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Monday. 4.14.08 5:42 am
I had a long Saturday. I went to UCSD for KP Choir practice at 12; turns out practice was bumped to 2 because it was admit day. This was conveniently told to me by the time I got onto campus after I almost walked in on a keynote speaker at Eleanor Roosevelt College. Since I was already on campus, I decided to have lunch and get out of the 98 degree weather in La Jolla of all places. Unfortunately for me, there were thousands of proud parents and incoming freshman taking their first tour of the campus that by the time I got to Price Center every single one of the vendors had lines snaking around the food court. So I was like, "Ok, I can't go to KP Choir practice anyway because I made plans a month ago to go to an old high school friend's son's birthday party" so I just sucked up my thinning patience and growing hunger and called one of the KP Choir coordinators to say that I couldn't make it to practice at 2.

So I decided to detour onto library walk (big mistake) and I found myself right in the middle of all the clubs and orgs tabling on campus. I guess some good came out of it, since I helped Kamalayan Kollective carry some of their stuff back to the Cross-Cultural Center. This time, I actually did walk in on a keynote speaker, but seriously, whatever. I was hot, hungry, cranky, dehydrated and sweating from all the people and lack of wind on campus that I just wanted to get indoors and cool off for a while.

Awesomely enough, Chris was in the intern office and set the A/C to 60 so I chilled in there for a good half-hour until everyone I was with went off to do campus tours. I then walked to the nearest shuttle stop and waited for the counter-clockwise shuttle to bring me back to my car at Pangea parking structure at ERC... it totally passes by. I'm like, "Ooookay" and I walk another stop down the road across form Sixth College... another shuttle passes by. By this time I wanted to run towards the shuttle and do some ninja gymnastics to get on it and out of UCSD, but seeing how much energy that I would expend on such an endeavor (I kid, I kid), I decided to just cut through Sixth College and just wait for the shuttle a THIRD time across from Warren Field.

Turns out, my "short cut" was really a long hike because honestly, I could have just walked straight on the path I was already on and I would have made it to the stop 20 minutes sooner. But whatever, it was an interesting walk nonetheless. I saw a bunch of admits playing scavenger hunt in the heat, probably cursing underneath their breath at the heat and the luck of getting into UCSD, and across from the third shuttle stop I walked to there was a Lacrosse camp going on.

Anyway, I practically stripped naked waiting for the shuttle to come. I seriously could care less. The shuttle took 30 minutes to get to my stop. Actually, two shuttles came back to back at the stop. Somebody needs to get fired, because one of those two should have came 15 minutes sooner.

I finally left campus at 2:30pm and got home by 3. As soon as I got home, Michelle calls me and asks me what time we're heading out to got to the birthday party. I'm like, "now's fine (!)" and I get a cup of water and leave. Bernadette, Michelle and I end up picking up a pimp suit for Melissa's son at Gymboree at the newly renovated Plaza Bonita in National City. I haven't been to that mall in years and I must say I like the change.

After the shopping we went to the birthday and stayed until a little before 8. I saw some old faces at the party.


I don't know how many of you ladies and gents who actually read my entries keep track, but these are the same people I separated from because of various negative reasons. And honestly, that was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Seeing them again brought back no anger or angst, but I felt satisfied nothing that I could look at them directly in their face and harbor no resentment whatsoever anymore. I'm beyond that and yesterday was a testament to it all. Those chains have been broken and no longer hold me down. I'm elevated and it feels awesome. [=


So, after leaving the party, I dropped off Bernadette while I got ready to go out to the club at Michelle's. Auntie was nice enough to re-iron my shirt AGAIN for the 2nd time, and as soon as Bernadette came over we left to pick up Johanna and drive down to Club Belo.

I don't club much (at all) but it's a nice experience every now and then. The night was great expect for some assholes who completely disrespected Johanna by saying that she was fat and all that. Seriously homie, you were just jealous cause she had someone to dance with and you didn't.

We got into Belo for free and left a little after 1. Overall, it was a LOOOONG Saturday and weekend and general, but I'm glad that it all happened nonetheless. That's life for ya.

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Friday. 4.4.08 1:37 am
Sometimes I feel so prudish. I don't like to drink. I don't do drugs. I most definitely do not smoke. Don't get me wrong, I don't think you need to do any of those things to have a good time, but beyond that, I feel like I am so... dull.

At times I sense myself become asocial, although I would not like to be. I've been invited to attend several functions, whether it be parties or get togethers, whatever. But most of the time I find myself at home enjoying the company of none but my own.

Like right now. I could be at DnB's having a good time chillin' with friends and whatnot, but here I am, getting ready to go to bed so that I can wake up and go to work tomorrow at 8am.


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