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I suppose this is better
Monday. 6.25.07 1:42 am
Okay, it is much better. I thought Melissa (pyrogrrl12) would be feeling downright crappy on my birthday, so I wasn't going to even bother wondering if she'd want to go out, but she does! I won't have to be sitting at home alone on my birthday, so I suppose that is really good.

Brian's mom is going to get my hair done for my birthday. I know how I want it cut, but I'm not sure if I want to chop it all off before Mellanie's wedding. I want there to be hair to do stuff with versus having no hair and nothing that works with doing stuff with. I'm still debating. Mellanie said I could have my hair however I wanted, but still, if everyone is going to do updos or something, I don't want to be the only one with short hair and it look funny. I don't want to be the maid of honor that people are like "uck..." when they see me.

In other news, Gregory has been sleeping in his own crib for a few weeks now. He's even been sleeping all night long! How the hell did that all happen at once? On top of that, he's getting 2 teeth down in the front. I don't think I filled ya'll in on that little detail. He's been incredibly fussy, but I guess it's all worth it since he's getting his little teeth. Poor guy...he's probably in a lot of pain or something.

I have a follow-up appointment for my anti-depressants tomorrow. 2 weeks ago, I went to the doctor and they put me on Cytalopram (generic of Celexa) which was helping quite a bit. I did feel a lot better and things were going well. This past week though, it really hasn't made a difference. Either the dose isn't high enough or it is not working in relation to my hormones. I have a history of depression and I noticed it back when I lived in Washington. I would be happy or more agreeable for 2 weeks out of the month, and then the other 2 weeks, I'd be really crappy and depressed. I figured it revolved around my period, so I went to the doctor. He told me I had 2 options - birth control or anti-depressants. I cannot take birth control because I have migraines and people with migraines are more prone to getting blood clots which is not good for birth control. They put me on Zoloft and things were extra peachy. I moved to Colorado and didn't bother getting back on them because the change in climate and how sunny it was really improved my outlook on things.

After Gregory was born, things just went down the tube and I got extremely depressed again. Went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and that's where I stand. I don't think this anti-depressant is working because it should balance out my hormones. To me, it really hasn't balanced them out. When I was on Zoloft, I was happy all of the time including those 2 crappy weeks. On the Cytalopram, I'm happy for the first 2 weeks, and still crappy the other 2 weeks. I'm going to talk to him about it tomorrow. Maybe they'll up my dosage or just put me on Zoloft like I wanted in the first place.

Anyway, I'm going to go to bed...I'm beat and I have to get up early.

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This is so funny...
Sunday. 6.24.07 2:51 pm
Has anyone ever heard of lolz cats? They are these funny pictures of cats with really bad grammar in the captions and they are funny as hell.

Here's a link to one of my favorite ones:

im in yur gardn

It's so hella funny...

Anyway, my birthday is on Tuesday. I'm doing a whole lot of nothing. I'm going to work and then Brian's parents are going to watch him that night. I'll get to spend my evening alone. Sounds like a fantastic birthday, right?


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Not so happy start to the day...
Friday. 6.22.07 9:08 am
I got a call this morning at 6:18am (believe me, I was still sleeping). When I was leaving to go to work, I saw the message and called my best friend's mom. It appears that my best friend Melissa (pyrogrrl12) had to have surgery again this morning.

If you read her blog, you may know that she just had surgery on Tuesday (I think...either Tuesday or Monday) to remove her gall bladder and get rid of the gall stones. Well, I guess they did not get rid of all the gall stones and they are going back in there to retrieve the rest of them that are on a fast track to her liver. I hope she gets better soon! She was feeling great since her last surgery (minus being uncomfortable), however, this is a big setback. Wish her luck in getting all of the gall stones out this time!!!

Anyway, Brian didn't get home until 12:30am last night, so I was SOOOOO tired. I think I ended up actually getting to bed around 1:00am because Gregory was crying and all that. He was not very happy last night because right before Brian got there, I put him in his crib hoping that he would stay asleep. The minute I put him in there, he woke right up and started crying. I'm sort of running on little or no sleep right now. I'm okay when I get at least 6 hours or so (which is what I usually get), but I feel so burnt out right now...ugh...

Anyway, I shall leave you with a video.

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Thursday morning...and then some
Thursday. 6.21.07 9:06 am
I'm trying to get back into my groove of writing stuff every morning like I used to.

