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[New Job!]
07/09/08 16:19
I am...

feeling: Excited
watching: KiSung85's Parodies! ^_^

Okies some of you may be wondering where I've been for the past week or so? =p Well, I've been at work! I officially started on Tuesday! ^^ I'm working as much as possible now, trying to earn as much money as I can before uni.

I love my job.

I love waitressing, it's really so fun! And it's a job on campus as well so when I'm in uni I can continue it easily. I won't be needing to find my parents for money. When people wonder why I work and why can't I just get money off my parents--why would I want to keep relying on them, eh?

I want money I can call my own.

My parents have always said earning money isn't easy, but actually, it really is o_o;; Well, to me, at least. I get paid more than my mummy haha XD Although my job is probably more difficult than hers (she's a librarian) but I love it so much it feels easy!

Anyways I'm not at church today :( Was in pain earlier (of the monthly kind >=I) so I couldn't go. I feel a lot better now but there's no point joining since church has ended already =/ Oh well, at least I got better before Tantan's sleepover tonight.

I promised I'd be there ^^

Working again tomorrow and all week next week, yay~ See you! :D

Oh, final thing, CK.TW.ORG is almost 2 years old!!! I've never been able to keep a site for so long! I'm so happy <333 My hostess is amazing and I love her to pieces! ^_^ I hope she will continue to host me for a long time *_*



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[Can't Believe I'm Tagged...Twice!]
28/08/08 21:38
I am...

feeling: Busy
watching: KiSung85's Parodies!!!

Okay, so how does this work??? o_O;;

1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a post of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tag backs!!

1. I do not like being tagged >_< -- who started this tagging thing on NuTang anyways! >_<;; ...actually I lied, I do like being tagged; it makes me feel loved ^_^... ehhem, I do not like being tagged.

2. This waitressing job that I got accepted onto is my first proper job ^_^ -- I've had previous ones, but they're all pretty sporadic and inconsistent and... weird. Such as babysitting. Fun, but I believe we've all been/will go through that stage in our lives >_>

3. I went for training today and start on Tuesday! -- and I get paid for going in for training today! Didn't know that XD

4. I am not a morning person. -- surprise surprise...

5. Anything earlier than 10:30am is an ungodly hour in the morning! -- Although I had to wake up at 9am today to get to my training session for 10am -_-;; Luckily none of the shifts I've signed up for start before 11am though x]

6. I usually eat enough for 3 people -- according to my friends. I admit I am a big pig when it comes to food, but come on... 3 people is a little... underestimating me OTT >_>;;

7. I am knackered now so I cannot be stuffed to think of anymore facts :) -- yes, I am cheating :)

8. Oh I thought of one: I created my first website on freewebs when I was about 12, I think. -- I'd like to think I have long surpassed that WYSIWYG way of creating layouts :)

9. I love H/D -- if you know what it is, don't judge me. If you don't know, don't ask me.

10. I have recently become obsessed with KiSung85's parodies. They are hilarious. Everyone should watch them and laugh their heads off :D -- I watch them when I need a good laugh. Or just watch them anyways. Pajama Party is the best!

11. I play about 6 musical instruments. -- although I only play one to half a decent standard :(

12. That's enough from me now! -- seriously can't and cba to think of anymore.

13. Oh wait! I love Manga. Especially Perfect Girl Evolution, Bleach and Special A! -- yes, I did mean to waste 2 facts with 'I can't think of anything else' on purpose so I can make it up to 15 in the end.

14. I start Uni on the 27th Sept! -- hell yeah!!!

15. I refuse to tag anyone. Whoever wants to be tagged can tag themselves in a comment to me and declare themselves tagged by me in their tagged post.

And with that, I bid you all goodnight!



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[This is Unbelievable...]
27/08/08 10:23
I am...

feeling: Tired
listening to: Doushite Kimi wo Suki - Tohoshinki

I swear I was only on $49 less than a week ago, I checked today and I'm on $50.something?! Woahhh??? Not only that, yday I'm pretty sure I only had $49.7? Wow... This is really unbelievable o_O;;

And what's more is that I'm in the top 10 most popular?! How did I get there, seriously??? I mean, my word I haven't posted a new blog post in almost a week!

Anyways, onto other news: I got the waitressing job!!! :D Going in on Thursday for training then should hopefully start on Monday, I can't wait! ^_^ I'm doing another mini-waitressing job tonight too. Yay for money x]

Oh, and because I am/was absolutely obsessed with the Olympics...

