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Nikki Santoro
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Age. 47
Gender. Female
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I am very cranky tonight so back off!
Monday. 9.22.03 7:19 pm
I feel like crap tonight. I had to get another shot in my left foot today. It is looking really bad since the last shot two weeks ago. The area around where the nerve was removed is now all white and ugly. I really don't think this thing is going to get any better. I am pretty sure my podiatrist thinks the same thing yet he still makes me get these pain in the ass shots every two weeks. Grrrrr! To top that off I am getting over a cold that I got while in New York City. My skin is so sensitive that it got all worn out under my nose from constantly blowing it. Now I have a big, red, puffy scab under my nose and my left nostril is threatening to seal right up. Just beautiful!

On a positive note, we had a great time in New York City. The pics are posted here. Mike was surprisingly cool around his family this time. We did a lot of sight seeing and even caught a show. We saw Urine Town and it was great! The musical was hilarious and the cast was super. You should go if you get the chance.

Well I'll write more again when I am less pissy. By the way, tomorrow is my birthday. Whoopie!

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Dinner with the boys
Friday. 9.12.03 9:34 am
I had dinner with Josh, Sean, Mo, and Jon tonight. I had to work late so I had dinner in Redmond instead of heading home after my workout. It was a lot of fun but our conversation reinforced something I have been thinking about for a while. I really need to be more knowledgable on local and federal politics. I am a democrat and I have strong beliefs about what I think is right and wrong but I have trouble defending my positions very well. I am reading a few books that should help; one on Seattle and one on politics in general. I am also brushing up on current events. I typically don't watch the nightly news or ready the newspaper so I have a lot to catch up on. Hopefully this will make me SMRT. :)

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OUCH! That hurts!
Thursday. 9.11.03 9:20 pm
Another fun evening at the gym. Traffic was shitty so I was 25 minutes late to my workout with the enforcer so of course I had to be punished. She made me run for what is a long time for me, 40 minutes. And this wasn't any jog at your own pace kind of thing. I had to run fast on an incline and when I got tired I had to increase my speed and incline. I thought I was going to pass out for a while. Anyway, I made it home and all I can think about it taking a hot bath and going to bed early. But since I was late to my workout, I have to lift weights tonight. Man, being fat sucks!

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Long weekend in the Big Easy
Tuesday. 9.9.03 1:35 pm
Mike and I went to New Orleans this weekend to attend a friend's wedding. We flew in Friday and attended the rehearsal dinner that night. We were an hour late so we missed the parade through the French Quarter. Too bad, it sounded like fun! What wasn't fun was this wacko guy sitting at our table at dinner. We were never introduced but apparently someone told this idiot where I work. (I won't tell you the name of the company I work for but I think it is the best software company in the world.) Anyway, this idiot went off on a tirade about how monopolies spoil everything for the consumer. Then made some lame analogy about the automobile industry. I really couldn't follow his ramblings but I was pretty sure he didn't like me or my company much. I tried to defend myself for a bit but this guy wasn't listening. Then my husband leaned over to me and asked if I wanted him to take a picture of this guy for my blog. Of course I said yes. (Here's his picture.) When this guy saw the flash go off he went balistic. He was convinced we were trying to intimidate him for speaking out about the truth about the company I work for. What an asshole! The reason I wanted the picture was to post it on my blog and say what an asshole this guy is. Some people really should think before they speak.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend went alot better. The wedding was a traditional Catholic wedding so it was too long for my taste. The St. Louis Catherdral was beautiful though. There was a very loud jazz band at the reception that was fun but ended up giving me a headache. We stayed in New Orleans Sunday night because it is much cheaper to fly on Monday than Sunday. I am very glad we did. We attended a three hour class on Cajun cooking at the New Orleans School of Cooking in the morning. I learned to make gumbo, jambalya, pralenes, and bread pudding. It was all yummy!

In the afternoon, we decided to waste some time at Harrah's casino. Apparently, gambling is illegal in Lousianna but gaming is perfectly legal. Gotta love that state! Anyway, while Mike and played Texas Holdem I went over to the craps table. I started with a small amount and ended winning about 8 times the amount I started with. The high roller standing to my right was on a huge roll and the rest of the table was really cashing in. I think my winnings ended up covering our hotel bill for the whole weekend. Yipee!

Monday's flight was long but with the time change, we got home around 6:00 PM. I was so happy to get home and couch out in front of the Tivo.

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Two days in a row makes me ouchy
Thursday. 9.4.03 12:42 am
I am so tired after my workout I could seriously pass out right now. Since my upper body was complete toast from yesterday's workout, today my trainer killed my lower body. I had to march around with these huge weights attached to my ankles then jump up and touch the ceiling with the weights still on. After that she said she would take it easy on me and I only had to jog on the treadmill for 30 minutes. This wasn't too bad but coming on the heels of the lower body workout my legs certainly felt the burn.

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Facing the enforcer
Wednesday. 9.3.03 148 pm
I started a weight loss program about a month ago. My person trainer's nickname is the Enforcer and she is brutal. Last night she told me I had to make up for the fact that I was on vacation for two weeks by running intervals on the treadmill. This is after she made me do a killer upper body workout which started with me bench pressing 75 pounds for 2 sets of 12 reps. I know this may not seem like a lot to some people but it sure felt like it to me. The only up side to the evening was that when she weighed me I had only gained 1 pound while on vacation. That's not too bad after all the wine I drank. Only 15 pounds to lose.

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