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» Read this while I read that
Monday, 9/15/03 - 12:32 am
Beat: Spitalfield - Make My Heart Attack
Quote of the Day: "I see your lips moving. All I hear is your static. BLAH BLAH BLAH" -Taken from one of my newly purchased shirts

To my surprise, I went to church today. During church, Lawrence made a scene with the choir.. I think he has some unresolved problems.

I decided to go shopping with my mom and sister and insisted that I'd read the book I'm suppose to read, when we get back. We went to The Esplanade looking for flip flops for my sister's trip to Hawaii. We ended up buying some clothes though.

We then went to the Outlets and bought more clothes.. We then found flip flops that are nice and yet reasonably priced. My sister was not willing to spend $10-25 on some flip flops. We found her pair over at Target which cost her about $2-3 and they were really nice.

Today, I bought 4 tops, a jacket, and a bag. Happy day.. Well- except the fact that I'm stuck early in the morn. reading a frickin book.. er..

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» Coconuts
Saturday, 9/13/03 - 11:20 pm
Beat: Josh Kelley - Pokerface

Halle Berry

My rockin haircut.. yea! That's Halle Berry. I'm sportin that hairstyle now.. You can't really see it very well in this picture, but it's rockin!

Still getting my cds back. Oh yea, the John Mayer album is good. My brother let me listen to it just once though.. =o/ I saw the movie The Debut today. It's a Filipino-American movie thingie. Gosh darn, am I a coconut? Are my friends coconuts? Eh?

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» Rockin style
Saturday, 9/13/03 - 11:12 pm
Beat: The Early November - Baby Blue

I love my rockin new haircut! I really want to take a picture of it.. but I can't. It's suppose to be Halle Berry but it's also a bit like Chloe.. ack. I don't like her. Lana is better, cause she's hot. But Clark Kent is hotter.

I went to the the youth group today to say goodbye to Jaimie. She's going to Delaware to a convent because she's going to be a nun. I'm going to miss her. Gosh, now I feel that I have to go to youth group because they're expecting me to come back.. er. Sorry, I'm not that religious. Maybe it's because I spent 10 years of my life in private Catholic schools. I saw Lawrence. He was surprised to see me because I look so different now.

My gosh, facing the inevitable. Byron just had to ask me about the sweaters. I'm too lazy, but it's score because I get two sweaters. Agh.. what to do??

Went to Starbucks with Jaimie, Alyssa, Gilbert, and Eugene. Eugene has a fetish for licking straws.. it's gross. He licked my straw, so I didn't drink my frapp anymore. We went to Denny's to celebrate or what ever.. I hate that place now. They take too long.

Sorry Mikey! I still have your book and I haven't read anything yet.. =o) I never got to watch Hope & Faith. =o(

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» Good music rocks!
Thursday, 9/11/03 - 9:36 pm
Beat: Spitalfield - Those Days You Felt Alive

After school.. I've just been watching a whole lot of TV. Good stuff today. AMC have been showing Audrey Hepburn movies [yay! she's one of my favorite actors], Casper, Wade Robson's Project, Run of the House.. and other good stuff. I can't wait until Hope & Faith shows tomorrow. I was also getting some of my albums back. =o)

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