sorts of jumps, mostly just by practicing then jumps and getting used to the feel of having your feet completely pointed.

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Tips for Ballet
Friday. 8.27.04 12:41 pm
1 Remember to always keep straight when you are in the ballet class. The teacher loves seeing her/his students keeping their posture perfect, just like a ballerina. Maybe in the beginning you will keep forgetting, but don't worry, if you keep doing it you will get into the habit.

2 Smile when dancing. Always look happy and graceful while dancing. The teacher will be very happy. You want her to know that you are enjoying the class.

3 Don't dance like a robot! Relax and most of all HAVE FUN! If you have noticed, most ballerinas look so soft and light when they are dancing.

4 When dancing keep shoulders back and down, even if you are tired.

5 stretch before a class, so you can be warmed up. You will be able to keep your leg higher and if you stretch very well, you won't feel stiff after the class.

6 STRETCH EVERY SINGLE day in order to improve flexibility and strength. This is very important, because although people think that ballet doesn't require much flexibility, they are wrong. It is easier for someone who is flexible to do certain exercises, than for someone who isn't flexible.

7 When dancing try and imagine yourself in front of an audience. Believe me that helps! It makes you perform better.

8 Try not to forget to POINT your toes and stretch your legs very well when you are supposed to. Teachers always know if you are pointing your toes or not. Trust me, it looks VERY ugly if you don't point your toes. Remember…you can’t point your feet to much.

9 Keep a notebook in your ballet bag, so you can write down the corrections your teacher told you. This helps you remember stuff and this way you can improve A LOT! If you write stuff down then you can practise at home and next time you have a class you will know your exercises very well.

10 LISTEN to the music when you are dancing. Dance WITH the music. If the music is fast then DON'T dance slow. It looks awful when you don't go with the music. You are also supposed to feel the music.

11 Try and keep your balance while doing certain exercises. Balance is hard to have, but if you practise, you will be able to keep it! Imagine that there is an invisible string pulling you from your head. That always works when you want to keep your balance

12 At home practise the exercises your teacher gave you. Do pirouettes (sp?) everywhere. My teacher told me that you have to practice them every day!

13 Try to avoid chatting with your friends while having a class. The teacher will get annoyed. Especially when the teacher is thinking of a new exercise to give you, KEEP QUIET! She/He is trying to think.

14 NEVER say the word: "I can't do this". You can do everything when you set your mind to it. You don't want your teacher thinking that you give up easily. It might be difficult to do a certain exercise, but if you practise you will be able to do it in no time.

15 Don't break any rules your school has, for example: don't take water in your class, wear proper ballet clothes and always put your hair in a bun

16 Always show that you are interested in ballet and that you want to learn, because if you are always bored then the other students in the class will think you are boring and you might influence them. They might ignore you! If your teacher hears you complain all the time, she/he will think you are not interested in ballet.

17 Don't be scared to ask your teacher questions. A teacher loves it when she/he sees her/his students asking questions and being interested in the lesson

18 When doing exercises don't always copy the others. Try and remember the exercises, so the teacher knows you know them and you have been listening to everything he/she said. If you don't know the exercises ask a friend or teacher before the lesson. Don't copy from other because the others will get annoyed.

19 Put yourself at the front of the barre. This will force you to know the exercise because there will be no one in front of you to watch. Eventually you'll be able to pick up on things faster.

20 If there is someone in your class who is better than you and can do everything perfectly, don't say to yourself: it is not fair that she can do it. Why does she get to be so perfect when I am so bad at everything?? Instead say: I bet she had to practise very hard to do that, so if I practise I bet I could do it better than her?

21 My teacher says that if you sweat at the end of the lesson it means that you have worked hard. If you don't, then try harder. So make it your goal to sweat after every ballet class because then you know you have worked hard.

