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Happy Easter Nutang
Sunday. 4.8.07 2:54 pm
Happy Easter Nutang!!

This is my first Easter with all of you.. hee hee. seems kind of special.

This morning I went to church with my kids but had to bail out early because I still

cannot sit for long periods.

I was looking forward to going to an Egg Hunt. I love to see all the little kids in

their Easter clothes and running through the grass trying to find eggs. Then they

run back to their mommies with their baskets to show them the eggs they found.

For me that was the best part of Easter. Holidays are for kids... little kids. If you

dont have one then you can enjoy other peoples kids. If you want to of course. I

mean if you are Ranor that may not be so fun. ha ha.

One thing I sitll dont get... Whats with the bunny??? Bunnies dont lay eggs, nor do

they carry baskets. Why do we eat chocolate bunnies anyway??

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I have missed it
Sunday. 4.8.07 2:33 am
I dont know if anyone knows but I take karate and I like it alot. I help out with the classes and workout as well. I have not been able to work out because my back was hurting me but pre and post surgery I had to just stay away because I dont know how to NOT get involved.

Today is the 3rd day after surgery. I took a shower and dressed in my karate uniform and drove to the workout place. I helped teach the little kids class. I LOVE that class because the kids just make me so happy. They are cute and innocent and just make me so happy. After the first class I was so tired. I just walked around and corrected them here and there and belt tested one kid for a promotion to yellow belt.

I know I must behave but I dont think I over did anything. I am sleepy now... goodnight.

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A Blessing
Friday. 4.6.07 2:09 pm
Children are a blessing. Not all women are able to conceive. Unfortunately it seems

like the people that are able to conceive make horrible parents. The ones that have

difficulty are the ones that are more ready to become loving, caring and devoted


Television today talks alot about teen pregnancies and how babies are abandoned

or born from drug parents. What about those people who really want a baby and

cant have any. It seems as if the baby justice system is messed up.

It shocks me how parents will drown their kids because their new boyfriend does

not want to have any kids. There were two cases and in one situation the kid tried

to run away but the mother still caught him and held him under the water.

My heart reaches out to those children and yet I feel they are lucky ones. Just a

couple of days ago a woman was arrested for trying to sell her 7yr old daughter into

prostitution. She had 5 children and they were all taken into custody. She was

prostituting them all. She had a bag full of sex toys and was selling photos of her

kids for the right price. Those children will have psychological scars.

Children are a blessing..how do we forget that?

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Done Deal
Wednesday. 4.4.07 11:45 pm
It is done and I am coherent. I had a discectomy because I had a completely herniated disc. I heard that the doctor told my friend that it was HUGE. He does not understand how I tolerated the pain as long as I did.

THAT CUZ I AM A WARRIOR PRINCESS... damnit! hee hee.

So after the surgery I had coffee. I know. I was thirsty and did not get my coffee that morning. Since I was able to hold down the coffee without feeling like puking they said I could eat anything I wanted. Whoo hoo! Where is the BUFFET!? My best friend, Hiroko, took me to an all you can eat chinese buffet then she took me home, tucked me in the bed and waited for me to sleep. She stayed until 8pm. I LOVE her soooo much. She called my dad and my mom and told them that I made it through and that I was doing just fine. Then she had me talk to them. I was doing great but groggy..

Thank you everyone for all your kind thoughts and prayers.... I cannot be greatful enough to all of you!

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Two birds
Tuesday. 4.3.07 4:08 pm
Tomorrow is the day and I am nervous. I took some private time today to cry in

my room. Crying makes you stronger, you know?

On the way back from taking my son to school this morning I saw the most

unusual thing. I saw two birds doing the nasty. Seriously! One bird was on the

ground and the other bird was approaching from the back then hopped on top. I

thought one laid an egg and the male bird just shot some baby juice on it. What

the heck was I witnessing? It was interesting and entertaining nonetheless!

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    I dont want a mother of convenience
    Monday. 4.2.07 11:59 am
    A mother is so many things. I mean Hallmark made a living out of describing what a

    mother is, was, and can be. I don't ever remember reading a card that said your

    mother was a mother of convenience. My mother is only around to help when it is

    convenient for her. When you ask her for help she is always too busy. She wants to

    see the kids when she wants to see them and not when we want to come by and


    She told me that if I don't like the kind of mother she has been than I can become a different mother to my own kids.

    I try. I really do and I am so stubborn and spiteful towards my mother. I have not

    talked to her in four years and now that she found out about my back she keeps

    calling me. I will not answer her calls because she had 4 years to contact me. Now

    she feels that maybe I may die or something so she wants to make peace or talk to

    me. I just can't do it! I can't allow her to be my mother of her own convenience.

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    Reign on me
    Monday. 4.2.07 3:30 am
    I am not really a movie buff but I have seen a lot of movies lately. I think it is because I am stressing about the surgery that I find movies to be a pleasant distraction. I saw Reign over me. It was kind of a sad movie. I dont even know if it was true or not. My best friend went to college (cal arts) with one of the main actors. He was the guy that played Dr. Johnson.

    It had some funny parts because Adam Sandler was in it but it was kind of a slow movie too. I guess I really felt for the guy.

    We ate at PF Changs. I like their seared lamb there. Lamb is really gamey but they do a good job at cooking it and making it taste "just like beef." It was good.

    What a MARVELOUS meal.

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    Do you read my blog?
    Sunday. 4.1.07 11:51 pm
    Do you read my blog? I have a test designed to see if you have been paying attention or if you even read my blogs.... See how well you do.

    Create your own Friend Quiz here

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