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Yes, I am back yet again.
Wednesday. 1.20.10 6:04 pm

- Bought my first pair of boots! (Aerosole Infamous, black leather, on sale at Macy's ♥)
- I cannot believe classes are starting next week. Damn it! Where did the time go? I know, WORKING. asdfjkl;
- I'm getting pretty serious about Law School. A lot of prep. And I'm a lower freshman. Good or bad thing?
-Rebuilding of self-confidence, sense of self/identity, self-growth, and will to live is going quite well! I have come far since my days of depression. Yes, it is the first time I have mentioned it. Correct me if I am wrong?

Oops, laptop running out of battery. Toodles~

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so...personal statement.
Monday. 1.11.10 3:31 pm
After much writer's block, I wrote something. I had been avoiding the topic for a long time. I wrote about it in my personal statement to get into the program, but they were adamantly against discussing our previous statements. Which of course ended up making me very wishy washy about writing about that topic again. And...other stuff. Anyway, I wrote it and got second place. Whatever. How the hell am I supposed to compete with a girl who has a schizophrenic mother?

Blah. At work. I haven't had lunch and I still need to work. =(

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am i pulling another all-nighter?
Tuesday. 1.5.10 10:31 pm
when it's not even an actual semester/class? we're not being graded on this. this is really just for us. but i feel like it hasn't really helped me much. >.>

ok, i have to write my final law school personal statement tonight. it's 10:31 pm and i'm officially gonna start working on it now. i still have writer's block. i'm STUCK. and i gotta give it in tomorrow. *sigh* the program's faculty will be reading it...


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personal statements.
Monday. 1.4.10 9:27 pm
I'm currently attending a week-long program called a Pre-Law Boot Camp. Today is the first day and tonight's assignment is to draft a personal statement for law school.

I don't really have a reason for going. Beyond that my skills fit. And that I kinda like to argue... Now how do I write a compelling, not run-of-the-mill personal statement? Needless to say, but here I am saying it, I'm stuck. It's due tomorrow 9am. I'm in the computer lab bc my internet is being flaky again. School closes in an hour? Less than that? I need to pretty much get it done before then.


I doubt any of you will read or respond in time. Sigh.

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driving me up the wall.
Sunday. 1.3.10 7:00 pm
This on-and-off-again thing with my internet is making me dotty. ROAR. Die, your flakiness, die. Enough of that.

Hear ye, hear ye. I have published a new poem in the reading room. Have at it if you wish.

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Oh my goldfish.
Thursday. 12.31.09 2:30 pm
Why, it's almost 2010. Ulp, it's tomorrow. 0.0 And I'm not doing anything particularly fun tonight...hmm...

I would love to party somewhere. New Year's Resolutions? I don't have any.

Not that I can think of at this moment anyway. All I really know is I'm hungry and it's randomjunk's fault that I'm craving pizza right now.

Should I call for delivery? But my office is like out in the middle of nowhere.

They won't know where to deliver to...

Maybe I'll just walk up to Pizza Hut, order, wait fifteen minutes like the sign says to, then berate them for not calling me to pick up my order. As is what usually happens when I go there.




4:13pm - Yum Pizza. Jish pissha ish vewwy gudt. *thumb's up*

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Oh, dear...
Saturday. 12.26.09 10:33 pm
"You know...once a girl turns twenty, it's a short ride to the big three-oh (30)."
I'm 19. Thanks, mom!

@thaitanic: =3 or :3 is an Asian thing, I suppose. It's the mouth being pursed or flattened and curved on the side. Like try to make that face, you'll kinda get what I mean. Japanese girls do it to look cute. I do it kinda as a shrug...=P

Based upon ikimashokie's advice, I have decided to use PortableApps. I don't know if I'm gonna delete U3 though...should I? Hmm...

No internet for a few days until today. Should I download PortableApps, watch BBC's Cranford online or catch up on Off Pedder?

Status: Sick
Listening to: Maerong Radio

Plugs: thaitanic, ikimashokie

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In need of tech advice.
Tuesday. 12.22.09 2:07 am
So I have this U3 compatible Cruzer retractable micro 4G usb device. I had two but my ma broke the other one and I just recently found where I had put this one. It had been unopened, but my internet failed me and I needed to get a paper done so I used it for the first time to transfer my files between school and home.

Here is the advice I need: to choose between using U3 or PortableApps. On the old one, I used PortableApps and was very satisfied with it. I had never bothered checked out the U3 stuff.

I'm leaning more towards getting PortableApps again and have even decided which applications to download if I should finally choose it. U3 is still quite tempting with its added security of automatic password protection upon insertion. After a certain number of password tries, the device will erase everything. But then I've read that there is a new red desktop shortcut that cannot be disabled with installation of U3. I don't like that. Nor do I like the idea that U3 is not space-efficient--in essence creating a double of every application installed and thus, taking up space that could be used otherwise. Not only that, I currently use Google Chrome as my primary web browser which is not included in the numerous applications/software that U3 has. However, it IS included in PortableApps as a freeware and there is a beta version that syncs the bookmarks between the app and your computer--awesome plus. And I don't need many apps anyway, like I already mentioned, the apps available on PortableApps are good enough. BUT, yes another but, I see that icon to launch U3 and I'm so curious, it's so tempting to click it and try something new.

So...if I should decide to get PortableApps, should I delete the whole package of U3? Or should I give in the childish temptation to play with something new and activate/install U3 and later find some way to put Chrome on there?

Oh, dilemmas...=3

Plugs: The-Muffin-Man

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