They're now over! -Cries-! But at least China got 51 Golds! xD

Damn straight, I love China! I was so gutted about the diving though. My days I was almost in tears when we lost the gold--you'd think I was the one who did the crap final dive and lost it!

I think that's probably one of the biggest lowlights of my entire two weeks of getting up at 7:30am to watch whatever event was on. Oh, and when I found out Liu Xiang couldn't compete because of his injury. My heart went out for him...

The other lowlight is probably badminton when our number 1 seeds got eliminated so early. Don't ask which set of number 1 seeds--there were too many that got eliminated early ;_; But Lin Dan pwnd!

And a cute photo to leave you all on:

Winnie's Mushroom Family, featuring (from left to right):
Brandon, Lincoln, Winlan, Me, Stephen and Winnie



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[YG Social at Mine!]
21/08/08 18:43
I am...

feeling: Content
listening to: Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

So on Tues, I had my interview, which went really well actually, hopefully I've got a job! I find out whether I have or not by next Tues, fingers crossed!

And on the same day, we had a Youth Group (from Church) social at mine ^_^

Well, we were on Warwick campus for badminton first, then I went to my interview, then we all went to Tescos for ingredients then back to mine for food and ktv--great fun. Seriously we have so many laughs together, it's great ^_^

badminton, me serving

practising with Stephen--he's good!

me vs two--I still won ;)

Stephen vs 5--and winning haha!

cooking at mine

and again :)

Vietnamese banquet



Yus, 'twas very fun ^_^



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[Officially Going to Uni!]
16/08/08 20:37
I am...

feeling: Tired but Happy :D
watching: OLYMPICS, DOH!

Okies!!! Guess what everbody! Results day was on Thursday and...


Funnily enough, I would have been rejected by my insurance choice but who cares when I got into my first choice, eh? XD My grades themselves were... passable, I guess, but they were enough to get me into the uni I desperately wanted to get into, so yay!!! 感谢主 and Warwick, here I come! (^______^)v

What's even better is that I already know a helluvalot of people in Warwick already (I mean, I was there last night at bible study and was there again today playing badminton with a bunch of students!) and I also happen to know at least 3 other people who are going to start in Sept with me! :D

Another wonderful thing was... Remember when I blogged about applying for a waitressing job at Warwick uni? Well, I got a call on Wednesday (day before results day) to go in for a job interview! :D

And my friend who recently graduated and therefore had to quit her job at the same place said if I get an interview I'm more or less guaranteed a place, so yes!!! Thank God for that too <3

Now I'm just worrying about my piano diploma result @[email protected];; I don't think I'll pass sigh... Oh well :)

Oh! And an update on the olympics: HOW THE HELL ARE CHINA LOSING SO BADLY IN BADMINTON?!?!?!?! I'm actually really not impressed! What is up with them?! We're supposed to be good at badminton!!! >_<;;

But I guess what we're losing on the badminton court, we're making up for it in table tennis :) I saw the China vs Korea men's team semifinal today and can I just say... Wow. Kinda makes one feel a bit sorry for Korea... They were very unlucky getting our Chinese team as opponents in the semi o_o;;

We won, but I was beginning to really feel sorry for them when they weren't even able to score more than an average of 6 per game >_>;;

But still, GO CHINA! XDDD

Yus, I'm very patriotic =p

Olympics have really inspired me to do more sport too! Played about 2 and a half hours of badminton today followed by 45mins of swimming. Darn I feel good :D Tho I forgot my goggles so my eyes kinda sting from the chlorine water, but oh well :) Will be playing badminton again tomorrow morning :D



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08/08/08 00:46
I am...

feeling: SO Excited!!!
watching: Nothing

YES! It's now 08/08/08! HAPPY OLYMPICS EVERYONE!!!

In celebration of the olympics, I have done a complete revamp of my personal site. Seriously I love it so much now. If I loved my layout before, I love this one 100x more! I love, love, love it!

It's now sooo much more organised and pretty <3 Granted, I'm using a pre-made, but still!

If you want, please feel free to go visit my site ^_^

I'm so excited about the Olympics! Seriously I think I'm more excited about it than I was for my 18th birthday. I'm so happy that it's in my homecity as well as motherland! Oh I'm a definite patriot x]

Bedtime! Will be glued to the TV broadcastings when I get up ;)



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