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    Update: Did Toni Braxton Pull A Fast One?
    Monday. 2.5.07 7:20 pm
    Brandy isn't the only R&B chic with major legal woes. As we mentioned before, Toni Braxton sued her former manager, Barry Hankerson, for $10 million due to breach of contract.

    But is there more to the story....

    On Wednesday we found out that Toni and Hankerson are now in a public battle. The jist of the story is this. Toni filed her lawsuit. The courts and her attorney told her to re-file in state court and make sure she had proof. Hankerson took her re-filing as her dropping the lawsuit and issued a public statement saying Toni dropped it.

    Toni, then issues a statement saying oh hell no, I didn't drop the case I refiled. Then Hankerson issued yet another statement saying basically that Toni is full of shit. Read more here.

    One key detail in Hankerson's claim is that Toni is pulling a fast one. Here is an excerpt from the Hankerson's/Blackground Records statement that was issued.

    "Neither Blackground Records nor Barry Hankerson have been served with the new lawsuit; nevertheless, we are quite confident that this new lawsuit will ultimately be deemed devoid of merit. Both Blackground Records LLC and Barry Hankerson have fulfilled all of their obligations to Ms. Braxton and find it disappointing that she has chosen litigation instead of working with Blackground Records to make a hit album that could have revived her recording career," says the statement.

    Hankerson claims that Braxton's original lawsuit comes just two days after he dropped her from Blackground when she collected an advance for an album that she later refused to deliver.

    Aiight... let's get real here. Sure Hankerson maybe shady, but Toni's last cd had like two good songs on it. And I can easily see Toni pulling a diva move and promising an album so that she could get the advance and then say... fuck that shit.

    As it stands now the case will go to trial in New York State Court and until then you can catch Toni at the Flamingo in Vegas.

    Check this rare video from Toni for "Let It Flow." Apparently it was never released because the label thought it was too risque.



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    Good Look or Hood Look: Ciara Upgrades From Bow Wow to 50cent
    Monday. 2.5.07 7:03 pm
    Who knew Ciara was cozy coze with 50cent?

    Sure the two worked on "Can't Leave Em Alone" on her sophomore cd The Evolution, but Ciara admitted 50 basically emailed his verse to them.

    According to the New York Daily News, CiCi has been riding dirty in the backseat of 50's car. WTF?

    The two were together Thursday night, looking like a couple trying not to look like a couple.

    The rapper was spotted in his car in LeFrak City with "Ciara in the backseat, attempting not to be seen," said a source.

    Another source describe the pair to us as "a new underground couple."

    Is that like Ashanti and Ja Rule or Lily and Herman Munster?

    Now for those of y'all not familiar, LeFrak City, according to it's own website, is a gargantuan complex of 18-story buildings with 5000 apartments. Basically the projects.

    Now, CiCi coulda been there to drop a hook in 50's secret studio in the hood for his forthcoming cd, or she coulda been joining Olivia as the G-Unit tramp-o-line or it could all be a lie.


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    Can Bow Wow Get Ciara Outta His System? Do We Care Even If He Cant??
    Monday. 2.5.07 6:54 pm

    This might be the lamest story have I covered since my inception to Sohh Atlanta, but its being reported that Bow Wow is still mending from his breakup with Ciara.

    Now before you all start in on me let me just explain my case. From day one, when news broke out about Ciara and Bow Wow "dating", I instantly broke out in laughter. Why anyone believed that the height challenged rap/pop act and the Amazonian crunk &B princess were actually a couple was beyond me. When ever I would see them together, all I saw was a walking publicity stunt. Missy Elliot and Ciara had more chemistry...(oops did I say that out loud)!

    At first when Bow Wow dropped his latest album, it was common knowledge that any and all Ciara—relationship questions were completely off limits to us journalists. However, now in an effort to drum up significance over his fleeting new album The Price of Lame, Shad—AKA—Bow Wow has now decided to open up a little bit more about his now defunct relationship with Ciara and how their “break-up” has truly affected him. He recently told MTV News.

    "It (his new song—“Outta My System”) deals with a situation I was in, for sure," he said. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to listen to that song and know what I'm talking about or who I'm talking to. That's why I did it. That once again deals with the price of fame."

    Could his sudden “openess” about CiCi be because his latest lyrical project is more floppin, and less poppin (do see how I worked that in?) The Price of Lame is currently # 54 after only 6 weeks on the charts. I just love how artists try and whore out their personal lives for CD sales. At this point I think its safe to say that we’ve all moved on haven’t we? Not that many of us really cared to begin with. It’s just buffoonery at its best.

