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Sunday. 2.17.13 10:58 pm
This weekend has been drenched with studying and...snow? I must have slept through it.

I have a headache from reading and glaring into the sun too much.

I just realized I got a somewhat unsatisfactory grade on my Friday test, and now I'm extra prompted to do well tomorrow. SOOOOO

This is all you get. Sorry I'm not sorry!

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Saturday. 2.16.13 6:23 pm
I don't feel like posting. Nyeahhhhh

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Saturday. 2.16.13 12:25 am
What a long day:

8 - 10; Wake, study, eat, walk
10 - 11 AM; Astronomy Test
11 AM - 12 PM; Electrodynamics Class
12- 3 PM; Working in the lab
3 - 4; Sociology Class
4 - 5:30; Walking, eating, and my free time
5:30 - 7; Family time
7 - 10; Friday Night Devotional and hanging around
10 - 12; IHOP with riddles

As you can see, I keep a heavy Friday rotation. It's weird, I seem to be busier on the weekends than during the week. Oh well. You see that half hour of free time around 5? I spent that writing up cards that the guys gave to the GT/Emory sisters during family time. So yeah.

IHOP was originally a way to put food into my stomach. But then one guy wanted to come. And then my whole car wanted to come. And suddenly nine people were coming. And somehow we spent almost TWO HOURS sitting at the table, just joking around and telling riddles. It was a rare moment where I wasn't aware of the passage of time. Definitely a lot of fun, and I was able to bond with some of the guys I don't see as often (i.e. don't live with).

I'm...really tired.

I have to drive home next weekend to get my driver's license renewed. It expired on my birthday, and I can't do anything about it here in Georgia. Ironic. I have to make an eight hour round trip to fix the thing so I don't get ticketed for driving without it.

mmmm bed now kiddies

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Like This:
Thursday. 2.14.13 11:19 am
Th-t-t-t-then I made a noise like this.

I just signed up for St. Baldrick's. Definitely check it out. Basically, people raise money for kids with cancer by agreeing to shave their heads. So at the end, not only do we put more money towards treating children, but we stand in solidarity with the children who lose their hair from chemo therapy. If you aren't going to sign up yourself, (or even if you are,) I certainly wouldn't mind your donations. It goes to a great cause. And, tell ya what. If I get 100 dollars from nutang members specifically, I'll post before and after pictures here so you can be a part of it. Fun times, right?

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day, guys. Hope you know you're loved.

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