22 Stretch at the end of the ballet lesson. Even if everyone else doesn't want to stretch, go and stretch on yourself. A lot of people on dance.net are posting that they don't like stretching at the end of the lesson because the others will think that they are showing off. If this is your case then ignore them. Get into a corner and practise your splits even if you are flat down on all three. After a while the others will get used to you stretching after class and they will find it normal.

23 In between exercises don't just rest and sit down. I was told that you are not allowed to sit down in class. Try breathing and stay put except if your teacher asks you to move of course.

24 If your teacher tells you where to put your head in each exercise don't ignore her/him. Do it. TRUST ME. Once I was looking at some girls dancing and they kept looking in the mirror all the time when they were supposed to be putting their head in the corner or when they were supposed to be looking at their hands. It looked REALLY ugly. You look more graceful when you are looking in the right place.

25 Most importantly don't miss any classes. If you do, ask your friends what they did in the last class and ask them to show you any new exercises.

26 If your teacher gives you a correction, try your best to do it. Don’t just nod and wait until the next exercise begins. Make sure you have mastered the exercise she corrected you on or at least make sure your teacher is looking at you trying to master it. If she/he sees how much you care about corrections she/he will give you more and then you will improve and be perfect!

27 Try remembering every correction your teacher gives you so you can write it down in your notebook and then you will not forget it.

28 There are many people here on dance.net, who complain about other students in their ballet class correcting them. You might think they are doing it just because they want to show that they are little-miss-perfect or something, but who cares. Listen to every correction and if you think they are right then keep the correction in your mind.

29 NEVER go to class untidy or with messy hear, or without your ballet clothes. Then your teacher will think you don't care about class. If you forget your leotard or something apologise or try and find someone you can borrow.

30 When you are in the changing rooms ask your friends to repeat some new exercises with you, so you can remember them for the next lesson. If they are not interested ask your teacher.

31 If you have any time off ballet, try improving. Let's say it is summer holidays. Practise and home and set up some goals and try to achieve them. This is the perfect time to improve.

32 If there is someone in your class or in your studio you admire, try to see what you admire about them and then try to be like them. For example: if one girl in your class has very strong legs, try working on your strength. See the positive points of the dancers you admire and try to use them as well.

33 Hydrate yourself properly everyday. You will be more flexible and have more to give when you're not unhealthily dying of thirst. Get in the habit now when you're not in a classroom all day. Drink 8-12 glasses of water per day, more if it's super hot and you're exercising tons. Believe me this works. It not only keeps you cooler it also increases your flexibility in some way. I can't dance if I am dying of thirst.

34 When doing things in groups watch the other groups and listen to and apply the corrections even if they aren't directed at you. This will really help you improve.

35 If there is room in your ballet class when you are doing an exercise in groups a cross the classroom, there's nothing wrong with going with more than one groups. If space is limited master the combination in the back.

36 Always lift up and out of your knees and hips with your inner thighs even if you are just standing there because then the teacher can see that you have engaged all your muscles and are working properly, not just doing the exercise any old how.

37 Before the class try going over the new combinations and stuff so the teacher can see you want to know them perfectly. If you have any questions of a combination you learned in the last lesson, don't hesitate to ask your teacher. She will probably think that you are interested in knowing the combinations even before the class started.

38 Never block a teacher's view or walk in front of the mirror when people are dancing. It is really annoying.

39 When the teacher is busy doing something, or thinking, or has left the class, don't just walk around doing nothing. Stretch a bit, or redo the combinations or try and master stuff you haven't completely mastered yet.

40 When a teacher makes a correction to anyone show her that you understand it by doing it the correct way. The teacher might not have seen you if you did the same mistake, so she won't correct you. She isn't sure if you can do it, so show it to her.

41 If you come late to class, this is what you do:
1) Wait until the combination is over and then walk to your place
2) Tell your teacher why you're late and apologise
3) Don't join in what the other dancers are doing right away, stretch and do some plies on your own first (this is if you get there after plies).