    Do you want to hear the song? Good, because it’s Sohh Gyant’s Download of the Day!
    "Outta My System"


    This is an intresting video I found on youtube.com. I’m not sure what to think about it. While I think its pretty ingenious, it also looks like somebody has way to much time on their hands.

    The streets is talking about Young Jeezy and Keisha Cole. Word is Y.J. popped the question to Keisha Cole recently and she happily accepted. Of course the "couple", who claim they arent even involved, have no comment on the rumors.

    Those two kill me more then any other celebrity copule out there today. They aint no Bobby and Whitney! I mean at the end of the day who the hell cares what they're doing?!? We've all got our eyes fixed on T.I. and Tiny don't we?

    Before I forget, make sure you check out Big Cat recording artist Young Snead and Yae High tomorrow, February 6th at the Griffin vs. Mt Zion football game.

    Talk y'all tommorrow,

    --Sohh Gyant
    Posted by SOHH Gyant at February 5, 2007 12:24 PM

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    Fu*k D"s..Rich Boy Throws Andre 3000, The Game, Murphy Lee, and Jim Jones On The Remix!!!!
    Monday. 2.5.07 10:50 am

    Aiight, y’all know I’m in Miami recovering from a massive hangover, right?. I am barely alive, but I still got to look out for my peoples and so here I am. I would file a Superbowl report, but this aint ESPN so I'll just say that I had a great time.Though Im fucked up as hell, the show must go on right? I got some info on Rich Boy for y’all! I also got his highly anticipated new remix available for download! Don’t say I neva gave you nothing. "THROW SOME D'S Remix" Feat. Jim Jones, Murphy Lee, Andre 3000, The Game

    Rich Boy is continuing to do his thing while his new single “Throw Some D’s” is still burning up every club from here to Miami. I’ve found some performances from the King of Bama on youtube.com check them out!

    Talk to ya'll lata

    B E Z

    --Sohh Gyant
    Posted by SOHH Gyant at February 5, 2007 4:20 AM

    youtube: rich boy to find the performances.

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    Where do the Losers' Super Bowl T-Shirts Go?
    Monday. 2.5.07 1:17 am
    Immediately after the Super Bowl ends, members of the winning team will don hats and T-shirts celebrating their championship. Obviously, that means T-shirts proclaiming both "Colts Super Bowl XLI Champs" and "Bears Super Bowl XLI Champs" have already been made. So what happens to the shirts for the losing team?

    They're shipped to Africa.
    The other set of championship gear - the 288 T-shirts and caps made for the team that did not win - will be hidden behind a locked door at Dolphin Stadium. By order of the National Football League, those items are never to appear on television or on eBay. They are never even to be seen on American soil.
    They will be shipped Monday morning to a warehouse in Sewickley, Pa., near Pittsburgh, where they will become property of World Vision, a relief organization that will package the clothing in wooden boxes and send it to a developing nation, usually in Africa.

    Major League Baseball actually destroys the shirts for its World Series losing team. Good for the NFL for doing something good with clothing that otherwise wouldn't have much use.
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    Reader Comments
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    1. Actually, the gear is hidden behind a locked door so that it can be shipped to the winning team from an "ALTERNATE DIMENSION". This allows the NFL to save the costs in at least one dimension. Major League Baseball has never subscribed to the theory that there is more than one dimension, so they don't share. This attitude from MLB also explains why the "World Series" only allows teams from one country on one continent to compete.

    Posted at 7:18AM on Feb 4th 2007 by bob

    2. poor African children don't even know who won the super bowl.Let's give them their own Disney commercial.

    Posted at 7:30AM on Feb 4th 2007 by dfree

    3. The NFL sends the shirts over as blankets cause a 4x
    Tee doesn't do undernourished kids much good anyhow!
    Just food for thought!

    Posted at 8:04AM on Feb 4th 2007 by mike

    4. Thank you NFL for thinking of someone less fortunate.

    Posted at 8:04AM on Feb 4th 2007 by Bobby Kent

    5. i think it's great that they are going to be used even though they might not understand what it means to win the superbowl.i REALLY would like a shirt that says"my team lost" but at least we made it to the big dance..

    Posted at 8:29AM on Feb 4th 2007 by susan priest

    6. anyway to help people that have less then we have has to be a positive

    Posted at 8:45AM on Feb 4th 2007 by bud kearnes

    7. At least it's something. Every little bit helps. It's good to see that all those Colts shirts will have SOME use.

    Posted at 9:04AM on Feb 4th 2007 by Len Hall

    8. R A M O N E . . .





    Posted at 9:15AM on Feb 4th 2007 by STEVE FROM YELLOWSTONE

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    Monday. 2.5.07 12:53 am
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