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Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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Monday, August 14, 2006
Soooo, I wrote an angry, angry blog 2 YEARS AGO about how much I HATE Mustang drivers.

My opinion hasn't changed.

I checked out the stats page I have set up to see how many people were visiting my page, what people were Googling to find certain entries... fun stuff like that. I noticed that that particular entry (the Mustang one) sure was getting a lot of visits. I checked it out today and I had this hilarious anonymous comment:

lol. dumb bitch
» Mustang owner ( on 2006-08-14 05:00:17

Good one. You really... got me. What a zing.

So, thank you, anonymous Mustang owner, for PROVING that Mustang drivers are lame.

For the rest of you Mustang drivers out there... if you have something to say, don't say it anonymously. Let me have it.

I got another one! It's much worse, they called me a cunt AND wished me herpes.

Look you fucking morons, I told you, quit being anonymous assholes and leave some contact information!

Also, Matt, thanks for the Foreman Grill. You maybe should have held onto though...

It fights fat.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006
I said goodbye to my car today.

Chloe, we went through a lot together. I'll miss you.

Am I getting a new car you ask? No, probably not. How irritating.

You know what else is irritating? People who bring beer to the movies. Espeically when there are 20 of them and they're sitting all around you. LIKE ASSHOLES. I did that shit in high school, and it wasn't that cool then. You have to get up and pee 83 times and you can't even remember most of the movie. And you generally don't have a designated driver and that's pretty fucking stupid too.

If you're going to be a lame asshole and drink at the movies, at least go see something that isn't packed. Like, when I did that I went and saw Swimfan. Not only were my friend and I the only two people in the theater, we weren't bothered that we couldn't remember it. From what I hear it's a piece of shit.

Thanks for ruining Talledega Nights for me you frat daddy assholes. And let us not forget your sorostitute girlfriends who jibber-jabbered the whole way through. Ladies, you sounded like angry hens.

I applied for a job today at a t-shirt shop called Stamp. Well... I picked up an application. I'll be turning it in tomorrow, if I can borrow my sisters car. I HATE NOT HAVING A CAR. And my other sisters boyfriend broke my bike chain. Nice. I mean, I haven't it used it in years but... it was comforting to think it was available to me.

I wish I had some good news to report, I hate posting an all negative entry. Let's see, let's see... Ah, Edward and I had the "pleasure" of bumping into the star of Troll 2. You haven't heard of it? I don't see how, it's only rated as the worst movie ever made on www.imdb.com and www.rottentomatoes.com. What a gem that movie is... And what a strange person the man was. He wants us to throw some sort of Troll 2 party where we sit around and quote it. What? That doesn't really seem that fun to me. Ah well, it was an interesting meeting, to be sure.

Well then, I think that about wraps it up. I'm going to lament the loss of Chloe by drinking some cheap beer.

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Saturday. 8.5.06 6:11 pm
So. I went to a wedding last weekend.

It was in a barn.

It sounds podunk but it was actually pretty nice. It rained which was kind of shitty but for the most part it was very enjoyable. The farm even had little ponies!!! Who doesn't love ponies? I know I love ponies. Edward fed one of the ponies a moon pie.

They had moon pies at the reception. Which was also in the barn. They also had some damn good barbecue.

I didn't get any actual pictures at the wedding but here are a few from the after party. The bride and groom weren't there (obviously) but we all had a darn good time.

(Just click the thumbnail, it'll take you to
the gallery)

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Sunday. 7.30.06 7:24 pm
So... you're visiting my blog because you saw that I posted in your shoutbox right???


That wasn't me. I have not left this message:

"Hey there, found a link to your site from nutang.com.
Wanted to let you know I really like your site."

On anybody's shoutbox.

I don't ever comment in people's shoutboxes.

So, whoever you are that's advertising my blog for me and leaving a completely non-threatening and pretty neutral message in people's shoutboxes...

Please stop. Not that I don't appreciate you doing... whatever is your trying to do. I just don't like people coming here under the assumption that I've visited their site.

And if you have recieved one of those comments...

Let me know.


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*I hate hippies*
Thursday, July 27, 2006
So a hippie hit my car. I finally got everything worked out with insurance. They call me today and tell me they aren't fixing it because the damage is more then 75 percent of what my car is actually worth.

They're going to pay me $1700.29 for the title.

I hate being a financial burden to my family.

But I hate hippies most of all.

Also, I got this dress to wear to a wedding.
I look like June Cleaver.

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*I can, can't I?*
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
I don't REALLY have much to say, but I'm allowed one random post day right? Here, I'll show you the funny, funny pictures I posted when I was involved in a "find the best picture of a dog in a costume" contest. You really can't go wrong with dogs in costumes. Or just...
little doggie outfits.

There, I think that's enough.

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