42 Do not where any jewellery except small stud earrings to class.

43 Focus your eyes when you dance, don't let them wander.

44 Go to the bathroom and get a drink BEFORE class, teachers hate when students need to go to the bathroom during class. Although it might happen to you once (wanting to go to the bathroom, I mean), try not to repeat it again

45 Always do your best and put your full effort into class, teachers care so much more about your effort than if you can do a combination properly or not. Teachers always love seeing their students trying their best in class.

46 Try arriving at the class as early as possible so you can stretch and you don’t have to rush to get ready for class.

47 Never chew gum to class. All teachers hate it when their students are chewing gum during the lesson. It is also dangerous.

48 Try showing your best side. Pretend you are at an audition or you are at an exam or that you have to be chosen by a lot of girls to play in this perfect ballet show and that you have to try your very best to get the place. Don't moan when your teacher makes you do something you don't want to.

49 Raise your hand before asking a question and make sure the question is relevant with what you are doing in the ballet class.

50 I am sure most of you know that when switching sides while doing an exercise you have to turn toward the barre. If the exercise is finished don't sigh loudly or say: thank god that exercise it finished? Breathe and stay in the ending position for several seconds.

51Don't wait for the others to begin the exercise. They probably don't know when to begin. You are supposed to know when the music is ready to start.

52 If you are doing centre exercises and you get mixed up or do a mistake, don't just stand there and wait with your hands crossed, look at what the others are doing and continue, even if you might find it difficult to do some steps.

53 When someone is new in your ballet class try taking the chance to teach them what you have learned until now in the other classes. The teacher will probably be so impressed by what you are doing.

54 If the teacher has to leave the class and accidentally leaves the music on try repeating the combinations, even if the music isn't for the combination you have just done. If you know what combination the music is for, practise it so you can be ready for it when the teacher comes. She/he will be very impressed if she/he comes in and sees you trying to do the next combination even if she/he isn’t there to tell you.

55 If your ribbon accidentally comes off or something, go to the side of the class and as quickly as you can fix it.

56 Usually at the end of the class you have to do a reverence, so do it with a big smile on your face, showing how much you enjoyed the class.

57 Always be nice to the others in you ballet class, even if you don't particularly like them. Don't fight with people in your class or in your studio. Not only will it create a bad atmosphere in your studio it will upset your teacher. The last thing a teacher wants is her/his students fighting.

58 In your dance bag make sure you have everything you need for class. It doesn’t hurt bringing an extra pair of leotard or an extra pair of tights just in case something happens to yours or even if someone forgot his, so they have to borrow yours.

59 Never ask your teacher: what time it is??It annoys all the teachers because they think you can't wait until class is over.

60 If you hate an exercise don't say out loud: this exercise is my worst?

61 Try your best in all the exercises even if you don't like some of them.

62 After the lesson, if you can't remember a combination then ask your teacher. She/he will be really pleased to know that you are interested in the combinations and that you don't want to forget anything.

63 Once I was watching a lesson and most of the girls were looking at themselves in the mirror to check if they are pretty or if their hair isn't nice or something. Lol. Don't do that! Looks are the last thing you should think about while you are dancing or having a lesson.

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don't scare me, please!
Thursday. 8.26.04 12:41 am
isn't it scare?

if one day, you find your blog gone,
not all your entries gone, but find you're never a member to the site
you try to log in but fail

that was what i experienced just a few hours ago

I thought account will cancel if you not update not a certain time,
like yahoo mail, they will cancel your account if you don't log in for three months.
However, i was busy, I need to work on assignments and no time to update.
And now,
I am sick, after hand in all assignments.

I still have to work on michael's work
need to make another questionaire to replace hugh's one,
he is the most difficult group member I've ever meet.

I have donna's flash,
Kevin's website.

And and and.....

I must attend Friday class to fill in servey to complain Kevin.
wahahhahahahhahahaha ....

My school system is: no-system

I hand in my medical cert to student service this morning, and they rejected me, said must hand in the day after you absent. However, the rule wasn't like this last semester, we have a week to hand in Medical cert, why there are no announcement for changing rule.

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