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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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things i get sick of if i eat to much of it.
Tuesday. 1.6.09 11:09 pm
-gummy bears (worms too)
-animal crackers
-oatmeal pies
-candy corn
-jolly ranchers
-potatoe chips
-slim jim
-corn dogs
-beef jerky
-peanut butter
-sunflower seeds
-ritz crackers

my little list of food that i get sick of pretty quickly....

oh and movies i wish i had the guts to see...

-the uninvited

its really sad when the "Scary movie" series gives you nightmares /sighs

im a chicken when it comes to movies.

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random thoughts of irritation
Monday. 1.5.09 10:38 pm
1.........I hate it when girls go up to a crowd (boys and girls) and are talking and all of a sudden burst out with "omg im on my period and i have the worst cramps!"
first we do not want to hear about ur body functions.
second how very frickin classy of you

2 did u ever notice how there are word when u spell them out just dont look right? for me one is "choice"

3 how girls sometimes put on an overly fake southern accent! its just annoying! I know u can talk correctly so please dont lower what we think of your intelligence!

4 How to your parents u will always be a "child" until it is convenient for u to be and adult. i.e gas money "Your an adult u can pay for it"

5 How some people talk down to u like they think they are smarter or something when really they are just making complete assholes of themselves (excuse my cursing).

ok im done lol night ppls of nutang world have nice days/afternoons/nights/mornings!!!

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:[ and the break fades away
Sunday. 1.4.09 8:37 pm
school starts for us tomorrow :[

and i have a crap load to do before the 20 (i think thats when our classes switch)

and i have to study for exams


i hate this im so depressed!!!!!!!!!!!



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Its my birthday :D
Saturday. 12.27.08 11:19 am
i turn 17 today!!!

lol and my momma turns welll uhhhhh older lol

its snowed so much in NY it was amazing!!!!!!!

and there where deer!!!!!!

oh and this is my favorite deer i named her penelope and she would come eat corn every day :]

and then we went and stopped in washington d.c. and this is from the smithsonian museum... well one of them anyway..


and another pic of washington d.c.

yep so ill put my birthday pics up later when i get a chance!!!

have a good day everyone!!!

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let it snow let it snow let it snowwwwwwwwwww
Wednesday. 12.17.08 10:58 pm

my parents have decided to whisk us all off on a vacation to meet my stepdads parents...........



ok so heres the cool part

we are going to upstate New York


im so happy lol

and if it doesnt snow i think i will cry

not even joking.

it was a very humid 67 degrees today in the terrible town of Rock hill south carolina

where upon leaving the house my hair resembled a birds nest............................................lovely

YAY i just checked the weather report for the town we are going to anddddd

(drum roll)

70% chance of snow the day we get there and it stays in the 30s and below


im going to freeze to death but who cares!!!!

too bad i wont be there to see snow on my b-day

o well christmas will be good enough for me ^-^


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okay so i basically dissapeared
Friday. 12.12.08 10:50 pm
sorry lol got busy and was traveling and crap.........

ill try to keep updated but there is so much going on right now its crazy..

i keep getting all these offers from colleges and trust me im not the brightest student ever in fact im not even near the brightest....

and they all say "because of your great academics and outstanding leadership skills"

lol what great academics and outstanding leadership skills?

i hate phony letters from colleges.......

i decided im taking a year off before college and going on a Lights year..... basically its like a missionary year kinda sorta........

im really hoping we get snow this winter it would be amazing :]


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