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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
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i took an online mapp test
Monday. 10.19.09 12:48 pm
since i am unclear as to what i should move on to, i googled and took a mapp test too.

Here's my top 20 jobs

1 News Reporting: gather, write, send information
2 High School, College, University; teach/counsel
3 Corresponding: prepare, edit, send communications
4 Legal and Related: practice of law; judges, lawyers
5 Promotion/Publicity: advertise, market, promote
6 Journalism and Editorial: write, edit, publish news
7 Consulting, Business Services: evaluate, influence
8 Interview/Inform: gather, dispense information
9 Sales Engineering regarding Technical Markets and Customers
10 Training Services: human resource development
11 Radio, TV Announcing: poise, vocabulary, delivery
12 Business Training: teach, demonstrate, communicate
13 Contract Negotiations: confront, persuade, close
14 Supervisory and instructive: teach/manage service classes
15 Specialty Entertainment: please others to make sales
16 Human Engineering: identify, develop/apply human skills
17 Decorating and Art Work: design, arrange, consult
18 Technical Writing: logic, terminology, explanation
19 Sell in Seller's Interest: gain for self; commissions
20 Creative Writing: author; imagination, vocabulary

basically, it means i should have gone for mass comm instead of a banking deg. worse still, i hear myself saying "i knew it!"

i got a basic report charged to my credit card. I would say its 90% accurate in description. the other 10% was lost in the long long transcript i speed read thru.

"Merrick does not prefer being tied to or tied down by timed, repetitious sensory/physical activity. Such work quickly becomes boring, frustrating, and stressful. In such work, Merrick seeks and needs frequent breaks and other change and/or variety. Performance and quality of work tend to fade as repetitive activity continues."

"Math may be about the same as a foreign language for Merrick. At least, it is foreign to Merrick's mental preferences in one-way or another. Mathematical problems seem to become bigger problems if Merrick tries to solve them. Mental gears seem to get jammed in the middle of a math problem, and success in the form of a solution is without internal reward or satisfaction." -- LOL!

"Merrick is not motivated for what is called `workbench' activity where a person manually (primarily arms, hands, fingers) processes materials. There can be many reasons for disinterest in that activity: 1) Merrick is motivated to do other things, 2) Merrick does not naturally have the talent for sensory/physical activity of that kind, 3) the activity is too monotonous for Merrick's activity preferences, or 4) it is too non-social where social activities are preferred. It is important to identify the reason(s) so Merrick can function where natural talent or already existing skills and abilities as well as motivation are greater."

i am not kpo queen! its becoz "The main preference is to share knowledge and information that will be useful. So, conveying information to others assumes that educating self precedes educating others. Merrick is motivated by learning, seeing the big picture, recognizing how pieces fit the picture, and prefers passing information on to others"

Describes my last job:
"Merrick is most likely not motivated to engage in activities requiring close, constant attention to precise standards, exact measurements, close tolerances, detection of minor defects, and long concentration on the process. Instead, there is a demonstrated preference for change, variety, and activities with less concentration and specialized focus."

"Methodical, meticulous, routine activities do not motivate, are not acceptable, or tolerable for Merrick. Change, variety, options, challenge, and opportunity to move up based on merit represent more preferred activities."

mich suggested before in passing that i can try to be a property agent like her. i dismissed the thought, thinking i'm not quite a pple person. maybe i should revisit the idea. Sales for commission is in my top 20, i should be happier at least

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anyone knows where to get this in SG?
Sunday. 10.18.09 1:13 pm

intending to go for Zouk's Halloween party! anyone wanna join me???

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