Anyway, I got to work today and realized that I did not have my damn keys. I did not have my badge to badge into the building. I do not have my keys, so if Brian locks the door, I'm not going to be able to get into the house. I have to call him and make sure that he does not lock the door or I'm going to be screwed. I cannot believe I left that at home. I must have taken them inside when I went and got the mail last night and all that and just didn't put them where I usually do. I bet they're on the couch.

We got our first rejection letter regarding our loan request for the car. We were unable to get the loan through Bellco Credit Union based on our past credit history. I hope one of the ten people that they use will extend a loan to us. I really do not want to have to return the car :( They said they financed people with credit scores as low as 400, so I still have hope. Mine is floating in the upper 500's and one of my credit reports even gave me a 600 (of course, they do not use that report). I'm crossing my fingers!

MUSE tickets go on sale today. I really wonder who they are playing with. It does not say on their website...which reminds me, I have to get on into the presale or else. I do not want to miss out at all on this concert! Tickets go on sale this morning at 10am MST, so I'll be ready. 3 hours to go! A bunch of the tickets have sold out for the other presale shows, so I can only hope. I checked the prices for Key Arena in Seattle and the tickets are $38.50! I can only imagine the price at Red Rocks. I think they may be headlining!

Anyway, I have a radio at work now so I can listen to stupid stories in the morning! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Okay, I'm going to get to work now.

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The concert...
Thursday. 6.21.07 1:34 am
Last night was the concert...and it kicked ass!

I would have to say that we were standing out on the curb and there were lots of goth people standing there with us. People would drive by on the street shouting derogatory comments to the people standing in line. These people behind us were like "I'd like to go see you park your car and try and say that." It's the truth. The only people that were shouting rude remarks were the jock looking people. What does it matter how you look or what you're doing? I don't think it really matters...I just couldn't believe how rude people were driving by.

Anyway, went inside and went to the top to hang out by the bar. Had about 4 beers and then the band came on. It was FANTASTIC! It was better than I thought. They (as in VNV Nation) are very emotional and you can really get into the music. It was funny though because after one of the songs, he looked over to the right of the stage and was telling the person who had started smoking pot to put it out because he hated the smell of it. He played another song and then was telling everyone how he hated drugs and all that. I was so happy to hear that. FINALLY, a band that does not condone drug usage. He did finish off with hey, that's his opinion. Seriously, do you need drugs to have fun? I don't think so...so I'm glad someone said that.

But yeah...I need to buy my MUSE tickets here the day after tomorrow. MUSE...I cannot wait!!!

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Exciting news!
Saturday. 6.16.07 12:06 pm
My car took a crap last night after we changed the oil in it. It was going downhill long before then anyway...LONG BEFORE.

We said, screw it...this isn't worth having anymore and we wanted something more reliable.

Brian and I went out and bought a newer car last night. It's a 2005 Ford Five Hundred. I LOVE THIS CAR! It has a few blemishes on the outside and it's sort of high mileage, but whoever had it before too VERY good care of it. It has all the paperwork showing when they got it serviced. The inside is gorgeous! It's a nice step up, in my opinion and I am glad that we made this investment. It's also a good starting point for cleaning up our credit. We didn't get financed for too good of a percentage (18%), but after 6 months, it starts showing up on your credit report and he said that after 8 months or so, you can look to see about refinancing. Believe me, I'm not going to fuck this car thing up!

Anyway, we're off to Black Hawk today...we'll be back later.

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I'm so tired!
Sunday. 6.10.07 9:19 pm
The waterpark was a blast yesterday. I definitely want to go again this summer, but I'll make sure to put on more sun screen. Even though I sprayed on SPF 50, I still burnt to a crisp. My face is sort of burnt and my shoulders are burnt the worst. I think I put enough on, but it must have washed off or something.

We went to The Melting Pot last night. If ya'll have one of those in your direction, I would suggest going. It's expensive, but for a special occasion or something like that, it's a great and unique experience. We had a $100 gift card and we spent more than that!

Greg and I went swimming today. He had lots of fun...but we left when SOMEONE ELSE's baby threw up in the pool. GROSS!!!

BUT, here's pictures of Gregory. He's getting HUGE!

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Saturday. 6.9.07 11:21 am
Going to Water World today. Here's the link right here if you want to check out the website.

It is currently listed on the Travel Channel's list of best waterparks. To think it's not even 5 minutes away from Brian's parent's house. I've been there once...got pregnant (so I couldn't go last summer) and I'm going to go for the 2nd time today. They have some new attractions, so I can't wait!

Anyway, I need to go get Brian out of bed so we can go. We need to find some specially marked Pepsi cans so we can get $8.00 off on admission!

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