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These Hot Summer Nights
Wednesday. 4.28.04 1:59 am
The sphere with the dark green liquid has finally sunk to the bottom of the tube. Now all I can do is await the desent of the last sphere with the dark blue liquid. The Gieger thermometer does not lie. It is exactly 81 degrees in my room right now.

This is really beginnning to piss me off. Every night it gets insanely hot upstairs and I can barely sleep because of it. I am the only person that lives up stairs anymore, so my dad doesn't feel I need airconditioning at night. The airconditioner is set to turn on at 80 degrees. Well too bad I am in the hottest room in the house, and my room is always about 4 degrees hotter than all the others. Lucky me.

It's damn uncomfortable here

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The iMac Ate My Entry
Tuesday. 4.27.04 1:13 pm
Well I had a pretty good entry written in my English class. Unfortunately I wrote it on an iMac. Yeah that's right, the evil Mac. I hit Ctrl-X to cut what I wrote out of word pad to paste into my journal... I had forgotten you couldn’t do that on a Mac because Macs are crappy. So yeah there went my post, replaced by this little square looking symbol. For some reason I couldn't log out on the computer either, which was pissing me off. I unplugged it; I hope it's still not logged into my account that would suck. Oh well, I'll try and make a real entry sometime tonight.

No matter how crappy Windows is, Mac OS X is a thousand times crappier.

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Kickin Some Xanga Ass
Monday. 4.26.04 10:51 pm
I find it entertaining that people here have this... hostility towards Xanga. There is that whole, we don't take kindly to people that use Xanga round here, attitude going on. Well there is also that, we must convert the heathens, attitude. I'm not sure which is better.

What am I saying, I hate Xanga!!! I mean yeah, damn Xanga ruining summer for Jesus! Lets go kick all their asses!!

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A Moment Of Silence Please
Monday. 4.26.04 9:28 pm
Please take a moment of silence in memory of my little friend that lived in my trashcan. I didn't know him that well, but I knew him well enough to say he was a fighter. He struggled with death for some time before he finally died. Make no mistake, this roach died with his dignity.

When I found him this afternoon, he was in the position he had always been in, ever since i first met him. He was facing belly up, only this time his little legs and tentacles weren't moving. I poked him with a pen, but his lack of response to it only confirmed my fears. My little friend has passed away.

I partook in a moment of silence for the little guy, it was the least I could do. I also folded a piece of tissue paper and placed it over him. I hope that the next life is a kinder place for him to live. I wish him luck and god speed.

Goodbye my friend, you will be missed.

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The Roach
Monday. 4.26.04 3:47 am
As I was sitting on the toilet I heard a slight scraping coming from my left, coming from the trash can. It was 3:00AM and it was dark, except for the well-lit bathroom that I was in. I looked over into the trashcan to see none other than a gross roach turned upside down.

I couldn't help but stare at the little thing; well it was actually quite big for a roach. I wonder, how come they turn upside down when they are dieing... I wonder, how he got in the trashcan... I wonder why he was dieing in the first place. These thoughts filled my mind. I sat there for quite some time pondering the roach’s existence.

I paid a lot of attention to the roach’s subtle movements. He would slightly move a leg or two just enough to let me know he was alive. Could he be in pain? Maybe he was wishing for death? I considered ending his life for him… but I decided against that un-moral act. Although I couldn’t help but wonder if he was in there… just wishing for death. His little antennas moving so slowly, maybe he was starving to death in the trashcan. I wish I could help him.

I guess this was all due to being awake at 3:00AM but it all seemed rather weird to me. I don’t usually think about stuff like this, but I do sometimes. One thing is for certain; I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the little guy.

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And Thus It Began...
117th day of 2004
I finally got one of these online journal thingies. My girlfriend used to bug me about getting an xanga and joining her xanga ring... Well i thought about it, but she is in this ring with this guy Mike. I dislike Mike and he flirts with my girlfriend and crap so yeah... I decided to make an online journal on this site, thanks to my friend: Lenas_Life


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